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Chair Beds: Apartment Dwellers Will Love These Space-Saving Sleepers

Extra-large single convertible chair bed

Chair beds or single-sleeper chairs are multifunctional pieces of furniture that provide customers with solutions in small spaces. Buyers can learn more about this market by looking at global sales figures, keyword search numbers, and the features and benefits of chair beds that guide purchases.

Beyond this information, the visual guide provides chair bed images and descriptions that help guide purchase decisions. We invite you to explore this world more deeply and select products to attract new markets.

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Research indicates growing chair bed sales
Features and benefits matter
Bed chair options
Chair bed inventory

Research indicates growing chair bed sales

Unique lime green chair bed

Marketers keep abreast of global product sales by conducting research that informs marketing strategies. According to one report, the market value of sleeper beds was USD 5,000.00 million in 2021. This figure is projected to increase at a 5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), ending at USD 8,143.89 million in 2031. It is important to note that these figures include sofa bed sales, which include single-chair bed sleepers.

Keyword searches

Besides market research, Google Ads keyword searches provide valuable insights into consumer interest in chair beds. For instance, the growth in chair beds went from 49,500 to 74,000 monthly searches between July and December 2023, an increase of 33.1%.

Searches for sleeper chairs also rose from 33,100 to 49,500 in the same timeframe, reflecting a 33,13% positive change. The takeaway for buyers from this information is that keywords can make a significant difference when advertising products.

Factors propelling interest

Powered by more disposable income and a desire for multifunctional furniture that is customizable, comfortable, and uplifts interior décor, consumers are intent on enhancing their lifestyles. Sleeper chairs in small spaces are one way that this market achieves its goals.

In addition to residential factors driving sales, the commercial sector leases furniture to other businesses. Other businesses, such as B&Bs, hotels, and motels, use multifunctional furniture like chair beds to decorate rooms with tight spaces, all of which adds to the demand for these products and increases global sales.

Features and benefits matter

Luxurious white boucle chair bed with roll pillow

Popular bed chair features include the product’s design, fabric, and quality. Consequently, these features should generate certain valuable benefits for customers.

Design: When examining chair bed features, buyers should consider the size and style of the product. If this combination meets customer needs for attractive interior décor items and is multifunctional in terms of saving space and storage, then it caters to a large market.

Fabric: When chair bed fabrics are available in many colors and patterns, they ensure product customization. If the fabric is stain-resistant or waterproof, covers are removable, machine washable, or easily cleaned; they are low maintenance. This benefit saves time and adds to the convenience of the single-seat foldable bed. Similarly, features like robust textiles such as canvas, leather, pleather, and synthetic fibers offer the benefit of long-lasting furniture. In contrast, more delicate textiles are less durable and typically last for a shorter period than their sturdier counterparts.

Quality: If the manufacturer uses a high-density, comfortable foam inner, it is suitable for heavy use, durable, and provides comfort throughout the day and night. If not, a lower-density foam is best for occasional use, such as in a guest room. Lower-density foam is often more affordable than high-density products and can be just as comfortable, but it often has a shorter lifespan, depending on usage. Either way, the price should reflect these attributes, giving customers options that suit their needs.

Bed chair options

By stocking a variety of convertible chair beds, buyers offer their customers choices within their specific parameters. Subsequently, these options should include sleeper chairs that range from affordable to luxurious. The product examples below show a collection of single-sleeper chairs embodying many of the features and benefits above, providing buyers with ideas for leveraging this diversity to attract customers.

Basic folding mattress bed chair

Basic foldable chair bed in multiple colors

As the most basic example of a bed chair, this design is functional and affordable. Although it might not be rated highly as an interior décor piece, it has its own level of charm that works in student apartments, guest rooms, or children’s rooms. Besides being available in many colors and fabrics, the sturdy foam mattress quickly converts into a bed for a comfortable sleep.

Single sofa bed chairs

Foldable floor chair beds with adjustable recliner features

Although this tri-folding bed chair is at the lower end of the price range, it features six positions between flat, reclining, and upright. Built around a metal frame, the cushioning and fabric selection make for a multifunctional piece of attractive furniture for use by residential and commercial customers.

Single-fold convertible chair

Gray convertible chair bed with five positions

A significant step up in design, style, quality, and medium-level pricing, this product is elegant and deserves a place in a sophisticated interior design plan. With several reclining angles between sitting and lying down, this bed chair is also above ground level, immediately increasing its comfort and usage for many customers. Buyers can easily include this chair as a unique addition to their lineup of convertible designer-style furniture.

Portable folding bed with storage

Extendable luxury black faux leather sleeper chair

Moving progressively from affordable to higher-priced chair beds, this product also falls in the medium price range, as does the previous one. Created around a wood frame and upholstered with faux leather over high-density foam, the designer included storage to enhance the value of this single-sleeper bed even further.

Its unique mid-century visual appearance crosses the boundaries between simple and elegant, ensuring that several of these accent chairs could blend well with other items throughout a home, beach house, hotel, or office.

Multifunctional sleeper sofa

4-in-1 purple ottoman convertible sleeper chair

It is impressive, although challenging, to think that one piece of furniture can provide so many functions. However, this one does. Starting as an ottoman, this bed transforms into a chair, a recliner with an adjustable backrest, and a bed, providing customers with fantastic value for money in one comfortable and attractive modern design.

Hospital chair bed on wheels

Single-person patient convertible sleeper chair on wheels

Moving up a significant notch in price, this example is touted as a hospital sleeper sofa. It is on wheels and easily extended, providing visitors with a comfortable seat and bed to stay close to their loved ones in hospital rooms at all times. However, the elegance of this chair means that it is equally suitable for other small areas and can even constitute all of the seating in one living space in homes or commercial settings, converting them as needed.

Soft, luxurious chair bed

Uniquely designed, soft green luxury bed chair

Upholstered in soft Berber fleece, this living room sofa bed fits well with other décor, works as a standalone piece in guest rooms, and is the perfect addition to luxury rental homes. Besides private homes, this product will be welcome in many hospitality destinations due to its design, style, and comfort. However, buyers may want to check its total length when extended, as this sleeper may be best for small adults and children only.

Chair bed inventory

Elegant black extendable bed chair design

The best strategy for buyers when deciding on inventory is to define their target market. Whether this customer base prefers low-end or high-end pricing, along with many style options, will guide buyers in making decisions that benefit them and their customers.

As such, we invite buyers to explore the vast selection of chair beds in the Alibaba.com showroom before placing orders to make the most of the positive growth projected for this market over the next decade.

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