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How To Choose High-End Decor for the Smallest Room in the House

Luxury wall-mounted ceramic WC toilet

A home essential, toilets have gone from a bland and functional item to a décor in their own right, elevating hygiene as well as complementing an individual’s style.

In this article, we’ll analyze the top toilet trends in 2024, their profitability, as well as which varieties are best suited to residential or commercial spaces.  

Table of Contents
An overview of the global toilet market in 2024
Different types of toilets on the market
Contemporary toilet designs in 2024
Building new toilet inventories

An overview of the global toilet market in 2024

Recent market research shows just how strong toilet sales continue to be. With consumer interest and new construction across the globe worth trillions of dollars, it’s not a surprise that toilet sales stood at USD 8.3 billion in 2021. This figure is forecast to rise to an astonishing USD 17.3 billion by 2031, at a CAGR of 7.6% from now until then.

Toilets also averaged 5,000,000 monthly searches between June 2023 and May 2024, according to Google Ads, reflecting their strength on the market.

Together, strong CAGR projections and high keyword interest give sellers valuable insight into toilet sales as well as reasons to consider entering this stable segment.

Key drivers

Global construction and growing emphasis and education around hygiene are driving toilet sales. In addition, a boost in disposable incomes globally is leading to more renovations and modernizations. In addition, this is fueling the move toward smart toilets and voice-activated products.

Developing economies are also increasingly investing in public infrastructure, which also requires toilets. Desirable toilet features include self-flushing models, custom controls, heated seats, and more. Sellers should, therefore, consider catering to a cross section of markets by incorporating basic, luxury, and smart toilets when stocking.

Different types of toilets on the market

Toilets are mostly segmented into the following categories:

  • Type: One piece, two pieces, and freestanding bidets
  • Shapes: Elongated, round, and other shapes
  • Installation: Wall-mounted, back-to-wall or floor-mounted, and close-coupled
  • Flushing mechanism: Single (gravity flushing or siphon jet flushing) or dual flush. While single gravity and siphon jet flushing are essentially the same, siphon jet flushing is the stronger of the two. Dual flushing refers to separate mechanisms for liquid and solid waste, which helps to save water.

Contemporary toilet designs in 2024

Elongated single pieces

Luxury elongated toilet and bidet

Elongated, one-piece, floor-mounted toilets – especially those with gold with white accents or black with gold accents – are great for hotels or upmarket homes. Some models feature a P-trap or S-trap with a water-saving, dual gravity flushing systems for improved water efficiency. Finally, stock elongated toilets with matching washbasins for greater decorative impact.

Two-piece toilet and wash basin designs

Stylish two-piece toilet and matching wash basin set

If simple, low-key, and elegant are better matches for your market, then you can’t go wrong with an elegant two-piece close-coupled ceramic toilet. Not only does this toilet consist of a separate bowl, cistern, and dual flushing system, it’s also part of a two-piece, matching wash basin set, in a variety of styles. 

Affordable yet stylish, these products are designed to blend in with the surrounding décor rather than act as standalone statement pieces. High-end wall-mounted toilet designs in various shapes, sizes, and colors are also available. Unlike the standard design above, this ceramic two-piece set comes fitted with a jet-flushing mechanism.

Floor-mounted square toilets

Modern square shaped floor mounted toilet with dual flushing

This square, one-piece elegant floor-mounted ceramic toilet is the epitome of modern toilet amenities. Featuring a dual siphon flush, it comes in a variety of matte colors that will match most interior design styles. Moreover, these pieces are great for commercial spaces like hotels and resorts due to their luxurious modern appearance.

Round, one-piece and freestanding bidets

Round white ceramic toilet and matching bidet

The clean profile, rimless design, and dual flushing system of this round white ceramic toilet and matching bidet make it suitable for almost any bathroom, blending seamlessly with most décor and ensuring a good fit for home renovations or upgrades. Similarly, this luxury black floor-mounted one-piece ceramic WC toilet with advanced water pressure adjustment and a slow closing cover would also make for a striking piece of décor for any home bathroom.

All-in-one toilet and bidets

Side by side toilet and bidet combination

Not quite a smart toilet, but an upgrade from traditional models, this all-in-one toilet and bidet combines several luxury functions, such as water temperature control and back and front pressure-controlled spraying. For something a little extra, this otherwise neat and compact toilet makes for a simple upgrade for home and commercial restrooms.

Squatting toilets

Complete with a ceramic squatting pan, odor-proof design, non-slip features, and jet flushing, squat toilets offer an alternative to traditional sit-down toilets. These pans are fit for homes and hospitality destinations in countries where they are commonplace. Simpler industrial-style squatting toilets are similarly suited for large construction projects.

Smart toilets

Smart toilet with multiple functions

From LED displays to non-touch flushing mechanisms, bidet flushing, air drying, and an automatic open-and-close toilet seat, this smart toilet is perfect for upmarket homes and hotels. If you want the absolute latest in technology, you can also upgrade to this smart toilet with a smartphone app, completing your product range.

Building new toilet inventories

From the traditional to modern, new toilet designs continue to push the boundaries for comfort and convenience in the bathroom domain. No longer do sellers and customers need to settle for bland, boring designs at affordable prices, as the products above demonstrate, you can have both and much more!

No matter what model of toilet you’re after, you’re bound to find it among the multitude of designs from trusted suppliers in the Alibaba.com showroom.

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