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11 Best Email Marketing Courses in 2024 (Free and Paid)

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Table of Contents
1. Free email marketing courses
2. Paid email marketing courses
3. How long will it take to learn email marketing?
4. What skills do you need to be an email marketing specialist?
5. Are certificates in email marketing worth it?
6. Important facts about email marketing
7. Wrap up

Email marketing courses are becoming more popular as businesses realize how powerful email marketing can be. These courses teach beginners useful tips and strategies for using email to connect with customers, boost sales, and grow their business. 

With email marketing revenue expected to reach an impressive $17.9 billion by 2027, it’s evident that learning about email marketing is a smart choice for any business wanting to stay ahead in the digital world.

Email marketing courses cover many topics, from the basics of building an email list and writing catchy subject lines to advanced methods like segmentation, automation, and A/B testing. 

These courses teach best practices, the latest trends and technologies, and hands-on skills that you can use right away. 

Whether you’re new to email marketing or want to improve your skills, there’s a course that can help you reach your goals and get better results for your business. In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the best, including free and paid options.

email marketing revenue worldwide from 2020 to 2027

Free email marketing courses

If you want to improve your email marketing skills without spending money, you’re in luck. 

There are many options to get email marketing training for free, thanks to online courses that teach you how to create effective email campaigns, understand important metrics, and get better results for your business.

These courses are made for marketers of all levels, from beginners just starting out to experienced professionals wanting to stay updated on the latest trends and best practices.

In this section, we’ve put together a list of our top picks for the best free email marketing courses available online. Whether you like self-paced learning, interactive tutorials, or full certification programs, there’s something here for everyone.

1. Omnisend Academy

Omnisend Academy

Omnisend Academy covers a wide range of topics, including email design, list building, automation, and reporting. 

Taught by experts, the information is designed for both beginners and advanced email specialists, in-house marketers, and email marketing agencies. 

It also teaches you how to use Omnisend’s features to create automated and targeted campaigns, measure their performance, and improve ROI.


  • Covers a wide range of topics on email marketing
  • Taught by experts


  • Not many advanced level material, but that may change in the future


  • Free

Want to enhance your email marketing skills for free?

Get access to free email marketing courses by joining the Omnisend Academy.

2. HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy

The email marketing courses from HubSpot Academy are also good. The courses are quite comprehensive and cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of email marketing to advanced tactics and strategies. 

HubSpot Academy’s certification course in email marketing is free and can be completed at your own pace. 

Once you’ve completed the course you need to appear for an exam. On passing the exam you will be awarded a certificate which you can embed on your website.

You can also link your badge to your LinkedIn or Upwork profile.


  • Well-structured course
  • No fee
  • Available in five languages


  • Lacks practical value


  • Free

3. Udemy


If you’re more of a visual learner, you must check out email marketing courses from Udemy.

The courses are to the point, making them perfect for people who don’t have a lot of free time.

Multiple email marketing courses are available for beginners and advanced levels. Industry experts conduct the courses, covering a variety of topics from automation to email marketing for ecommerce.


  • Affordable courses
  • Lifetime access
  • Paid courses provide certification on completion


  • Different instructors can impact the quality of the course


  • Differs according to the email marketing course you choose

4. Google Digital Garage Email Marketing Basics

Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage is a non-profit organization, so all the email marketing courses they offer are free.

If you’re absolutely new to email marketing, then the Email Marketing Basics course by Google Digital Garage is a great starting point. 

It covers the fundamentals of email marketing and includes topics like building an email list, creating effective campaigns, and measuring the results of your email marketing efforts.

The course is self-paced and offers certification upon completion.


  • Free courses
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Flexible hours


  • Not for advanced-level digital marketing professionals


  • Free

5. Simplilearn Advanced Email Marketing

Simplilearn Advanced Email Marketing

If you’re an experienced digital marketer and want to enhance your email marketing skills, then this course is for you. It’s an advanced email marketing course that helps you build on what you learned in your beginner course.

It skips straight past the basics and moves right into the more advanced aspects of email marketing. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start with a more basic course first.


  • Self-paced course
  • Certificate awarded on course completion
  • High-quality course taught by industry experts


  • Not suitable for beginners


  • Free

6. Wishpond

Wishpond email marketing masterclass

The Wishpond Email Marketing Masterclass is another great option for beginners.

Taught by experts, the course covers a variety of topics, such as types of email campaigns, common email marketing mistakes, creating an email marketing funnel, growing your email list, and more.

If you’re new to email marketing, this course can help you build a solid foundation. The course does not bombard you with information but allows you to learn at your own pace.


  • Great option for beginners
  • Email marketing free course
  • Short and precise 30-minute course


  • Does not provide certification


  • Free

Paid email marketing courses

While free email marketing courses are a great place to start, paying for a course can really improve your skills. 

Paid email marketing courses often offer more detailed content, expert teaching, hands-on projects, and valuable certificates that can boost your career and credibility.

These courses are for marketers serious about learning email marketing and willing to invest in their growth. 

By signing up for a paid course, you’ll get access to special resources, templates, and tools that can help you create better campaigns and achieve more success for your business.

In this section, we’ve picked out the best paid email marketing courses available online. 

Each course offers unique benefits and learning experiences. Whether you want a full certification program or a class focused on a specific part of email marketing, you’ll find a good option here.

1. DigitalMarketer

DigitalMarketer course

There are many companies offering ecommerce courses and email marketing courses. However, if you’re looking for comprehensive digital marketing training, then DigitalMarketer is a great choice.

Its email marketing course helps you learn advanced email marketing strategies and get certified as an Email Marketing Specialist. The course is well-structured and detailed, offering several practical email marketing examples.


