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Doormat Sourcing Tips for Sellers

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Doormats fulfill various functions, enhancing home decor, providing functionality, and keeping spaces clean and safe. The versatility of doormats continues to drive their demand across multiple industries, including home improvement, hospitality, and commercial space design.

Sourcing mats can, however, present challenges if you’re uncertain about what factors to prioritize. We’ve therefore written this article to help you narrow down which varieties are likely to best suit your needs.

Table of Contents
Overview of the doormat market
Types and uses of doormats
Criteria for choosing the right doormat
Popular doormat models from famous brands

Overview of the doormat market

The doormat market was worth USD 7.2 billion in 2022, and researchers predict a 5.6% CAGR to USD 12.4 billion by 2032. 

North America is forecast to hold the largest market share (about 35%), while Europe comes second, with its doormat market expected to reach USD 3.04 billion by 2026. Asia-Pacific is the third-largest market for doormats. 

Key players in the doormat market include Abbott Collection, Apache Mills, 3M Company, Entryways, and Advance Flooring Systems. The shift in recent years toward a preference for wood floors thanks to their warm, resilient, and hygienic features has meant that consumers are also increasingly buying doormats to protect them from outside dirt and debris. In addition, buyers are increasingly looking for eco-friendly and recyclable mats.

The increased construction of offices and new residences is also driving doormat demand, as is the growing desire for mats to enhance and complement home and office decor.

Types and uses of doormats

Below, we’ll take a look at the various ways in which doormats can be used to enhance a space:

Outdoor doormats

Shoes positioned atop a plush doormat

Outdoor doormats are usually placed on a home’s front step or at the entrance to a building. They’re designed to trap dirt, debris, moisture, and mud to ensure the inside of a building remains clean. A quality doormat will be made of hardy materials like synthetic fibers or rubber to withstand weather damage and maintain functionality.

However, an ideal mat’s functionality will extend beyond its ability to trap dirt, providing a means for homeowners and businesses to express themselves aesthetically.

Indoor doormats

Indoor doormats are used inside the entrance of a room, home, office, hospital, etc., and prioritize aesthetics and comfort. This means they often feature elegant designs and are made of soft, comfy materials. Like their outdoor counterparts, indoor doormats should trap dirt and moisture and be made with durability in mind.

Scraper doormats

Scraper doormats are outdoor doormats with coarse surfaces or bristles designed to scrape off stubborn dirt, mud, and debris from footwear. They’re often constructed of rubber, PVC, coir, and other weather-resistant materials. In addition to retaining functionality, these materials make them easy to clean.

Decorative doormats

Decorative doormats come in various colors, patterns, and designs to complement a home’s overall decor or add a festive touch during holidays and special occasions. They can be customized to meet the preferences and desires of specific consumers.

Coir doormats

Coir-embossed doormats are made from natural coconut husk fibers that are perfect for scraping off dirt, mud, and snow from shoes, as well as giving them an improved grip to prevent slippage. Their natural materials make them environmentally friendly and easy to clean.

Jute doormats

Jute doormats, like coir mats, are made of natural, eco-friendly plant fibers. These mats are durable and softer than coir mats but still excellent at capturing dirt and moisture. Jute doormats come in various colors and can be customized to complement and enhance interior decor.

Rubber doormats

Rubber doormats, made of extremely durable and weather-resistant rubber, are perfect for outdoor use and high-traffic areas. The ridges on these mats improve traction and help remove debris from footwear. Rubber mats are easy to clean and maintain, as well as recyclable and slip-resistant.

Criteria for choosing the right doormat

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The most significant considerations when selecting a doormat are where you intend to put it and its functionality. Outdoor doormats must be hardy enough to weather the elements, whereas indoor doormats should be more aesthetically inviting and comfy. Second, consider the size, opting for large mats that fit most entryways or can withstand high usage.

Another element to consider when selecting a doormat is its quality and durability. Quality mats are made of sturdy material like rubber that can endure heavy foot traffic and adverse weather conditions. You also want to ensure your mats are safe enough to avoid slipping. Therefore, choose non-slip doormats with textured surfaces to prevent accidents.

Aesthetic appeal and maintenance are other important elements to consider when selecting doormats. If your customers are concerned about sustainability, find mats made of natural, recyclable materials such as coir, jute, or rubber.

Finally, make sure you stock doormats that fit various budgets, choosing those that strike a balance between quality, aesthetics, and practicality.

Popular doormat models from famous brands

Some of the most popular doormat models are:

Gorilla Grip all-season doormat

Gorilla Grip PVC doormats come in a variety of patterns, including natural motifs or featuring appealing and welcoming words and simple geometric shapes. These mats include polypropylene upper and deep grooves to trap moisture and dirt, as well as to help remove grime from shoes. However, they’re also soft enough that they’re comfortable enough to be walked on with bare feet.

Chilewich stripe shag doormat

Chilewich doormats resemble a classic striped rug but feature tufted vinyl loops and backing, making them weather-resistant, durable, and good at scraping off dirt. To clean, simply shake off the dirt, vacuum, or rinse with a hose.

Entryways logo-embossed doormat

Entryways logo-embossed doormats can enhance the appearance of any front doorstep with their delicately arranged logos and bright colors. This mat features polyester and acrylic yarns with a non-slip backing, making them soft and comfortable.

Apache Mills mohawk doormat

These colorfully designed doormats by Apache Mills combine appealing designs with a durable polyester surface that efficiently traps dirt and debris. They also include a rubber backing that secures the mats and prevents moisture from seeping through the floor.


Doormats are in high demand thanks to their continued status as an essential part of home decor and a functional item for cleanliness, with outdoor, indoor, scraper, decorative, and coir doormats being some of the most common varieties.

When sourcing doormats, it’s critical to stay up to date with market trends while also considering a mat’s function, size, durability, and aesthetics, as well as your client’s budget.

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