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Electric Heaters: Harness a Popular Global Market

Decorative and functional electric heater with remote control

When customers think of heaters, they often think of electric heaters. Fortunately, instead of the typical traditional electric heaters that consume vast amounts of energy, things have changed. Now, manufacturers have responded to the need for energy-saving, safe, and affordable electric heaters, resulting in many choices.

Due to these changes, sellers can stock a broad selection of electric heaters for their respective markets. Find out more about radiant and convection heaters that save energy while warming home spaces. Once you understand more about these products, you can choose those that resonate with your customers.

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Global electric heater sales
Various types of electric heaters
Stock up on electric heaters for the winter!

Global electric heater sales

Energy-efficient foldable baseboard heater

Sellers can confidently approach this market, knowing customers will always want to warm their homes and commercial spaces. This market is so strong that it was calculated to be worth USD 7.2 billion in 2023.

Set to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.9% until 2032, the global value of electric heater sales will soar to USD 12.1 billion. These figures show strong growth, offering sellers the positive consumer markets they seek to make it worthwhile to stock these products.

Google Ads keyword data

Google Ads keyword data

Besides electric heaters, consumers use other keywords to locate products online. Some of these related keywords include space heaters, heaters for rooms, portable heaters, and similar terms.

The table above offers comparison data showing a range of electric heater types and terms, with “heater for room” attracting the highest search volumes. Essentially, the data in this table reinforces the worldwide interest in space heaters, assuring sellers of their popularity and saleability.

Forces driving sales

Winter weather is the primary force that encourages consumers to purchase electric heaters. Technology and innovation also drive people to buy energy-efficient, safe heaters with conveniences like remote control, voice control, programmable settings, smart Wi-Fi integration with home technology, or product-specific phone apps.

Besides these drivers, worldwide construction is boosting electric heater sales. Construction workers buy heaters to keep them warm while working in the open. Additionally, all the extra housing and commercial units they build often require space heaters in addition to central heating. Central heating tends to cause cold spots in living rooms or bedrooms, requiring a separate warming method, which motivates people to buy room heaters.

Beyond the driving forces that sellers can use as personal motivation to stock up on electric heaters, the range of these product types is extensive. Before heading to the showroom to explore them, we briefly cover a small selection of electric heaters.

Various types of electric heaters

Electric space heaters

Electric wall-mounted heater with remote control

Residential and commercial customers will love this small space heater, which is energy-efficient and a big space saver due to its wall-mounted design. With a positive temperature coefficient, or PTC, this technology adjusts its temperature automatically.

This space heater has an adjustable thermostat, overheating protection, a waterproof design, and can be operated with a remote control for heating and cooling. Another unique selling point is its low noise emission, between 36 and 45 dB. Similar wall-mounted designs with a halogen heating element and towel racks are equally popular electric wall heaters for bathrooms.

Electric quartz infrared heaters

Radiant infrared quartz heater with two settings

Perfect for any room in the home, this freestanding infrared electric heater has a quartz heating coil that emits radiant heat. The quartz coils reach maximum heat in seconds, backed by 2400W of power. Consequently, this heater warms the entire space quickly and cools rapidly when switched off.

If your customers want the safety of this type of heating appliance with an adjustable thermostat, this may be the ideal choice. This appliance boasts overheating and tip-over protection features, as well as waterproofing.

However, variety is key to satisfying diverse customer preferences. Consequently, smaller portable heaters are worth a closer look, as is this compact three-bar product.

Mica infrared electric heaters

Radiant mica infrared heater with LED digital display

Mica heating elements reach their maximum heat within a minute and emit energy-efficient convection and radiant heat. What also makes this infrared heater popular is its portable slimline design and three-sided heating, which is great for use in bedrooms, bathrooms, or offices.

The timer function allows customers to program settings using the remote control, while the LED digital display makes it easy to see the temperature at any time. Moreover, the safety features include overheating and tip-over protection, increasing the appeal. And when customers aren’t using this appliance, the neat power cord storage ensures easy packing away during the hot months.

Electric fan heaters

Lady using a PTC electric desktop fan heater

Combining PTC heating materials and other technology, this small, energy-efficient fan heater is perfect for desktop or floor use. Adjust the heat settings to the desired temperature and enjoy the warm air that blows out and heats the area almost immediately.

Customers can take this fan heater to use while camping, at the office, outdoors, or in any commercial setting like restaurants or hotels. Sellers can market this electric fan heater for smaller home areas or for use with larger, more powerful electric heaters. Otherwise, even smaller, energy-efficient desktop fan heaters are available to fit all tastes and needs.

Electric ceramic heaters

Freestanding ceramic heater on a carpet

Elegant and sophisticated, this ceramic heater can be freestanding, wall-mounted, or ceiling-mounted. Whatever position customers choose to use this product in, it comes with many features.

A few of these are the LCD screen to view the temperature display, Wi-Fi and app control, child lock or keyboard lock function, overheating and waterproof protection, and window detector sensors. A new airflow system ensures the even circulation of warm air through the space, making this a must-have product in homes worldwide.

Electric baseboard heaters

Freestanding baseboard heater with smart Wi-Fi

Featuring a traditional heating element, this baseboard heater operates with convection, sending warm air streams through the room from the floor upwards. Combined with smart Wi-Fi technology for easy settings and remote control, this appliance is the next level in traditional convection heaters.

Sellers should seriously consider adding this product to their inventories along with the foldable baseboard heater and floor-level decorative electric heater, as they are all a pleasure to use throughout the home or office in winter.

Stock up on electric heaters for the winter!

Electric PTC fan heater with low energy consumption

Building a supply of electric heaters is simple. Because there are so many different types, ranging from traditional to energy-efficient models to decorative, elegant, modern, and plain styles, there is a heater for every home across the world.

Explore the vast selection of electric heaters in the Alibaba.com showroom to see more products, and once you’ve decided on the types you want, speak to the suppliers. They are friendly and willing to help you grow your business with all kinds of electric heaters and other products.

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