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Beat the Heat: Innovations in Climate-Proof Makeup

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As global temperatures climb and extreme weather becomes more common, the beauty industry is responding with innovative climate-proof makeup. These products are designed not only to withstand the heat but also to protect against environmental elements, catering to both the athletic and nocturnal lifestyles of modern consumers. Especially in North America, The demand for sun-proof makeup is robust and growing, driven by increased awareness of the harmful effects of UV radiation and the rising preference for multi-functional cosmetic products that offer sun protection.The sun care products market, which includes sun-proof makeup, was valued at approximately USD 11.1 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 14.7 billion by 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.0% from 2021 to 2028. This growth is fueled by the rising awareness of skin cancer and other sun-induced skin disorders, which has increased the demand for products offering UV protection​ (Grand View Research)​.

Table of Contents
● Sweat-proof essentials for athletes and warm climates
● UV and radiation protection in everyday makeup
● Cooling and comfortable: makeup that lowers skin temperature
● Strategic expansion of climate-proof makeup technologies

Sweat-proof essentials for athletes and warm climates

With increasing temperatures and active lifestyles, consumers demand makeup that can endure both sweat and heat. A study revealed that 60% of UK gymgoers prefer to wear makeup during workouts, highlighting a significant market for sweat-proof cosmetics. Wyn Beauty in the U.S., founded by Serena Williams, caters to this need with its “makeup you can move in” line. This range includes long-lasting lipstick, mascara, eyeliners, cheek tints, and a hydrating skin tint designed to withstand intense physical activity.

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Additionally, TIRTIR, a South Korean brand, offers the Red Cushion Foundation. This product is specifically formulated to be sweat- and water-resistant while controlling oil and providing light, opaque coverage, making it perfect for a full-face makeup look even in hot, humid conditions. This trend towards athleisure beauty products demonstrates the industry’s response to evolving consumer lifestyles that blend fitness with social activities, requiring cosmetics that perform under various environmental stresses.

UV and radiation protection in everyday makeup

As awareness of skin health grows, consumers are increasingly seeking makeup products with built-in UV and radiation protection. This shift is particularly notable among younger generations and those in climate-sensitive regions who seek to streamline their skincare and beauty routines.

Key Drivers

  1. Health Awareness: Growing concerns about skin health and the risks of UV exposure are significant drivers. The awareness campaigns by health organizations about the importance of sun protection have made consumers more vigilant about using sun-proof products daily.
  2. Multi-functional Products: There is a strong consumer preference for makeup products that provide multiple benefits. Products that combine sun protection with other cosmetic functions, such as hydration and anti-aging, are particularly popular.
  3. Organic and Natural Ingredients: There’s an increasing demand for sun-proof makeup products that use organic and natural ingredients. Consumers are wary of harsh chemicals and prefer products that are perceived as safer and more beneficial for long-term skin health​ (Grand View Research)​​ (Transparency Market Research)​.
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Sallve, a Brazilian brand, has responded with its Dry Touch Tinted Sunscreen SPF50, which offers a range of shades to accommodate different skin undertones, emphasizing inclusivity and protection. Similarly, the American brand Supergoop! has innovated with its SPF 30 Lipshade, providing lip protection in five versatile shades. These products represent a broader trend where traditional makeup items are enhanced with protective features to guard against UV rays, blue light, and other environmental hazards. This integration helps simplify consumer routines by combining daily beauty products with essential skin protection, meeting the demands for functionality and health-oriented cosmetics.

Cooling and comfortable: makeup that lowers skin temperature

With rising global temperatures challenging the comfort of daily makeup wear, innovative solutions like Esprique’s BB EX from Japan are making waves. This product is designed to not only cover imperfections but also lower skin temperature by 5°C, providing a cooling effect that is highly valued in hot climates.

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This BB cream, equipped with SPF, addresses the discomfort of wearing makeup in warm weather by offering a soothing sensation and thermal relief. Such advancements are crucial for maintaining makeup integrity and comfort during heatwaves, making it appealing to consumers in tropical and subtropical regions. This trend underscores the beauty industry’s focus on developing products that not only enhance appearance but also provide functional benefits, thereby improving user experience in challenging weather conditions.

Strategic expansion of climate-proof makeup technologies

As the demand for climate-adaptive beauty products grows, brands are encouraged to expand their offerings to include a wider range of protective and durable cosmetics. For instance, Asteri from Saudi Arabia has developed a line suited for extremely hot and humid conditions, incorporating ingredients that offer both skincare benefits and resilient, weather-proof color.

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In the U.S., Ciele has introduced an SPF 50 blush that protects against multiple forms of radiation, including UVA, UVB, blue light, and infrared, showcasing the potential for comprehensive protective makeup. These developments not only meet the practical needs of consumers living in harsh climates but also position brands as leaders in innovative, climate-responsive beauty solutions. The expansion of these technologies into various makeup categories can further solidify a brand’s reputation as a pioneer in adapting to global environmental changes.


As the beauty industry navigates the challenges posed by a warming planet, the development and expansion of climate-proof makeup have become essential. The innovations discussed—from sweat-proof formulations suitable for athletic and outdoor activities to SPF-infused products that protect against a broad spectrum of radiation—demonstrate a significant shift towards multifunctional, protective cosmetics. Brands like Wyn Beauty and TIRTIR are at the forefront, offering products that cater to the vigorous demands of active lifestyles in warmer climates. Simultaneously, companies like Sallve and Supergoop! are enhancing everyday beauty routines by integrating essential sun protection directly into their makeup lines. The rise of products such as Esprique’s cooling BB cream further illustrates the industry’s commitment to providing consumers with comfort and functionality amidst increasing temperatures. Looking ahead, the strategic expansion into climate-adaptive beauty technologies not only opens up new market opportunities but also positions brands as proactive, responsive leaders in a globally conscious market. As environmental concerns continue to influence consumer preferences, the beauty sector must persist in its innovation and adaptation strategies to meet the evolving needs of a diverse, globally aware clientele.

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