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Logistics News Collection (Jun 18): Maersk Launches Air Service, EU Increases Tariffs on Chinese EVs


Maersk’s New Air Cargo Service

Maersk is set to introduce a new air cargo service between Chicago Rockford International Airport and China. This service aims to enhance the speed and reliability of goods transportation. The initiative reflects Maersk’s strategy to expand its logistics services beyond ocean shipping. By leveraging Rockford’s strategic location, Maersk intends to offer improved connectivity for global trade. This development is expected to benefit various industries reliant on efficient supply chain solutions.

Lufthansa Cargo Expands in Munich

Lufthansa Cargo has launched freighter operations from Munich, expanding its logistics footprint. The new service aims to strengthen Munich’s position as a key logistics hub in Europe. This move is part of Lufthansa Cargo’s broader strategy to enhance its network and service capabilities. The operations are expected to improve cargo handling efficiency and provide better service to customers. This expansion aligns with Lufthansa’s commitment to meeting growing demand for air cargo services.


Intra-Asia Backhaul Rates Surge

Intra-Asia backhaul rates have reached new heights due to increasing demand. The rise in rates is attributed to the growing volume of exports from Southeast Asia to China. This trend is reflective of the broader shifts in global trade patterns. The higher rates are expected to impact logistics costs for businesses operating in the region. Carriers are adapting to these changes by adjusting their service offerings to meet demand.

West Med Transhipment Project

Carriers are eyeing the Nador West Port project amidst the transhipment complexities in the West Mediterranean. The project is seen as a potential solution to alleviate congestion and improve efficiency. This initiative is part of broader efforts to enhance port infrastructure and support global trade. The Nador West Port is expected to become a significant transhipment hub. Its strategic location is anticipated to attract major shipping lines and logistics operators.


Intermodal Volumes Surge in May

Intermodal volumes experienced strong growth in May, according to the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA). The surge is indicative of the resilience and adaptability of intermodal transport solutions. Increased volumes are being driven by higher demand for efficient and cost-effective logistics. The growth reflects the ongoing recovery and expansion of supply chains post-pandemic. This trend is expected to continue as businesses seek reliable transport options.

Other (Intermodal/Supply Chain/Global Trade)

US Logistics Costs and Inflation

Despite an 11% drop in logistics costs, US logistics inflation remains high. The reduction in costs has not been sufficient to offset inflationary pressures in the sector. Various factors, including labor shortages and fuel prices, continue to drive up costs. This situation is impacting the overall efficiency and pricing strategies of logistics companies. Stakeholders are looking for ways to mitigate these challenges and stabilize costs.

EU Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicles

The European Union plans to increase tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles. This move is aimed at protecting the European automotive industry from competitive pressures. The higher tariffs are expected to affect trade dynamics between the EU and China. This development reflects ongoing trade tensions and the strategic importance of the electric vehicle market. The tariffs are likely to influence supply chain decisions and market strategies for automotive companies.

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