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Logistics News Collection (Jul 9): Intra-Asia Trade Booms, Rail Service Boosts China-Europe Volumes

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Rising Global Volumes in June Signal Hot Q4 for Air Cargo Rates

June saw an increase in global air cargo volumes, setting the stage for potentially high air cargo rates in the fourth quarter. Experts anticipate a hot market as demand continues to surge. Shippers are advised to prepare for increased rates and potential capacity constraints. The industry remains optimistic about a strong end to the year. Future trends point towards continued growth in air cargo.

Airfreight Rates Stay Steady in June

Airfreight rates remained firm in June despite the fluctuating global market. Consistent demand and stable capacity contributed to this steadiness. Analysts note that the market’s stability is a positive sign for shippers. The sector is expected to maintain its robust performance in the coming months. Strategic planning is essential for shippers to navigate this stable yet competitive market.


Intra-Asia Trade Pushes Container Traffic to New Record

In May, global container traffic hit a new monthly record, driven by a significant increase in intra-Asia trade volumes. The Far East-North America and Far East-Europe routes also saw notable growth. The CTS price index for these routes reflected the impact of new annual contracts. Higher demand and pricing are reshaping secondary trades. The Far East-Latin America and Far East-Southern Africa trades experienced significant price hikes.

Seasonal Worker Shortage Causes Delays on European Waterways

Europe’s waterways are facing delays due to a shortage of seasonal workers. The scarcity of labor has disrupted operations and increased congestion. Industry stakeholders are seeking solutions to address this perennial issue. The impact on supply chains is prompting calls for more sustainable workforce strategies. Long-term planning is crucial to mitigate such disruptions in the future.


China Launches New Rail Service to Boost Europe Volumes via Caspian Sea

China has introduced a new rail service to enhance volumes to Europe through the Caspian Sea. This initiative aims to improve connectivity and trade efficiency. The service is expected to reduce transit times and costs. Stakeholders anticipate a positive impact on the Eurasian logistics corridor. The move aligns with China’s broader strategy to strengthen its trade networks.

AAR Launches Monthly Publication on U.S. Rail Data

The Association of American Railroads (AAR) has started a monthly publication to showcase how rail data reflects the U.S. economy. This initiative provides insights into economic trends through rail traffic data. The publication aims to inform stakeholders about the critical role of rail in the economy. It highlights key metrics and analyses to support strategic decision-making. The AAR’s effort underscores the importance of rail data in economic planning.

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Port of NY and NJ Secures Nation’s Top Spot in May

The Port of New York and New Jersey became the nation’s busiest port in May, overtaking others. This achievement reflects the port’s strategic importance and efficiency. Increased volumes and operational improvements contributed to this milestone. The port’s performance underscores its pivotal role in U.S. logistics. Continued investments and innovations are expected to sustain its leading position.

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