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E-commerce & AI News Flash Collection (Jul 3): Amazon Invests in India, Jumia Enhances Customer Experience

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Walmart’s “Collectibles Experience” Promotion

Walmart has launched a three-month promotional campaign titled “Collectibles Experience” for sellers of collectibles, running from July 1 to September 30. Eligible sellers can enjoy zero referral fees while selling their collectibles on Walmart’s platform, covering popular categories such as toys, media, music, trading cards, books, sports memorabilia, and coins. Walmart also offers flexible return policies, pre-order services, a new grading system for trading cards and comic books, and encourages the sale of second-hand collectibles. Walmart spokesperson John Forrest Ales highlighted the company’s long-standing commitment to enhancing the experience for both customers and sellers in the collectibles market.

Increased Back-to-School Spending Expected

A survey by JLL in May indicates that back-to-school spending in the US is expected to increase by 21.8% in 2024, with parents spending an average of $475 per child, up from $390 last year. While parents plan to shop at major retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Target, fewer are choosing stores like Costco, Old Navy, and Dollar General. High-income families are leading the increase in spending, despite concerns about inflation, while low-income families are looking for discounts and promotions. Retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and Kohl’s are preparing for a busy promotional season to cater to back-to-school shoppers.


Amazon’s Major Investment in Amazon Pay India

Amazon has injected 6 billion rupees (approximately $72 million) into Amazon Pay India to bolster its digital payment operations and strengthen its influence in the Indian market. According to a Statista report, India’s digital payment market is expected to reach $254.6 billion in total transaction value by 2024, and $394.4 billion by 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 11.6%. This year alone, Amazon’s total investment in Amazon Pay India has reached 9.5 billion rupees, with services like bill payments, UPI payments, wealth management, and ticket booking gaining popularity. Amazon Pay India boasts 67.5 million e-wallet users and processed transactions worth over 2.11 billion rupees as of May 31. Amazon faces stiff competition from Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, and WhatsApp Pay in the Indian digital payments sector.

Australian Shoppers’ Preference for Low-Cost Platforms Despite Trust Issues

Despite low trust levels in e-commerce platforms like Temu and Shein, 70% of Australian shoppers frequently use these sites due to their low prices and diverse product offerings. A survey by Omisend revealed that 58% of Australians shopped on Shein, and 52% on Temu in the past year, favoring categories like clothing, home goods, and electronics. While only 12% trust Temu, 56% expressed willingness to shop there again due to attractive prices and variety. In comparison, Amazon enjoys a 63% trust rating, praised for its fast delivery, convenience, and product quality.

Jumia’s Partnership with Sprinklr to Improve Customer Service

African e-commerce platform Jumia has partnered with US software company Sprinklr to enhance its customer experience using AI. Jumia has implemented Sprinklr’s Unified Customer Experience Management (Unified-CXM) platform to better support millions of customers, sellers, and employees across 11 African countries. This platform facilitates seamless communication through email, live chat, WhatsApp, and other social media channels, and supports multiple languages. Jumia has seen significant improvements in customer experience metrics, with a first response rate of 94.46% and customer satisfaction scores exceeding 76%. The following step involves leveraging Sprinklr’s conversational AI to boost self-service capabilities.

Rakuten’s New “Saikyo Shipping” Service

Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten has introduced a new delivery service called “Saikyo Shipping” to meet buyers’ diverse delivery needs. In addition to one-day delivery, customers can specify the delivery date and time without any extra charges, applicable to all Rakuten platform users. Some items like cold chain goods and large products are excluded from this service. Products eligible for “Saikyo Shipping” are clearly marked, and customers can enjoy delay compensation if orders are not delivered on the specified date.


Salesforce Introduces AI Benchmarking Tool for CRM Deployments

Salesforce has unveiled a new AI benchmarking tool designed to assess the effectiveness of CRM deployments. This innovative tool aims to help businesses evaluate the performance of their AI-driven customer relationship management systems, ensuring they meet industry standards and deliver optimal results. The benchmark focuses on various metrics, including accuracy, efficiency, and user satisfaction, providing a comprehensive evaluation framework. Salesforce’s initiative addresses the growing need for standardized AI performance assessments, enabling organizations to make informed decisions about their CRM investments. This move underscores Salesforce’s commitment to advancing AI integration in business operations, fostering greater trust and reliability in AI technologies.

New Guide Aids Governments in Implementing AI Strategies

A comprehensive new guide has been released to assist governments in developing and implementing successful AI strategies. The guide offers detailed insights into the best practices for responsible AI deployment, emphasizing ethical considerations and sustainable development. It highlights the importance of transparent policymaking, stakeholder engagement, and robust regulatory frameworks to ensure AI technologies are used effectively and safely. By providing a roadmap for public sector AI initiatives, the guide aims to enhance governmental capabilities in harnessing AI for public good. This resource is poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of AI governance, promoting innovation while safeguarding public interests.

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