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4 Must-Have Cycling Clothing Items to Stock in 2024

Multiple riders in cycling clothing

Saddle sores and chafing are the enemies of a joyful ride. In 2024, many riders are ready to say goodbye to discomfort and hello to clothing that feels like a second skin. But the world of cycling gear is evolving fast. Businesses must stay ahead of the fashion and function curve if they are serious about offering gear that boosts performance. 

Read on to discover four must-have cycling clothing items with their latest trends and updates that will redefine your inventory in 2024

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A look at the cycling clothing market
4 cycling clothing for a comfortable and safe ride
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A look at the cycling clothing market

Reports place the global cycling clothing market’s value at US$ 4.63 billion in 2024. Experts predict that number will surge to US$ 7.98 billion by 2034, realizing this expected growth at a 5.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecast period. The increasing popularity of cycling and the awareness of the activity’s health benefits are the primary drivers behind this impressive growth.

North America remains a key region for the cycling clothing market due to the sizable population of bike riders. The United States currently leads the market with a US$ 670 million 2024 value and projected growth to US$ 1.2 billion at a 6% CAGR. Asia Pacific is also very lucrative for the cycling clothing market—experts say it will grow to US$ 1.27 billion by 2034.

4 cycling clothing for a comfortable and safe ride

Cycling jersey

Different people wearing cycling jerseys

These specialized shirts are in the market specifically for riders. They feature lightweight, breathable synthetic materials like polyester or polyester blends. These materials help sweat evaporate quickly, keeping riders cool and dry during their ride.

Unlike regular t-shirts, cycling jerseys have a snug, aerodynamic fit to reduce wind resistance. They are often longer in the back to prevent them from riding up when riders are in cycling position. Plus, retailers can offer up to four different types of cycling jerseys.

Lone rider posing in a long-sleeved cycling jersey

Road cycling jerseys are the first option. Their designs are specifically for speed and aerodynamics, so these jerseys fit very closely. Next are mountain biking jerseys. These are slightly looser fitting compared to road jerseys, offering more freedom of movement on rough terrain. Long-sleeve jerseys are ideal for cooler weather or added sun protection, while thermal jerseys are insulated enough to keep users warm in cold conditions.

Here are some of the most notable recent trends in cycling jerseys. Gone are the days of mostly muted tones. Cycling jerseys embrace bright, eye-catching colors like neons, pinks, greens, oranges. Geometric patterns, abstract swirls, and disruptive designs make jerseys visually exciting. Plus, designs inspired by landscapes, florals, and wildlife are also gaining popularity.

Manufacturers are also moving beyond the typical focus on slim builds and offering jerseys for various body types. Cycling jerseys are in high demand this year. According to Google data, they got 27,100 searches in April 2024, which grew by 10% from 22,200 in March 2024.


Two men riding on a hill in shorts

Like jerseys, cycling shorts have designs that make cycling much more comfortable and efficient. The chamois (pronounced “shammy”) is the most important feature of cycling shorts. This feature is a padded insert sewn into the seat area, providing cushioning and reducing friction.

Chamois pads feature various foam densities, gels, and sometimes even air-based systems to offer varying levels of support and comfort. However, to accommodate anatomical differences, chamois pads come in different shapes for men and women. Cycling shorts have sung designs with a compressive fit that helps reduce muscle fatigue and chafing.

Sexy woman in black biker shorts

Cycling shorts also have various types. There are bib shorts with suspenders that keep the clothing securely in place. They eliminate pressure from a waistband and are particularly popular for longer rides. Loose-fit/baggy shorts are more common for mountain biking, offering a relaxed fit and extra room to accommodate liner shorts with padding underneath.

Cycling clothing has continuously evolved with new materials, technologies, and design enhancements. Manufacturers now use pre-shaped and multi-layer chamois pads to create shorts that better conform to the customer’s body and provide targeted support. Advanced manufacturing techniques reduce seams or eliminate them for maximum comfort and reduced chafing.

In addition, newer shorts boast incredible breathability to keep customers cool and dry. Cycling shorts are even more popular than jerseys in 2024. In April, they peaked at 110,000 searches, a 10% boost from 90,500 inquiries in the previous month.

Cycling gloves

Riders holding their handlebars with gloves on

Cycling without gloves always leads to an unbearable experience. Most cycling gloves have some padding, especially on the palms, to cushion the wearer’s hands if they take a fall and protect them from scrapes. Beyond safety, the gloves’ padding and materials can also absorb some of the road vibrations that can cause discomfort.

Cycling gloves are also handy for sweaty or rainy days, as they can help enhance the wearer’s handlebar grip. Plus, many gloves have absorbent materials on the thumbs to wipe sweat from the wearer’s face. Some newer gloves even have fingertips that let cyclists use their smartphones without removing them. Check the table below for more information on the types of cycling gloves:

Cycling glove typeDescription
Fingerless/half-finger glovesThese cycling gloves are ideal for warm weather and for those who prefer more finger dexterity.
Full-finger glovesThese cycling gloves are great for cooler weather and mountain biking, providing added warmth and protection.

Person biking on dirt path in protective gear, including gloves

These gloves have also seen some noteworthy updates. Cycling gloves have moved towards a less-is-more approach with reduced bulk and padding, focusing on a more natural feel on the handlebars. Instead of simple foam, gloves use strategically placed gel pads or multi-density foams for targeted shock absorption and pressure relief.

Like jerseys, gloves are getting more expressive with vibrant colors, funky prints, and eye-catching designs. Cycling gloves have attracted impressive interest this year. According to Google data, this cycling accessory attracted 49,500 searches in April 2024.

Cycling jackets

Man with a full mane in cycling jacket

Sometimes, customers want extra protection and comfort while riding in various weather conditions. Cycling jackets can offer them just that. These jackets use breathable fabrics and ventilation features to prevent customers from overheating and getting soaked in sweat. Some jackets even have waterproof/water-resistant features to help cyclers stay dry in rain or drizzle. Here are five of the most popular cycling jackets to sell in 2024:

Cycling jacket typeDescription
Lightweight wind jacketsThese cycling jackets are perfect for coping with cool winds and drizzles. They are also highly packable and breathable.
Rain jacketsManufacturers design these jackets for full-on rain protection. Usually, they are fully waterproof and seam-sealed, but breathability can vary.
Softshell jacketsThese jackets offer wind resistance, water resistance, and a degree of warmth, making them versatile for various conditions.
Thermal jacketsInsulated jackets have designs that keep wearers warm in cold weather.
Gilets (vests)Sleeveless jackets provide core wind protection and warmth while allowing greater arm movement.

Man riding in a white, fitted bicycle jacket

Jackets are getting remarkably lightweight while maintaining waterproofness and breathability. This design choice means less bulk and better temperature regulation. New membrane technologies boast higher waterproof and breathability ratings, so retailers can stock jackets that keep customers dry from the rain and sweat. According to Google data, cycling jackets have raked in 27,100 searches in 2024 (January to April).

In summary

Cyclists know that the right gear transforms their experience. And in 2024, cycling apparel offers more than functionality—it’s also about self-expression and embracing the active lifestyle. But the cycling clothing market is competitive, so staying ahead of the curve is the only way to reap the rewards. By stocking the four cycling clothing items discussed in this article, retailers can pack their inventory full of updated essentials to sell more this year.

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