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Dracula Technologies To Use Inkjet Printing To Roll Out Customized Modules for IoT Sector

Explore the impact of Dracula Technologies’ advanced Green MicroPower Factory, Europe’s largest organic PV module facility in France. Learn about the innovative inkjet printing technology and the company’s mission to revolutionize the IoT industry and phase out conventional batteries. With its commitment to sustainability and European partnerships, Dracula aims to make a significant mark in the renewable energy sector.


IKAR, WCT & AE Solar Join Hands To Undertake Creation of up to 5 GW Solar PV Portfolio

AE Solar, in partnership with IKAR Holdings and the WCT Group, is poised to revolutionize the global energy sector with plans to establish high-capacity solar cell manufacturing facilities and solar farms across Europe, the Middle East, and South America. With a proposed initial capacity installation of 1 GW, their collaborative efforts aim to set new standards in renewable energy production and investment on a global scale.


Energinet To Try Out ‘Crocodile Beak’ Solution to Grid Connect Over 1 GW Capacity 2 Years Earlier

Energinet, the Danish national transmission system operator, is pioneering a pilot project to fast-track the integration of over 1 GW of renewable energy through an innovative temporary grid connection method. This initiative aims to streamline the process of bringing solar and solar-wind hybrid projects online, contributing to Denmark’s renewable energy targets and sustainability goals.


Jrc Says Agri-Pv Can Help Bloc Achieve 944 GW DC Installed Capacity Using 1% Farmland

Discover how the European Union (EU) can surpass its 2030 solar generation target with agrivoltaics, utilizing just 1% of its agricultural land. Learn about the potential challenges and benefits outlined in the JRC report, including the absence of standardized definitions and policies. Access the comprehensive report on the EU Commission’s website, and delve into the innovative PV applications discussed in the recent TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Advanced Solar Module Innovations.

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