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Catwalk Confidential: Unveiling the Hottest Beauty Trends for A/W 23/24

Catwalk Beauty

The A/W 23/24 catwalks were a captivating display of beauty trends, blending classic simplicity with daring, unconventional statements. As the world of beauty continues to evolve and push boundaries, it’s essential for brands to stay informed and adapt to these emerging trends. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the key themes, color cosmetics, nails, hair, and color trends that dominated the runways, offering actionable insights on how to incorporate these looks into your brand’s offerings. Get ready to be inspired and discover how to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing landscape of beauty.

Table of Contents
1. Overarching themes
2. Color cosmetics
3. Hair
4. Nails
5. Color

Catwalk Beauty

Overarching themes

The A/W 23/24 catwalks showcased five dominant themes that encapsulated the season’s beauty trends: SoftGrunge, PlayfulMinimalism, WeirdBeauty, CelestialGlow, and LazyBeauty. SoftGrunge, a continuation from the previous season, incorporated subtle gothic influences and emotionally charged punk aesthetics, creating a raw and edgy vibe. This trend was particularly evident in the smudged, imperfect makeup looks that graced the runways.

PlayfulMinimalism emerged as a refreshing counterpoint, championing self-expression through low-maintenance, artistic beauty looks. This theme emphasized the importance of individuality and creativity, encouraging a more relaxed approach to beauty. WeirdBeauty, on the other hand, celebrated the unexpected and unconventional, featuring prosthetics, colored teeth, and subversive elements that challenged traditional beauty norms.

CelestialGlow focused on ethereal, otherworldly finishes, with models showcasing luminous, almost translucent skin that appeared to be lit from within. This trend tapped into the growing fascination with futuristic and sci-fi-inspired aesthetics. Finally, LazyBeauty prioritized effortless, barely-there makeup and tousled hair, promoting a more natural and undone look. This theme resonated with the desire for simplicity and authenticity in an increasingly complex world.

Catwalk Beauty

Color cosmetics

The A/W 23/24 catwalks showcased a wide array of color cosmetics trends, ranging from bold and expressive to subtle and understated. One of the most notable trends was the diverse range of brow styles, with colored brows, embellished brows, and spiky brows all making appearances. This variety highlighted the importance of versatility in brow products, catering to different preferences and styles.

Ombré lips also made a strong comeback, featuring both dramatic dark-to-light and subtle light-to-dark applications. This trend offered a fresh take on the classic lip look, encouraging experimentation with color gradients and unique color combinations. Another standout trend was the artistic embellishment of the face, with models sporting creative and unexpected makeup applications that blurred the line between fantasy and reality.

The “post-cry” look, characterized by smudged, red-tinged eyes, added an emotional and raw element to the season’s beauty trends. This look tapped into the growing desire for authenticity and the embrace of imperfection in beauty. Bold lash statements, including graphic drawn-on lashes and clumps of faux lashes, also made a significant impact on the runways. These trends emphasized the importance of expressive and statement-making cosmetics, encouraging individuals to push the boundaries of traditional beauty norms.

Catwalk Beauty


The A/W 23/24 catwalks featured a diverse range of hair trends that pushed the boundaries of creativity and self-expression. Gravity-defying hair sculptures continued to make a statement, with intricate and avant-garde designs that showcased the artistry of hairstyling. These sculptural looks emphasized the importance of high-performance styling products and the skill required to create such intricate styles.

Braids also emerged as a key trend, with thick braids, extra-long braids, and delicate baby braids all making appearances on the runways. These braided styles were used as artistic statements, highlighting the versatility and creativity of braiding techniques. The sleek side part also gained popularity, offering a more polished and sophisticated look that contrasted with the season’s more edgy and unconventional styles.

Delicate details such as bows and ribbons added a touch of femininity to the season’s hairstyles, often complementing the punk and grunge-inspired looks. These accessories provided a subtle way to elevate and personalize hairstyles. Temporary hair art also emerged as a trend, with graphic designs and pops of color adorning models’ hair. This trend offered a risk-free way to experiment with bold and unconventional hair styles, appealing to those who want to make a statement without committing to a permanent change.

Catwalk Beauty


The A/W 23/24 catwalks showcased a wide range of nail trends, from extreme lengths to minimalist and understated designs. Extra-long nails made a bold statement, with square, stiletto, and rounded tips all making appearances. This trend highlighted the importance of nail care and the growing popularity of nail extensions and enhancements.

On the other end of the spectrum, short nails also had a strong presence on the runways. Glossy, rounded nails in deep, rich shades of black and brown offered a more wearable and practical option for those who prefer a more low-maintenance approach to nail art. The classic French manicure also made a comeback, with both traditional and unconventional color combinations and applications.

Embellishments were a key trend in nail art, with chains, stones, crystals, and beads all being used to create intricate and eye-catching designs. These embellishments ranged from subtle accents to full-on, encrusted nails that made a bold statement. The use of nail art as a form of accessorizing was particularly evident in this trend, with the nails often serving as the focal point of the overall look.

Sustainability also emerged as a consideration in the nail trends, with some designers opting for biodegradable or recycled materials in their nail art. This reflected the growing awareness of the environmental impact of beauty products and the desire for more eco-friendly options in the industry.

Catwalk Beauty


The A/W 23/24 catwalks featured a striking array of colors that ranged from deep and moody to bright and unexpected. Black continued to be a dominant shade, with its versatility and sophistication making it a perennial favorite. This season, black was used in a variety of textures and finishes, from matte to glossy, adding depth and dimension to the looks.

Winter brights also made a surprising appearance, injecting a pop of color into the traditionally muted autumn and winter palettes. These unexpected shades, such as vibrant blues, greens, and purples, added a playful and optimistic touch to the season’s beauty looks. They were often used as accent colors, highlighting specific features or creating bold, graphic statements.

Luminous pink and classic crimson red were also popular choices, particularly for lips. These shades added a touch of femininity and glamour to the looks, while also nodding to the season’s nostalgic and retro influences. Metallic shades, particularly silver, emerged as a key color trend, reflecting the growing interest in futuristic and sci-fi-inspired aesthetics. Silver was used on the eyes, lips, and nails, often in combination with other shades to create multi-dimensional and eye-catching looks.

The use of unconventional color combinations and applications was also a notable trend, with designers and makeup artists experimenting with unexpected pairings and placement. This trend highlighted the importance of creativity and individuality in beauty, encouraging a more playful and experimental approach to color.

Catwalk Beauty


The A/W 23/24 catwalk beauty trends offer a wealth of inspiration for brands looking to innovate and captivate their audience. By embracing product versatility, encouraging experimentation, celebrating imperfection, and incorporating nostalgic elements, brands can successfully translate these trends into irresistible offerings. Staying ahead of the curve involves carefully considering these key insights during product development and marketing strategies, enabling customers to confidently express themselves through the latest in catwalk-inspired beauty. As the world of beauty continues to evolve, brands that adapt and innovate will be well-positioned to succeed in this dynamic and ever-changing landscape.

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