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Kia a{unveiled} the new Kia EV3, the company’s dedicated compact EV SUV. The EV3 measures 4,300mm long, 1,850mm wide, 1,560mm high and has a wheelbase of 2,680mm. It features a front-wheel drive electric powertrain based on the Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), utilizing Kia’s fourth-generation battery technology.

Kia EV3

The EV3 Standard model is offered exclusively with a 58.3kWh battery, while the EV3 Long Range variant is fitted with an 81.4kWh battery. Both models utilize a 150kW/283N·m electric motor, which enables a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 7.5 seconds. The EV3’s maximum speed is 170km/h (106 mph).

The EV3 features enhanced body aerodynamics, incorporating a full 3D undercover to deliver a low drag coefficient of 0.263 Cd. Battery Management Unit (BMU) and Cell Monitoring Unit (CMU) technology ensures the 58.3kWh and 81.4kWh High-Voltage Battery Systems use energy as efficiently as possible.

The EV3 Long Range provides an estimated range of up to 600 km (373 miles) (WLTP).

Kia has equipped the EV3 with a range of advanced safety, driving, convenience and charging features usually reserved for the large EV SUV sector. The vehicle’s Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology includes eDTVC Electric Dynamic Torque Vectoring Control to ensure the EV3 transfers its power to the road smoothly and stably. Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Highway Driving Assist, and Reverse Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist provide additional support and reassurance for drivers on every journey, no matter how long or short.

Kia EV3 inside

Kia’s Remote Smart Parking Assist enables owners to maneuver the EV3 confidently and safely into and out of tight spaces without the driver having to sit in the vehicle. Bringing further value to the compact EV SUV sector, the 12-inch Head-up Display (HUD) projects information on the windshield to minimize driver distraction.

The EV3 is the first model to benefit from Kia’s new i-Pedal 3.0 regenerative braking technology, which allows the driver to adjust the level of regenerative braking according to their preference, enabling one-pedal driving. This maximizes energy efficiency and noticeably reduces fatigue on long drives, enabling the vehicle to travel further on a single charge and making the journey more engaging, enjoyable, and comfortable.

With the EV3, Kia is the first manufacturer to bring Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) charging to the compact EV SUV segment, giving occupants the freedom and flexibility to power external devices such as laptops, small fridges, coffee machines or hairdryers. Kia’s Digital Key 2.0 enables customers to avoid the hassle of carrying around physical keys by unlocking and starting the EV3 using only their smartphone or smartwatch. They can also conveniently share the EV3’s digital key with friends and family.

The EV3 is the first EV model to feature Kia’s AI Assistant technology, which recently made its debut on the Kia K4 compact sedan. This technology provides customers with new and innovative ways to interact with and control the vehicle’s features directly and intuitively, enhancing convenience and optimizing productivity during their time in the vehicle. Kia will soon commence the rollout of these features across other EV models, starting with the EV3.

With the integration of generative AI, Kia’s voice assistant is now even more capable. Generative AI comprehends complex contexts through natural language understanding, enabling it to converse naturally with users. The AI assistant can support travel planning while guiding customers to enjoy optimum benefits from the vehicle’s functions, including entertainment and information search.

Set to be implemented in mass production in South Korea initially, Kia plans to expand AI Assistant’s domain and services in Europe. This technology is constantly evolving and will unlock further benefits for customers in the future.

The EV3 will be introduced first in Korea in July 2024, followed by its European launch in the second half of the year. Kia has plans to further expand the sales of EV3 into other regions, with subsequent launches to be expected after the European market entry.

Source from Green Car Congress

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