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5 Amazing Gingham Dress Styles That Look Great in S/S 2024

Blonde lady rocking a black and white gingham dress

Summer is in the air, but not everyone is willing to bust out bikinis, denim shorts, and mini skirts. This time around, the trans-seasonal beauties are taking center stage for their ability to be cozy, comfy, breathable, and light, pushing many ladies towards dresses. And now that dresses are joining the party for summer and spring essentials, gingham is one of the many prints that are soaking up all the attention.

Ready to spice up your spring/summer inventory for 2024? Then keep reading to discover the top gingham dress styles that will look stunning this year.

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How big is the dress market size?
Top 5 gingham dress styles women will love in S/S 2024
4 dresses that look great with the gingham style
Bottom line

How big is the dress market size?

Skyquest reports that the global dress market soared to US$ 172.54 billion in 2023. Anticipating another surge, their projections indicate a climb to US$ 358.8 billion by 2031 at a 5.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2024 to 2031. Reports also attribute this growth to the expanding demographic of working women and increased purchasing capabilities worldwide. Notably, Skyquest predicts Asia Pacific will register the highest CAGR at 5.7%. They also say Europe will contribute significantly, accounting for over 30% of the global market.

Top 5 gingham dress styles women will love in S/S 2024

Bolder colors

Woman posing in a gingham dress in bold colors

Forget subtle. This style is for women ready to embrace gingham in saturated, eye-catching colors. Hot pink, emerald green, sunshine yellow, and even neon shades are becoming popular as a bolder way to rock gingham dresses. But beyond that, these colors add a playful, modern twist to the traditional prints, so ladies can make a statement wherever they go.

Ladies can let the bold-colored gingham print do all the talking by pairing their dresses with neutral accessories. They may also get creative by pairing the print with other bold colors. And if bold-on-bold feels too much, women can add denim jackets or classic white button-down tees over their dresses for a slightly more casual vibe.

Micro and macro gingham

Woman in a dress sporting micro gingham patterns

No doubt, traditional gingham is attractive, but some women think tiny, delicate checks are more charming. That’s where micro gingham comes in. They create an effect like looking at texture fabric from a distance, meaning they add visual interest without feeling overpowering. Micro gingham works beautifully on romantic, feminine styles and looks particularly lovely in softer pastel tones.

Lady playing with a maxi dress with macro gingham patterns

On the other hand, women with a thing for bold and attention-grabbing will love macro gingham. These oversized checks will surely make a statement from across the room and lend themselves to more playful and modern silhouettes. Women can also tone down macro gingham with neutral styling or embrace a maximalist look with pops of contrasting colors.


Lady sitting on a bench in a yellow, vintage-inspired gingham dress

Gingham has also gotten a retro twist. Vintage-inspired gingham often uses mid-size (not as small as mini variants), more delicate checks than contemporary styles. This design choice gives the print a daintier, more classic aesthetic.

None of those bright colors have any presence here. Instead, vintage-inspired gingham sticks to softer palettes, like pastels (pale pinks, blues, yellows, and mint greens)or classic combos (red/white, black/white, or navy/white) for that vintage feel. Plus, the material also has a huge influence here.

Natural fabrics like cotton and linen were more common in vintage eras. And these fabrics often make gingham look slightly textured. For this reason, vintage-inspired gingham carries an authentic, old-fashioned feel compared to smoother, more modern styles.


Lady posing in cottagecore dress with gingham prints

Gingham feels natural in the cottagecore aesthetic, emphasizing a simple, rural lifestyle. However, some elements make these prints feel different under this style. For example, cottagecore often favors smaller gingham checks, but occasionally, some dresses may come with bigger, more relaxed checks. The focus here is not on pattern boldness but more on a cozy, homespun feeling.

Speaking of feel, cottagecore gingham leans towards softer, more natural palettes to give them a sun-faded, gentle look. Earthy tones like browns, beiges, and muted greens take top priority here, as well as dusty pinks, blues, and yellows. More importantly, cottagecore gingham dresses always have flowy, comfortable shapes, like prairie and pinafore models.

Unexpected details

A blue gingham dress with cut-out details

Gingham dresses are shedding their purely classic image in favor of something more modern. Some styles now feature cutouts for a peek of skin, statement sleeves for added drama, asymmetrical hemlines for an urban edge, and even sheer paneling for a touch of allure. These unexpected elements help transform gingham from predictable to fashion-forward.

4 dresses that look great with the gingham style


A shirtdress with macro gingham checks

A dress wardrobe is never complete without shirtdresses. These garments are incredibly versatile, so many women love wearing them for different occasions. They look polished for special events and occasions and have enough casual energy to do anything else.

Manufacturers often cut them in looser silhouettes, making them super comfy in warm weather. While ladies can get them in classic plain, gingham looks stunning on shirtdresses. Gingham shirtdresses create a look that’s familiar yet interesting.

In addition, shirtdresses often have flattering cinched waists and collared necklines, which can complement many body types. Shirt dresses can come in macro and mini gingham checks. For example, a crisp blue and white gingham shirtdress with mini checks is perfect for work, while flowy pink gingham patterns with macro checks make a summer outfit.

Wrap dresses

A woman in a wrap dress with mid-size gingham checks

Wrap dresses on their own are already flattering and beautifully draped. But gingham adds visual interest and textures to the silhouette. It also breaks up the solid flow of standard wrap dresses and gives them a more playful edge. More importantly, gingham’s versatile color options and check sizes can make wrap dresses for various occasions.

Do ladies want classic and preppy? For a slightly more polished look, offer them black and white or navy gingham. When a retro charm is more their style, stock pastel gingham with a mid-sized check for a vintage, playful wrap dress. What if ladies want to make a bold statement? Wrap dresses can also have vibrant gingham in huge checks—perfect for parties or going out.

Milkmaid dresses

Lady leaning sideways in a gingham milkmaid dress

Milkmaid dresses are already a staple of the cottagecore aesthetic. Women love them for their sweet, romantic, and slightly whimsical charm. However, gingham in soft colors and smaller checks amplifies this vibe and creates a nostalgic and undeniably trendy look.

Additionally, the simple gingham pattern adds a touch of playfulness and visual interest to the often solid-colored milkmaid style. It offers a great way to add personality without straying too far from the classic aesthetic. Overall, gingham milkmaid dresses are a delightful addition to the cottagecore aesthetic, offering the perfect balance of comfort, style, and a charming, rural-inspired aesthetic.

Slip dresses

Woman wearing a jacket over a gingham slip dress

Slip dresses were huge in the 90s, but they also have a moment in 2024. They are incredibly versatile and can adopt various styles, including gingham. Nevertheless, gingham slip dresses offer something distinct from other styles.

For example, the gingham pattern contrasts beautifully with the slip dress’s sleek satin or silk-like material. This contrast makes the garment even more visually appealing than classic slip dresses. Depending on the style, gingham patterns can help boost the slip dress’s distinct 90s vibe, allowing ladies to enjoy that cool-girl nostalgia.

Bottom line

Gingham has transcended its traditional role as a sweet, preppy print. While it will always retain a touch of timeless charm, 2024 shows gingham bursting with personality. From bold, eye-catching colors to nostalgic silhouettes and micro prints to statement-making macro checks, gingham is becoming the go-to style for many women.

On top of this, the number of women interested in the print has surged this year. Searches for gingham dresses went from 40,500 in March to 74,000 in May 2024—so stock up on them now to avoid missing out on sales. And finally, for more content like this, remember to subscribe to Alibaba.com’s Apparel & Accessories section for the latest updates.

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