  • Well-structured and detailed course
  • Provides a certificate as an Email Marketing Specialist


  • May not be suitable for beginners
  • Expensive


  • $495

2. Mailchimp Academy 

Mailchimp Academy

If you’re already using Mailchimp for your email marketing campaigns, then this email marketing course is a great option for you.

Mailchimp’s free email marketing course is designed for beginners and covers everything from building an email list to creating and executing campaigns. You will, however, need to be a member of the Mailchimp & Co program to access this course.

The course is self-paced and provides email marketing certification free upon completion. 

It’s also possible to earn multiple certifications, such as email marketing certification, email marketing automation certification, and Mailchimp certification through different email marketing courses by Mailchimp.


  • Interactive courses
  • Offers certification badges that can be shared on other platforms
  • Focuses on the Mailchimp platform, so it’s a good choice for Mailchimp users


  • Accessible only to members of the Mailchimp & Co program


  • Free, only if you’re a Mailchimp & Co member

3. Coursera


Coursera is an online education platform that offers many email marketing courses from various universities. 

The platform offers a wide range of courses, both free and paid. The email marketing courses cover various aspects of email marketing, and some of them are part of a specialization or a degree program.


  • Affordable prices
  • Learn online or offline, depending on your convenience
  • Offers a wide variety of topics


  • Not the best option for beginners, as most courses require you to have some prior knowledge of email marketing


  • Depends on the course

4. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is synonymous with all things career-related. With over 16,000 courses, LinkedIn Learning is a great place for professionals to enhance their skills.

If you’re looking for something at an intermediate level, the “Email Marketing: Strategy and Optimization” course is a great choice. 

This email marketing course is taught by experts from the University of California and is ideal for marketers who have a basic idea of email marketing and want to take the next step.

The course also tackles topics like design, optimization, and delivery strategies in detail.

Of course, there are many other email marketing courses available on the LinkedIn Learning platform that you could choose from.


  • Affordable email marketing courses
  • Wide selection of videos and courses
  • Suitable for all types of learners


  • Some content is a little outdated


  • Depends on the course you choose. The Email Marketing: Strategy and Optimization course costs $29.99

5. Skillshare


Skillshare is the go-to platform for most people when it comes to online courses. If you’re looking for great email marketing courses, you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re an absolute beginner, consider enrolling in the Email Marketing Essentials course. It not only focuses on the basics of email marketing but also dives into how to write effective emails.

If you’ve compiled a substantial email list and are wondering what to write, this course is ideal for learning the details of writing impactful emails.

Another advantage of this course is that it’s only 30 minutes long. So it is a good addition to other email marketing courses you may enroll in on this platform.


  • Seven-day free trial
  • A wide array of email marketing courses covering various topics, from beginner level to advanced
  • One of the best email marketing classes taught by experts
  • Short but informative email marketing classes


  • Does not provide certification
  • The annual subscription fee is expensive


  • Differs from course to course. The Email Marketing Essentials course is free during the seven-day trial and then costs $14

How long will it take to learn email marketing?

The time it takes to learn email marketing varies depending on your prior experience and learning style. However, here are some general guidelines:

  • Basic email marketing concepts can be grasped in a few hours through online tutorials or short courses
  • Mastering advanced aspects like copywriting, optimization, data analysis, and automation typically takes a few weeks 

What skills do you need to be an email marketing specialist?

The skills needed to become an email marketing specialist include:

  • Strong writing and communication abilities
  • An understanding of marketing principles and strategies
  • Proficient in email marketing software and tools
  • Able to analyze and interpret data
  • Familiar with HTML, CSS, and basic design principles 

Are certificates in email marketing worth it?

Yes, certificates in email marketing are worth it because they:

  • Demonstrate expertise and commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest email marketing strategies and best practices
  • Can help you stand out in a competitive job market
  • Increase your credibility with clients or employers
  • Potentially lead to better job opportunities and higher salaries

Important facts about email marketing

The very first email was sent in 1971. Despite being more than 50 years old, email marketing is now used more than ever before.

In fact, email marketing was the top-performing marketing channel in 2022.

Chart shows that email marketing was the top-performing marketing channel in 2022

A successful email marketing campaign has many components. Some of the email marketing metrics that you must keep an eye on to ensure success are:

  • Click-through rate: The percentage of email recipients who clicked on one or more links sent in an email
  • Conversion rate: This refers to the percentage of recipients who clicked on a link in an email and completed a desired action, such as making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, etc
  • Open rate: The percentage of recipients who open an email
  • Bounce rate: The percentage of emails sent that were not successfully delivered
  • ROI: Email marketing ROI is the net profit you generate from an email marketing campaign

Did you know that email marketing ROI was nearly 40:1? For every $1 you spend, you get a return of $40.

Besides ROI, the other benefits of email marketing are:

  • It allows you to send personalized messages that resonate with your target audience
  • Sending targeted emails can help widen your reach when promoting your business, products, or services
  • Email marketing is cost-effective, delivering a higher ROI than other marketing channels
  • It can enhance customer engagement, boost sales, and help grow your business
  • Using email marketing to promote events, offers, and discounts helps drive traffic to your website
  • Email marketing can help you establish yourself as an authority in your space by providing valuable content and insights

Wrap up

Email marketing is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes boost sales, engage customers, and drive revenue. Investing in email marketing courses gives you the knowledge and skills needed to create effective campaigns, understand key metrics, and optimize your results.

Throughout this article, we’ve explored some of the best email marketing courses available online, including both free and paid options. From comprehensive certification programs to specialized courses on topics like automation and list building, there’s something for every marketer looking to enhance their email marketing skills.

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