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Aliexpress Shipping Time: Is It Fast and Reliable?


Shipping goods and getting them on time to satisfy the demand in the market is at the top of the priority list for most wholesalers. Companies like AliExpress offer shipping services to various destinations globally, but how long will it take for the goods to be delivered? Read on to find out more.

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How does AliExpress handle shipments?
How long does AliExpress take to deliver goods?
How to make your package arrive faster?

How does AliExpress handle shipments?

AliExpress uses two logistic models to handle shipments. The models are Fulfillment by a Seller (FBS) and Fulfillment by AliExpress (FBA). FBA is when the company sends products to businesses from its warehouses close to the wholesalers’ locations. On the other hand, FBS is when individuals receive their shipments via sellers’ warehouses.

Hence, when a wholesaler wants to ship items such as clothing, they choose either model to determine how AliExpress will deliver goods to them; will they be shipped from the sellers’ warehouse or AliExpress’s warehouse?

How long does AliExpress take to deliver goods?

Wholesalers can receive their wares in 3 to 60 days, depending on several factors. The shipping time varies due to the following reasons:

Type of shipping

The shipping method a business chooses to receive goods influences the delivery time as follows:

  • Ordinary shipments without AliExpress tracking take about 20-60 days.
  • Certified shipments (AliExpress Standard Shipping) with tracking could take approximately 10-45 days.
  • Private courier shipments (AliExpress Premium Shipping) take about 5 to 10 days.


Holidays are busy for AliExpress because more people order on the platform, creating a backlog. Also, the postal service may slow down or alter its services for a specific time to accommodate holiday celebrations. This may cause delays in shipping for a few hours or up to several weeks, depending on the backlog of wholesale orders.

Country of origin

Goods stored in warehouses in wholesalers’ countries or close to their states could take about 3 to 7 days for AliExpress to deliver them.

Seller delays

Sellers may become overwhelmed with numerous orders, delaying processing them for a few hours to several days. Therefore, AliExpress shipping may take longer to deliver the goods to wholesalers if sellers have too much on their plate to handle.

Countries with the widespread use of AliExpress shipping facilitate wholesalers within their borders to enjoy faster delivery of goods. Because AliExpress is common among the carriers, there are established connections and systems to hasten item delivery to the intended destinations. Hence, businesses within Spain, Italy, France, the U.S., etc., take a few hours or days to receive their bulk orders.

Country of destination

It could take up to 60 days for AliExpress to deliver goods to wholesalers, but the time could be more or less. The delivery time in the destination country is influenced by the influx of foreign orders from that state to AliExpress.

Here is a breakdown of AliExpress shipping to various countries:

The U.S.

The estimated delivery time of shipping goods to the U.S.
The estimated delivery time of shipping goods to the U.S.

Shipping goods to the U.S. takes between 15 to 60 days. The delivery time depends on the wholesaler’s choice of carrier.

South Africa

How long it takes to ship items to South Africa
How long it takes to ship items to South Africa

AliExpress can take about 9 to 59 days to deliver goods to a wholesaler in South Africa. The delivery time depends on the shipment type one chooses. Hence, a faster delivery means using the fastest and most expensive carrier on the list.

United Kingdom 

The estimated delivery time of goods shipped to the UK
The estimated delivery time of goods shipped to the UK

AliExpress can take between 7 and 40 days to ship items to the UK. This amount depends on the choice of carrier and if the wholesaler is willing to spend more money for the order to arrive quickly.


The time it takes to ship goods to Australia
The time it takes to ship goods to Australia

It could take 8 to 51 days for a wholesaler in Australia to receive their goods via AliExpress shipping. There are various shipping methods, the fastest and most costly being DHL. However, few of the carriers offer AliExpress tracking, so it might be a problem for a business person who wants to know where their goods are while in transit.


AliExpress’s estimated delivery time of goods shipped to Singapore
AliExpress’s estimated delivery time of goods shipped to Singapore

Shipping via AliExpress to Singapore requires a delivery time of about 6 to 38 days. There are various carriers to facilitate the delivery, including Singapore post. It takes 16-36 days to deliver items to wholesalers, but one can choose EMS to reduce the time to 10-24 days for about USD 15 more.

How to make your package arrive faster?

AliExpress customers can hasten the delivery time of goods by doing the following:

Using private carriers 

Carriers like FedEx, UPS shipping, and DHL are private carriers that sellers on AliExpress avail to their customers as delivery options. Private carriers have sound logistics systems to enable goods to reach customers quickly. However, private carriers are costly; hence some businesses may shy away from using them to ship items.

AliExpress Premium shipping 

The premium shipping option is one of the fastest ways for individuals to receive their goods. One of the transport modes involved in the AliExpress Premium shipping option is air travel, slashing the delivery time considerably. Individuals also have to pay more to enjoy this service.

Using ePacket 

ePacket is another one of AliExpress’s shipment options already popular before the global restrictions thanks to its fast delivery, which usually took about 12-20 days. AliExpress halted the service due to a backlog caused by restrictions, but it might be available soon for customers’ convenience.


Using AliExpress is a viable option for wholesalers to ship goods from abroad. Companies can ship items from their or sellers’ warehouses. The estimated delivery time for goods depends on various factors, including the type of shipping chosen by the wholesaler.

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How can I check the status of my AliExpress order? 

Individuals can know the status of their AliExpress orders by tracking them using the packages’ tracking numbers. They can track their shipments on the app or website to locate them while in transit.

Why can’t I track my AliExpress order?

One can’t track AliExpress orders worth less than $5. Such orders are sent by mail and therefore aren’t assigned tracking numbers. Those with tracking numbers show movement within China’s borders, but once they are out of the country, it is impossible to track them.

What is “processing” on AliExpress?

“Processing” on AliExpress is the time a seller takes to prepare an order for shipment. It happens after one has paid for an order and the platform has confirmed it. The period depends on the shipment size, the time of the year, or how busy the seller is.

How can I speed up shipping on AliExpress?

One can speed up shipping on AliExpress by using the platform’s premium shipping option. Using private carriers like FedEx and DHL also fastens the shipping time. These methods slash the delivery time of goods significantly but are also very expensive.

What do I do if my AliExpress order is late?

Contact the seller to determine why the package has stayed too long in transit. When the seller doesn’t send the package to the customer, AliExpress automatically refunds the customer via the same payment method they used to pay for the goods.

My AliExpress order is taking too long, can I cancel the order?

One cannot cancel an AliExpress order unless the seller hasn’t shipped the package to them. The only window to cancel an order is within the first few minutes after paying before AliExpress verifies the payment. If the payment has already been verified, the only way to cancel such an order is if the seller accepts it before shipping the package.

Do AliExpress orders arrive at home?

AliExpress orders can arrive at the customer’s doorstep unless the customer chooses to receive them at a designated pickup point.

What happens if no one is at home?

The shipping company handling customers’ orders in a particular country determines its delivery from the postal office. The customer can schedule with the company to deliver at a specific time when they are at home. If someone is at home, the customer can ask them to sign the delivery on their behalf.

Will AliExpress notify me when my order is being delivered?

AliExpress doesn’t notify users when their orders are being delivered. The responsibility lies with the user to keep tracking and reviewing their orders’ status changes.

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