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Logistics News Collection (Jul 3): MSC Reaches New Heights, IATA Reports Cargo Growth

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Cathay Pacific Advocates for Green Jet Fuels

Cathay Pacific suggests that China could play a pivotal role in advancing green jet fuels, similar to its impact on the electric vehicle market. The airline emphasizes the importance of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to achieve the industry’s carbon neutrality goals. China’s extensive industrial base and government support could be instrumental in scaling up SAF production. This move is seen as essential in reducing aviation’s carbon footprint. Cathay’s initiative aligns with global trends towards more eco-friendly aviation solutions.

IATA Reports Significant Growth in Air Cargo

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported a notable increase in air cargo volumes, with a 14% rise in May. This growth is attributed to the global economic recovery and increased demand for goods. However, capacity constraints and ongoing supply chain disruptions pose challenges. The rise in air cargo demand highlights the critical role of air freight in global logistics. Airlines are adapting to these changes by optimizing cargo operations.


MSC Achieves Record Market Share in Liner Trade

MSC has reached a record 20% market share in the liner trade capacity, solidifying its position as a dominant player in the shipping industry. The company’s strategic acquisitions of box ships have significantly contributed to this growth. MSC’s expansion reflects the broader trend of consolidation in the shipping industry. This milestone underscores MSC’s aggressive growth strategy and market influence. The company’s leadership aims to leverage this capacity to offer more competitive services.

Red Sea Crisis Likely to Persist

Container futures trading trends indicate that the Red Sea crisis is expected to continue throughout the year. Persistent congestion and geopolitical tensions are exacerbating the situation. These issues are leading to increased costs and delays for shipping companies. The prolonged crisis highlights the fragility of global supply chains in conflict-prone regions. Stakeholders are urged to seek alternative routes and solutions to mitigate the impact.


HMM has responded to a complaint from Samsung Heavy Industries with a court claim for unpaid fees. The dispute centers around unpaid charter fees and contract disagreements. HMM’s legal action aims to recover significant amounts allegedly owed by Samsung. This case reflects broader industry challenges related to contract enforcement and financial disputes. The outcome could set a precedent for future industry dealings.

Other (Intermodal/Supply Chain/Global Trade)

Rising Demand for Modern Warehousing

There is an anticipated increase in demand for warehousing, driven by e-commerce growth and supply chain reconfiguration. However, existing facilities need modernization to meet contemporary standards. Advanced warehousing solutions are required to handle increased volumes and technological integration. The shift towards automation and smart warehousing is becoming more pronounced. Industry players must invest in upgrading infrastructure to stay competitive.

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