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Apple to Launch an Affordable Version of Vision Pro Headset by 2025

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Mark Gurman, a prominent technology journalist from Bloomberg, recently disclosed in his Power On newsletter that Apple is actively working on an “affordable version” of its Vision Pro headset. Known for his reliable insider information on Apple’s developments, Gurman revealed that this new headset, codenamed N107, aims to offer a more accessible option compared to the current Vision Pro, which starts at a hefty price of $3,499.

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According to Gurman, the budget-friendly Vision Pro headset will differ from its predecessor in several key aspects. It should feature a narrower field of view (FOV) than the current model, which offers about 100 degrees. Moreover, unlike the standalone capabilities of the Vision Pro, the affordable version will reportedly require a connection to either a Mac or an iPhone to function properly, mirroring the operational logic seen with the Apple Watch.

Apple is purportedly targeting a launch timeframe by the end of 2025 for this more economical headset. Despite the cost reduction efforts, Gurman emphasizes that Apple is committed to retaining essential features that define its Vision lineup. This includes the integration of an advanced M4 or possibly an M5 chip, ensuring that the device remains competitive in performance and efficiency.


The development of an affordable Vision Pro headset underscores Apple’s strategy to broaden its reach within the augmented reality (AR) market segment. By offering a less expensive alternative, Apple aims to attract a wider audience while maintaining a foothold in the premium segment with its existing Vision Pro model.

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Gurman also pointed out a potential strategy shift for Apple concerning its flagship Vision Pro headset. As newer chips like the M4 or M5 become available, there is speculation that Apple might upgrade the specifications of the current Vision Pro to stay competitive. This move could enhance the longevity and appeal of the higher-end model, especially as technological advancements continue to evolve rapidly.

Mark Gurman’s insights into Apple’s product pipeline are highly regarded within the tech community due to his track record of accurate predictions and insider sources. As Bloomberg’s leading Apple correspondent, Gurman’s reports often provide valuable glimpses into Apple’s future directions and innovations, influencing market expectations and consumer interest.


In conclusion, Apple’s development of an affordable Vision Pro headset represents a strategic expansion in the AR market, aiming to cater to a broader audience while maintaining technological leadership with advanced chip integration. With Gurman’s revelations pointing towards a significant shift in Apple’s AR strategy, industry watchers eagerly anticipate further updates as the company progresses towards its anticipated product launches in the coming years.

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