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Flared Sweatpants Trends: Exploring What’s Hot in 2024

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Following the resurgence of miniskirts and flared jeans, among other nostalgic mid-1960s to 1980s fashion trends, flared sweatpants are rapidly becoming the next casual fashion item du jour.

Similar to sweatpants, flared have a wider bottom-leg cut, giving them a relaxed, retro-inspired appeal.

Here we’ll take a closer look at which flared sweatpants are most in style as well as how sellers stand to profit by stocking them in 2024.

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Overview of the flared sweatpants global market
Top 5 flared sweatpants trends in 2024

Overview of the flared sweatpants global market

Flared sweatpants are part of the athleisure market, which alone was valued at an impressive USD 358.08 billion in 2023 and is estimated to increase by 9.3% CAGR over the next six years, reaching USD 660.89 by 2030.

Adidas AG, Nike Inc., The Gap Inc., and ASICS Corporation are some of the major players in the flared sweatpants industry. Other prominent manufacturers include Under Armour Inc., Puma SE, PVH Corp, and Columbia Sportswear Company.

As more people engage in sports and fitness activities and seek comfortable, stylish workout attire, items like flared sweatpants that tick all the right boxes continue to grow in popularity. Another reason for the growing demand is society’s increasing acceptance of casual apparel in more formal settings, including in the office.

Top 5 flared sweatpants trends in 2024

A young woman in cherry flare sweatpants

As flared sweatpants continue to rock the athleisure industry, it only makes sense to understand why these types of apparel and finding a wider audience. Some of the most popular trends in flared sweatpants include:

1. Lace-up bow female flare sweatpants

Women’s lace-up bow pants are a unique fusion of urban flair and feminine allure. Notably, their stunning lace-up details and bow accents add a whimsical touch to the street fashion scene. 

Individuals who appreciate uniqueness and self-expression and wish to stand out from the crowd with their clothing choices are the target market for lace-up flare pants. In most cases, these pants pair with sneakers or fluffy boots. 

Lady wearing a crop top and orange sweatpants

Pairing flared sweatpants with a crop top gives a laid-back daytime look. Comfortable yet just flashy enough, this combo fits in just as well at a casual workspace as it does at a weekend brunch. 

2. Fake zipper-flared sweatpants

A close view of zipper pants on a white background

These fake zip-flared sweatpants are all the rage in the fashion industry because they give the traditional flared silhouette a dash of urban edge. Zipper imitations can be placed on the front or sides of pants, with the added comfort of an elasticized waistline.

Fake zip-flared sweatpants work well with chunky boots as well as low-heeled ankle boots. Colorful, high-soled shoes also go great with these pants. Finally, accentuate the look with a black or brown leather bag.

3. Leather and flared sweatpants

Leather and flared sweatpants go well by creating a rebellious and luxurious style.

Adorable boy wearing a leather jacket and whitish gray sweatpants

Add a graphic tee under a fitted leather jacket for a night out or a cropped sweatshirt or bomber jacket for an added edgy vibe.

4. High-waisted flared sweatpants

A woman wearing high-waist sweatpants

High-waisted flared pants likely appeal most to millennials and Gen Zers for their combination of comfort and nostalgia. These pants accentuate curves and lengthen the legs while sitting comfortably at the natural waist.

What makes these adaptable high-waist sweatpants a stylish substitute for traditional pants is their ability to go with anything, including high-soled shoes, flat shoes, short tops, blouses, and more.

5. Flared floral-print sweatpants

Woman in floral sweatpants

Flared sweatpants with floral patterns command attention and add a slightly whimsical touch that may otherwise be lacking in regular sweatpants. That makes floral, flared sweatpants especially attractive to fashion-forward, bohemian consumers.

The key to getting the most out of these pants is avoiding pairing them with starkly contrasting colors, and they work great with puffy trench coats, fitted tees, and slides.


Athleisure has never been more popular than it is right now, and flared sweatpants are quickly becoming one of the segment’s leading trends. Some popular flared sweatpants trends in 2024 include lace-up bow, fake zipper-flared, and floral-print sweatpants. 

Combining style and comfort, flared sweatpants are the perfect pairing between active and relaxed, looking at home in both the gym and on the high street. To browse all of the styles mentioned above as well as many, many more, visit Alibaba.com and place an order today.

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