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Transloading is a cargo transfer process between various modes of transportation as it proceeds to a final destination.


Deconsolidation is the separation of originally consolidated freight such as in the case of LCL shipments that need to be separated before final delivery.


A pre-pull happens when a trucker pulls an FCL container from the port terminal and stores the container at the trucker’s container yard before making a final delivery.

Live Unload

Live unload is a type of trucking delivery, where the trucker waits on site while the container is being unloaded.

Drop and Hook

Drop and Hook is a trucking delivery method where a loaded container is dropped off and the trucker picks up a different empty container for return back to the port.

Drop and Pick

Drop and pick is a trucking delivery method for full container loads where the trucker drops off a loaded container and returns within a specified timeframe to pick up the unloaded empty container.

General Order

General Order (GO) is a processing status assigned to goods imported into the U.S. without proper customs documentation and that do not clear customs within 15 days.

Container Yard

A container yard (CY) is a port or terminal area designated for accepting, holding, and transporting loaded containers, and returning empty containers.


PierPASS is a non-profit association that charges a container pick-up terminal pier pass fee that helps to effectively smooth out trucking congestion in the Los Angeles-area ports.


Cartage is the short-distance transport of air cargo and LCL shipments from warehouse to airport terminal or container freight station and vice versa.

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