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How To Create a Welcome Email Template (+ Examples)

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Whenever a new subscriber joins your email newsletter or other subscription services, you want to help them feel welcome, comfortable, and inspired. 

You can easily do this through a welcome email, which is one of the best and most lucrative email marketing examples. Welcome emails invite subscribers to get to know your brand and encourage them to make their first purchase.

As your business sends out a welcome email, you’ll notice these benefits:

  • Increased click-through rates
  • More people visiting your website
  • Higher overall interactions from your subscribers

It’s a good idea to create a customer welcome email template for your new subscribers so you have a ready-made format that’s easy to edit and send. If you don’t know how to make one, you can always find a premade welcome series email template that suits your needs. This article will provide you with the information necessary to create effective and enticing welcome emails.

In this post:
● Welcome email template style and presentation
● Best practices for welcome email templates
● Welcome email templates
● Improve your welcome email template
● Conclusion

Welcome email template style and presentation

Your welcome email sets the tone for your brand’s relationship with subscribers. It should reflect your business style and deliver a professional yet inviting experience. 

Here are some key points to consider when drafting your welcome email:

  • Maintain brand consistency: Whether you employ an omnichannel or multichannel strategy, ensure that your welcome email reflects the tone and aesthetic of your brand in other marketing channels
  • Design for readability: Use appealing colors, effective formatting, and short paragraphs for clarity and visual appeal
  • Utilize pre-made templates: If you don’t want to build an email from scratch, your email marketing platform offers pre-designed welcome email template examples that you can customize to suit your brand

Email templates allow you to easily craft some of the best welcome emails tailored to your business by simply adding your text and images.

You can also extend your single welcome email into a series of separate emails, each with its own theme and purpose. Omnisend data shows that an automated welcome message converts more than half of the subscribers who click on it. Therefore, using templates can tremendously boost the impact of your welcome email sequence campaigns.

See a good example below:

Welcome email series

Best practices for welcome email templates

Sending effective welcome email templates is crucial for making a lasting impression on your subscribers. These emails serve as your subscribers’ first touchpoint with your brand, setting the stage for future interactions and nurturing customer relationships.

Consider the best practices summarized in the table below for each section of the email, and see how your efforts can shape the customer journey.

IntroductionSet a welcoming tone with a friendly salutation, including a brief introduction to your brand and what makes it unique.
Gratitude and incentiveExpress appreciation for the signup or purchase, and entice them with a special offer, such as a discount code or freebie.
Call to actionClearly state what you want your subscribers to do next, whether it’s browsing your website, downloading an app, or making a purchase.
Social proofBuild trust by showcasing testimonials or reviews from satisfied customers.
Key links and informationProvide links to important pages, such as your homepage, FAQ, or contact information, to make it easy for subscribers to find what they need. 
Opt-out optionInclude an unsubscribe link for subscribers to manage their email preferences.
Branding and designIntegrate your company’s logo, colors, and fonts consistently throughout the email to create a uniform brand experience.
Mobile optimizationGuarantee a seamless and inclusive experience by ensuring your email renders perfectly on mobile devices.
FooterInclude essential links, such as your privacy policy and terms of service, for transparency.

“Our automated welcome series is a testament to the power of email automation. It allows us to share our brand story with anyone who subscribes, effectively communicating the uniqueness of our brand. We tell the story from various perspectives, showing the diversity and depth of our brand. This level of communication, made possible by email automation, reassures our customers that we are committed to building a connection.”

James Le Compte, CEO of To’ak Chocolate

See how James uses the best practices outlined above to achieve an impressive 47% open rate and 18% conversion rate: 

To’ak Chocolate case study

Welcome email templates

Let’s look at some of the best welcome email templates that you can start using today. Feel free to use these welcome email designs in a series to make a memorable and engaging first impression!

The ‘Thank you for signing up’ email template

To create a simple appreciation email, use thank you email templates to present your incentive (if you offered one in your signup form) and provide some basic information on how to get started.

Email subject line: Thanks for joining the (brand name) family!

Hi (subscriber name),

Thanks so much for signing up to (brand name)!

Just as we promised, here is how you can get your hands on your (name of incentive).


For useful tips on how to get started, feel free to visit our blog and FAQ pages (link) or visit (website) to learn more about (your product).

You’re more than welcome to reply directly to this email if you have any further questions, we’ll be happy to help!



Below, BOHOPHY uses a quirky quote to thank new subscribers for joining, before offering them a discount code to encourage them to buy new products.

Thank you for signing up BOHOPHY scaled

The discount email template

When it comes to conversions, there’s no denying the power of a well-placed discount. Discount welcome email templates for ecommerce, subscription services, and other professional services are a fantastic way to incentivize new subscribers and encourage that first purchase.

Email subject line: Welcome! Here’s a (Discount)% Exclusive Discount Just for You! 🎉

Dear (subscriber name),

Welcome to the (brand name) family! We’re thrilled to have you on board. We’ve unlocked an exclusive discount on your first purchase to show our appreciation.

Here’s your special (discount)% off welcome code: WELCOME(discount)

(CTA: Discover Exclusive Deals)

Dive into our collection with your welcome discount and discover the best in (product category). For inspiration, check out our latest arrivals and best-sellers on our website. 

This offer lasts seven days, so don’t miss out on this fantastic deal. 

If you need any assistance or have questions, our team is just an email away. Happy shopping!

