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E-commerce & AI News Flash Collection (Jul 4): Amazon Leads US E-commerce, Brazil Restricts Meta’s AI Data Use

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Amazon Leads US E-commerce: Dominates Sales with Over Triple the Revenue of Competitors

The top five e-commerce platforms in the US for 2024 are Amazon, eBay, Temu, TikTok Shop, and Walmart. Amazon remains the largest, with projected sales of $325 billion from third-party sellers, more than triple the combined sales of other platforms. eBay, focusing on enthusiast communities, expects $35 billion in sales but struggles to attract mainstream brands compared to Amazon and Walmart. Walmart’s third-party sales are projected at $10.37 billion, with rapid growth similar to Amazon’s model. Meanwhile, Temu and TikTok Shop aim to surpass Walmart, with Temu targeting $60 billion in sales and TikTok Shop aiming for $17.5 billion, despite potential shortfalls.


Australia’s Online Retail Decline: Economic Pressures Shift Consumer Spending

In May, Australia’s online retail sales totaled AUD 4.1 billion, a 2.4% year-over-year decrease. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported a slight increase in total retail sales to AUD 35.9 billion, with online sales making up 10.9%. Food-related online sales dropped 2.8%, while non-food items fell 2.2%. The Australian Retailers Association noted a consumer shift towards more affordable and value-based products due to financial pressures. Despite the decline in non-essential categories, food expenditures remained stable.

Japanese second-hand platform Mercari marked its 11th anniversary, revealing data for April 2023 to March 2024. Over 40% of transactions involved entertainment and hobbies, popular among users aged 10 to 29, particularly anime, idol goods, and K-pop items. Fashion accounted for 22% of sales, followed by health and beauty (8%), and automotive (9%). For users over 50, books, clothing, and gardening items were favored. Mercari collaborates with 70 e-commerce firms for cross-border services, with significant buyer bases in China, the US, and Taiwan.

Mexico’s Hot Sale Success: Record-breaking Online Shopping Event

Mexico’s 11th Hot Sale event in May saw a total sales revenue of MXN 34.539 billion (USD 1.9 billion), a 15% increase from 2023. The event, organized by the Mexican Online Sales Association and Nielsen IQ, recorded the sale of 28.1 million items and 14.4 million orders. Approximately 50% of Mexican internet users participated, with significant growth in southeastern regions. Fashion, beauty, and electronics were the top categories, with debit and credit cards being the primary payment methods. Convenience, product variety, and attractive discounts were key motivators for consumers.


Brazil Restricts Meta’s AI Data Use: Protecting User Privacy from AI Training Risks

Brazil’s data protection authority, ANPD, has excluded Meta from using Brazilian user data for AI training, citing severe risks to user privacy. Meta’s updated privacy policy in May allowed the use of public data from Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram for AI model training. ANPD highlighted significant and irreversible harm to basic rights, especially concerning identifiable photos of Brazilian children. Meta faces fines if non-compliant within five days, and similar European regulations have also halted AI training plans there. This decision sparks broader discussions on global data privacy standards and ethical AI use.

Hollywood Legends as AI Narrators: New Audiobook App Innovation

An innovative audiobook app is bringing back the voices of Hollywood legends as AI narrators. Utilizing advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology, the app features iconic actors narrating new and classic audiobooks. This technology not only provides a unique listening experience but also highlights the potential of AI in media and entertainment. The app aims to appeal to audiobook enthusiasts and fans of classic cinema alike, merging nostalgic voices with modern technology. This development represents a significant step in the integration of AI with creative industries, offering new possibilities for content creation and consumption.

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