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Hip Flasks: What Features to Look for in 2024

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Hip flasks exploded in popularity in the 18th century and have remained a popular means to carry beverages in the modern era. Businesses can capitalize on this interest by choosing flasks with the latest features. Here, we’ll show you how to do just that, highlighting the most important points to consider when choosing flasks for consumers in 2024.

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Why hip flasks remain a big hit
Everything to consider when choosing the right hip flask for your business
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Why hip flasks remain a big hit

Two orange and a black hip flask

Hip flasks may be a classic item, but their popularity is still going strong, remaining sought after for a number of reasons. The main one is their convenience; unlike full-size bottles, hip flasks can fit comfortably in a jacket or pants pocket or bag. This means the user’s preferred beverage is always within easy reach.

Tradition and nostalgia are other reasons why hip flasks haven’t fallen out of favor. Hip flask use peaked during the Prohibition era, becoming symbols of small-scale defiance. That rebellious, historical association still resonates with some today.

Unlike disposable bottles, a well-made hip flask is built to last, making them a potentially lifelong companion to their owners.

So, how popular are hip flasks in today’s world? According to Google data, approximately 49,500 people searched for hip flasks in March 2024, proving they remain a potentially profitable item to sell.

Everything to consider when choosing the right hip flask for your business


A stainless steel hip flask next to a glass

Hip flasks come in various materials, each offering different perks that make them worthwhile purchases. The sheer variety of materials on offer gives consumers plenty of choice when picking their preferred hip flask. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common materials:

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is the reigning champion of hip flask materials. It’s incredibly durable and resists rust and corrosion. Stainless steel hip flasks are also relatively dent-proof, making them safe to cart around without worry. Even better, they are lightweight and easy to clean, making them perfect for everyday use. However, stainless steel can give a slightly metallic taste to the beverage if not cleaned properly. Plus, the look, while classic, might be a bit plain for some.


Leather-wrapped flasks offer a touch of elegance and sophistication. They also provide an impressive grip, making them less likely to slip out of pockets. Leather-wrapped flasks can also act as insulators, keeping drinks cooler or warmer for longer periods. Unfortunately, leather requires more upkeep than other materials. It’s susceptible to moisture damage, meaning consumers must condition them occasionally to retain their original look and feel.


Glass flasks offer a classic, vintage aesthetic that some consumers crave. They are also the most neutral when it comes to potential leaching, ensuring consumers’ drinks remain unadulterated. However, glass has a big drawback many can’t overlook: fragility. Glass flasks can easily break if dropped, making them less suitable for situations where they may bash against other objects. They’re also heavier than their metal counterparts.


Pewter was a popular material for hop flasks in the past. As a result, they have a certain old-world charm and can be relatively affordable. However, modern pewter (while lead-free) can leach a metallic taste into drinks. And since they are softer metals, pewter flasks can also be more susceptible to scratching or denting than stainless steel.

Other materials

Some less common materials can also be used for hip flasks, like titanium (ultra-lightweight and durable) and even plastic (ideal for discreet situations where metal detection may be an issue). However, these options are not as widely available and may come at a higher price.


Person pulling out a leather-wrapped hip flask

People have different tastes, and flask manufacturers cater to this by offering a huge variety of designs. From classic, streamlined looks to more intricate or quirky, there’s something for everyone.

Beyond aesthetics, designs can also influence how hip flasks function. Certain shapes are easier to conceal in pockets, while others have wider bases for better stability. Some flasks come with features like built-in cups or attached shot glasses for added convenience.

The classic kidney shape is the most recognizable hip flask design. Its special contours make these flasks fit comfortably against the hip for discretion and comfort. Rectangular flasks offer a more modern and minimalist aesthetic, which appeals to those who prioritize pocket space efficiency. Rounded flasks, meanwhile, prioritize a smooth, comfortable feel in the user’s hands.


An open black hip flask

Depending on the situation, a range of hip flask capacities may be called on. For instance, a social butterfly might prefer a larger flask to share with friends, while someone who just wants a personal nip might opt for a smaller size. Below, we take a closer look at the different hip flask capacities and their ideal usage scenarios:

Capacity (oz)Capacity (ml)Description
259A mini flask perfect for single, discreet shots
4118A pocket-friendly size ideal for those who prioritize portability with a bit more capacity
6177The most popular choice for a good balance between portability and shareability
8236Perfect for sharing and great for social gatherings or outings with friends
10295The largest size overall, and therefore suitable for groups or those who require a longer supply


A brown leather-wrapped hip flask

A good-quality hip flask goes beyond surface appeal. Poorly constructed flasks, especially those made using sub-par materials, can adversely affect the taste of the drink inside, leaching metallic flavors. In addition, lower-quality seals might lead to oxidation, spoiling the drink’s flavor. Thankfully, quality flasks with high-grade materials can prevent such occurrences.

When choosing hip flasks, a seller must look at the build quality. The perfect flask will have a tight seal, precision thread, and sometimes even secondary measures to ensure that the flask doesn’t lose a drop of the precious liquid within. Higher-quality flasks often display superior craftsmanship, from smooth curves to high-precision engravings, attention to detail elevates a flask from a mere container to a stylish accessory.

Customization options

A customized leather hip flask

Personalized hip flasks have a unique and special flair. They can reflect consumers’ personalities and interests or even commemorate special occasions. Customized flasks also make fantastic gifts for birthdays, groomsmen, Father’s Day, or any occasion where a thoughtful and memorable present is required.

Businesses can use customization services to also boost the profitability of their wares, with bespoke engraving being one of the most popular services. This allows consumers to choose from initials, names, monograms, logos, or even short messages or quotes to be captured forever. Laser etching is another great technique for customizing hip flasks, creating a clean, precise image on the flask’s surface. It’s also ideal for intricate designs or logos.

Finally, for a more vibrant touch, sellers can offer powder-coated flasks in various colors or leather wrapping with embossed initials or designs for a more sophisticated look.

Final thoughts

Selling hip flasks in 2024 means selling an experience, in so much as they embody a product that marries both tradition and modern sensibilities. Sellers can leverage this nostalgia whilet also emphasizing customization, unique materials, and updated designs.

No matter what type of hip flash you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it among the thousands of products from trusted suppliers on Alibaba.com.

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