Warm regards,


In this example from K1X, the “15% off” offer is prominently displayed, along with a list of several “you’ll be the first to know” signup benefits. Additionally, a disclaimer informing the email’s recipients that the discount is only valid for 21 days encourages prompt action.

Discount email example K1X


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The brand story email template

This is your chance to share your brand story and form personal connections with your new subscribers. Make your story a personal one, detailing your passions, motivations, and mistakes made along the way. The aim is to be relatable and create connections.

Email subject line: How (brand name) was born

Hi (subscriber name)!

We hope you’re enjoying being part of the (brand name) family! I’m (founder name), founder of (brand name).

To help you get to know us a little better, I’d like to share our story with you.

(Tell your brand story here. What inspired you to start your brand? What are your values and mission? What kind of problems are you ultimately aiming to solve?)


We hope that by joining us at (brand name), you’ll be inspired to (achieve something/solve a problem).

We’re really happy to have you on board!


(founder name)

Check out this great brand story from To’ak Chocolate’s welcome email series:

Toak chocolate welcome email


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The social proof email template

Customers love social proof, as it gives them firm reassurance that other people are trusting and enjoying your brand. This sets the stage nicely for a first purchase, the ultimate aim of your welcome series.

Email subject line: What people love about (brand name)

Hi (subscriber name),

Check out what others are saying about (brand name)! Our family is growing every day, so we thought it would be nice for you to connect and hear how other members are enjoying (product/service)

(Show social proof here. Unboxing videos, reviews, tutorials… choose a few examples that show your brand in the best light and can help others to make a purchase decision). 


We hope you find them useful! Feel free to reach out with your own review here (link) if you enjoyed (product/service) as much as these people did. 

As a thank you for joining us, we’d like to offer you a (discount) on your first purchase. Simply insert the following (discount code) into the relevant field when checking out.  



See how Mahabis incorporates user-generated content to signal social proof while giving new subscribers a glimpse into how other customers enjoy their products.

Social proof email example mahabis

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The brand differentiation email template 

In a crowded online market, showcasing what sets your brand apart from the competition is crucial. A well-crafted welcome newsletter template can help you establish your unique value proposition and connect with new subscribers on a deeper level. 

Email subject line: Discover Why (Brand) is Different 🌟

Hi (subscriber name),

Welcome to (brand)! We’re excited to have you join our community. As you embark on your journey with us, we want to share what makes us unique.

(Brand) is not just another (product/service) company. We pride ourselves on:

  • (Key differentiator 1)
  • (Key differentiator 2) 
  • (Key differentiator 3) 

Our mission is to (brand mission/vision statement).

Unlike our competitors, we (unique selling point 1) and (unique selling point 2). We believe in (core brand value) and strive to deliver an exceptional experience with every interaction.

Explore our website (link) to learn more about our offerings and how we can elevate your (product/service) experience. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions – we’re here to help!

Welcome aboard, and get ready to experience (brand) like never before.




Take a look at how Koh emphasizes its unique selling points, while also inviting the customer to engage further by visiting the shop:

Brand differentiation email example Koh

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The “personal letter from the founder” welcome email template

A “personal letter from the founder” welcome email template design can create a powerful connection with new subscribers. This template offers a warm welcome message directly from an authoritative person in your company, helping new subscribers feel valued and connected to your brand.

Email subject line: A Warm Welcome from (Founder’s Name) at (Brand)!

Dear (subscriber name),

Welcome to (brand)! As the founder of this company, I wanted to personally extend a warm welcome and express my gratitude for your interest.

(Brand) was born out of a passion for (brand story/inspiration). Our mission has been to (brand mission/vision statement) from the beginning. 

We believe in (core brand value 1) and (core brand value 2) and strive to create products/services that (key benefit/differentiator).

I invite you to explore our offerings at (website link) and discover how (brand) can elevate your (product/service) experience. 

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or feedback – I’m always eager to connect with our valued customers.

Welcome aboard, and thank you for being a part of our (brand) family.


(founder’s name) 

(founder’s title)

This personal letter from Hiut Denim’s co-founder greatly humanizes the brand while establishing an emotional connection by sharing what drives him:

Personal letter from the founder email example Hiut Denim

Improve your welcome email template

Once you create your email design templates, you must see how your subscribers react to them. Ask yourself the following questions to check for any changes you should make to your welcome email marketing template.

  • Did our click rates increase thanks to the changes? What about our conversion rates?
  • Have my CTAs led to more conversions after I applied the welcome newsletter template?
  • What can I change to create a more appealing presentation?

If you ask yourself questions such as these, then you can identify ways to improve your template. Check out different A/B testing techniques to learn how to measure various aspects of your welcome emails, and ensure that your content, design, discount types, and welcome email subject lines are fully optimized.

Omnisend A B testing

Taking the time to improve your template will also help you to improve your overall email marketing best practices since these same concepts apply to all of your email drip campaigns.


As you create an effective welcome email template, you can present it in a way that encourages your customers to feel valued and inspired by your brand. If you can tell a compelling story that people relate to while helping them to feel at home in your community, you’ll quickly turn curious newcomers into loyal customers.

Over time, your welcome email conversion rates will increase to over 50% as you continue to adjust and improve your welcome email design. Use these tips and welcome email examples to provide your subscribers with a warm and personal welcome, and watch your overall ecommerce revenue grow!

Source from Omnisend

Disclaimer: The information set forth above is provided by omnisend.com independently of Alibaba.com. Alibaba.com makes no representation and warranties as to the quality and reliability of the seller and products.

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