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Coachella 2024: Essential Festival Fashion Trends for Young Women

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As an online retailer, staying on top of the latest festival fashion trends is crucial for curating a compelling assortment that resonates with your target audience. In this article, we’ll dive into the standout styles from Coachella 2024, focusing on the #NuBoheme and #PrettyFeminine aesthetics that dominated the festival grounds. Discover the key influences, must-have pieces, and styling tips to help you create irresistible festival collections for your young female customers.

Table of Contents
1. The #NuBoheme revival
2. #PrettyExtravaganza takes center stage
3. Subversive grunge makes a statement
4. Essential festival fashion pieces
5. Prints and colors to watch
6. Styling tips for festival collections

The #NuBoheme revival

#NuBoheme aesthetic

Coachella 2024 saw a resurgence of the #NuBoheme aesthetic, reminiscent of the festival’s early 2010s style. This maximalist trend is characterized by flowing #MaxiSkirts, chunky #StatementBelts, and #CowboyBoots. Festivalgoers embraced #Fringing, #StatementCrochet, and delicate #Lace to enhance their free-spirited looks. To capitalize on this trend, focus on versatile pieces that can be worn beyond the festival season. Choose earthy brown hues and dark ground prints that seamlessly transition into autumn wardrobes, and upsell accessories to complete the bohemian-inspired ensembles.

#PrettyExtravaganza takes center stage


Hyper-feminine looks, evolving from last year’s #PrettyFeminine trend, were a major hit at Coachella 2024. Influenced by headliner Lana Del Rey, festivalgoers elevated their outfits with #NuHistoric references like #Corset details, #Ruffles, #FeminineFrills, and #Lace. To incorporate this trend into your collections, focus on delicate bows, floral #Corsages, and ethereal fabrics. #MaterialMix adds surface texture interest, while tiered ruffles and soft ties provide newness. Keep in mind the importance of practicality and comfort by opting for fluid silhouettes in breathable fabrics and considering modesty solutions like built-in shorts under micro #MiniSkirts.

Subversive grunge makes a statement


In contrast to the overtly feminine looks, some attendees channeled #90sGrunge, #PopPunk, and #TheNewIndie trends. These subversive outfits balanced #SubversiveSexy rave tops with #BaggyShorts, featuring grungy plaids, checks, and #AnimalPrint. #MetalHardware belts, chains, and #Chokers accessorized these edgy ensembles. To cater to this aesthetic, consider incorporating #Waistcoats in slim-fit silhouettes and halterneck styles, offering both smart woven and casual denim iterations. Don’t forget to include #ShortShorts in various guises, from directional frilly bloomers to comfortable stretch jersey fabrications.

Essential festival fashion pieces


1. #MaxiSkirt: Tiered and ruffled styles in lightweight cotton and linen fabrics, with white as the key color. Sheer and lace variations worn over swimwear add a daring touch.

2. Camisole top: Lingerie-inspired camisole tops with lace trim or all-over lace construction. Split-front styles with dainty soft ties and peplum hems offer newness for S/S 25.

3. #Asymmetric hemline: Applied to woven tops, skirts, and dresses, as well as handkerchief hem and scarf tops. Diaphanous, fluid fabrications cater to the #NuBoheme aesthetic.

Prints and colors to watch


1. #AnimalPrint: A prominent print direction, with #TrueLeopard, #SnakeSkin, and #Zebra prints appealing to both #SuperGlam and grunge-inspired looks.

2. #Gingham: Red and white checks evoke nostalgic #PicnicSeason vibes and evolve #Cottagecore looks through pastoral-inspired prints.

3. #RadiantRed: A standout color in head-to-toe statement looks or as a pop of color within footwear and accessories.

4. Brown hues: Ranging from #DarkBrown to #Sepia, these earthy tones lend to the #NuBoheme aesthetic and provide long-term appeal.

Styling tips for festival collections


1. Utilize deadstock and surplus fabrics for trims and #PrettyFeminine details like bows, corsages, frills, and #MaterialMix pieces.

2. Prioritize versatility and longevity by showcasing styling opportunities outside of #FestivalFashion.

3. Focus on fluid silhouettes in naturally breathable fabrics for summer comfort, and consider stretch jersey fabrications for ease of movement.


Coachella 2024 showcased a captivating mix of #NuBoheme, #PrettyExtravaganza, and subversive grunge aesthetics, providing ample inspiration for your festival apparel collections. By incorporating the key pieces, prints, and colors highlighted in this article, you can create a compelling assortment that caters to your young female customers’ desires for self-expression and style. Remember to prioritize versatility, comfort, and sustainable practices when curating your festival fashion offerings. With these insights in mind, you’ll be well-equipped to make your mark on the festival scene and drive sales for your online retail business.

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