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70mai Dash Cam A510: Ready To Hit the Road [Hands-On]


Traveling without concern for road safety invites danger to the passenger’s seat. In the US for example, road traffic accidents remain a huge concern these days. With nearly 43,000 Americans dying in road traffic accidents in 2022 things are serious. The rate of traffic fatalities has risen to 1.35 from 1.14 deaths a decade ago. To be prepared for the road, consider the 70mai Dash Cam A510.

70mai Dash Cam A510

It’s not the first time I review a dash cam from 70mai. I own an Omni Cam for almost 1,5 year now. I also reviewed a couple of months ago the truly versatile A810 model – with impressive performance.


70mai Dash Cam A510


The 70mai Dash Cam A510 boasts impressive night vision capabilities and high dynamic range (HDR). Together they ensure excellent image quality regardless of lighting conditions. With a 1994P resolution, it can clearly capture road signs and license plates. This provides vital details that are crucial for road safety and accident documentation. The dual-channel HDR setup allows you to monitor both the front and rear of your vehicle, enhancing overall situational awareness.

70mai Dash Cam A510

The A510 records at a very decent 60 FPS frames per second, This results in stabilized footage that appears smooth and detailed, even when the vehicle is in motion. This feature reduces the chances of motion blur, which is crucial for accurately capturing events like hit-and-run accidents or rear-end collisions.


A notable feature of the A510 is its upcoming 4G connectivity. It is expected to be available in the US by July according to the company – but it is available already in Europe since last year. This feature, when synchronized with your phone, enables remote monitoring of your vehicle. This offers an extra layer of security when you are away. This functionality requires the installation of the 4G Hardware Kit UP04. It is sold separately and available in select countries – it works great in Europe from my experience. Additionally, the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and built-in GPS provide real-time alerts and guidance, making driving safer and more efficient.

70mai Dash Cam A510



The 70mai Dash Cam A510 supports dual channel recording. This means it can capture footage from both the front and rear of the vehicle simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful for monitoring potential collisions or hit-and-run incidents. The picture-in-picture mode allows both channels to be displayed on a single screen, giving you a comprehensive view of your surroundings.

70mai Dash Cam A510


Equipped with Sony’s advanced STARVIS 2 IMX675 sensor, the A510 captures high-quality 1944p video footage. This sensor excels in low-light conditions, ensuring that crucial details like road signs and license plates are clearly visible even at night. The 70mai app allows you to zoom in on footage to view details without losing clarity. This can be essential for accident documentation and avoiding potential collisions.

70mai Dash Cam A510


The 70mai Dash Cam A510 features the exclusive MaiColor Vivid+ Solution. It enhances night vision by capturing precise details in challenging lighting conditions. This include tunnels or even poorly lit highways. There’s also HDR technology that balances highlights and shadows. This reduces glare from strong lights and high beams, and ensuring that license plates of vehicles behind you remain visible.

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Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

The ADAS on the 70mai Dash Cam A510 detects real-time issues in your surroundings. It also provides voice alerts to help you drive safely. It alerts you if you drift out of your lane, when the vehicle in front of you starts moving. Or even when you are approaching another vehicle too closely. In the event of a collision, the dash cam automatically records a 5-second pre-roll followed by a 25-second clip, providing crucial evidence for insurance claims or police reports.


The A510 is equipped with a G-sensor that activates recording when motion is detected while the car is parked. This 30-second recording can capture any incidents around your vehicle. This offers additional protection against vandalism or hit-and-run incidents. Note that 24-hour smart parking surveillance requires the 70mai Hardwire Kit UP03/04, which is not included with the dash cam.

70mai Dash Cam A510


The 70mai app simplifies the process of controlling the dash cam and accessing recorded footage. Pairing your phone with the A510 via Bluetooth allows you to capture moments with a single tap. The built-in GPS logs your route, speed, time, and precise coordinates. All these can be invaluable for optimizing travel routes and providing detailed data in the event of an accident.

70mai Dash Cam A510

Once you install the 70mai App, you can receive instant alerts, remote live view, and real-time location updates. With the A510 is installed on your dashboard your awareness on the road improves as the dash cam monitors and records nice image quality. Day or night, it’s as if you have a reliable companion on and off the pavement.

70mai Dash Cam A510



  • Dedicated mobile app for easy control and access
  • Dual-channel recording for comprehensive coverage
  • Exceptional image quality in various lighting conditions
  • Stable video recordings with reduced motion blur


  • Hardwire Kit is sold separately
  • 4G connectivity feature will be available in July, not immediately


With rising road fatality rates, installing a reliable dash cam like the 70mai Dash Cam A510 is crucial. It ensures after all the safety and protection of everyone on board. This dash cam impresses with its real-time surveillance, visual excellence, and intelligent assistance features. Even in low-light conditions, it captures all visible details on the road with precision. The A510 offers all the necessary and premium features to provide the best driving experience. In my opinion this makes it an essential tool for modern road safety.

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