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Maximize Your Profit: 4 Strategies to Harness the Millennial & Gen Z Golf Boom

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Gone are the days when golf was just a leisurely pursuit for retired executives. Today, millennials and Gen Z are taking over the greens, bringing with them a fresh perspective and a whopping $102 billion in spending power according to NGF(National Golf Foundation). For businesses savvy enough to spot the opportunity, this generational shift presents a golden chance to drive sales and secure long-term growth.

So, how can you tap into this burgeoning market? We’ve identified four key strategies to help you get ahead of the curve and cash in on the millennial and Gen Z golf boom.

Table of Contents
● Teeing Off in Style: The Evolution of Fairway Fashion
● On-Course Innovation: Mastering the Greens with Technology
● Beyond the Fairway: Expanding Horizons in Golf Experiences
● Gearing Up: The Equipment Opportunity

● Teeing Off in Style: The Evolution of Fairway Fashion

The new generation of golfers isn’t just hitting the greens – they’re turning heads with their trendy attire. Golf fashion has evolved from a mere afterthought to a central part of the lifestyle, presenting a massive opportunity for businesses to capitalize on this trend. The now $3.3+ billion global golf clothing market, reported by The Business Research Company, is projected to reach $4.29 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 6.5% from 2023 to 2028.

young golfers wearing sleek golf outfits

In 2023, US golf apparel sales surged by a stunning 55% compared to 2019, both on and off the course. Major players like Lululemon and Tiger Woods are swinging into action, launching golf-specific clothing lines and brands. Even newcomers like Eastside Golf are attracting serious investor interest, securing millions in funding.

But it’s not just about the big names. Younger golfers are using their outfits to express their individuality, and they’re hungry for fresh, bold designs. Pinterest searches for “golf outfit” are hitting new heights, proving that demand is stronger than ever.

Businesses need to ditch the dated polos and embrace the streetwear aesthetic. Think edgy, functional designs that make a statement, like Twisted Tea’s “cheater pants” with a sneaky extra ball pocket. Or cater to niche audiences with targeted products, such as 420-friendly golf gear for the cannabis connoisseur.

Finding creative solutions to seasonality, like “grandpa-core chic” attire for chilly morning rounds, can help keep sales strong year-round.

Hubspot, six months rolling average on Google Trends

● On-Course Innovation: Mastering the Greens with Technology

Managing a golf course in today’s world is no easy feat. With increasing specialization and technology, golf course owners and managers need to stay ahead of the game to attract and retain players, especially the environmentally conscious younger generation.

Golf course in luxury resort aerial drone view

Drones are revolutionizing golf course maintenance. By renting out drones, you can help golf course owners reduce labor costs and improve turf health through precise mapping and routine inspections. Sustainability consulting is another growing field, assisting courses in implementing eco-friendly practices like water conservation and native plant integration, which not only reduces costs but also appeals to the new wave of green-minded golfers.

Struggling golf courses can benefit from your expertise in event planning and outreach. By organizing corporate retreats, local tournaments, and themed parties, you can help these courses attract new traffic and boost their revenue. This niche service allows you to make valuable industry contacts while carving out a unique position in the market.

For those owning or considering building a golf course, documenting the process can be a powerful marketing tool. One entrepreneur built his first course for under $250k and gained a massive following on Reddit’s r/golf community. TikTok videos showcasing golf course maintenance, such as weeding greens, have also garnered millions of views, indicating a strong interest in behind-the-scenes content.

Reddit's rgolf community

● Beyond the Fairway: Expanding Horizons in Golf Experiences

Off-course settings are becoming increasingly popular for introducing new players to the game of golf. Driving ranges and family entertainment centers in the US alone are worth a staggering $16.7B, while eater-tainment venues, which combine dining with golf, are experiencing a surge in popularity.

indoor golf clubs

Puttshack, a well-known eater-tainment chain, uses advanced sensor technology to track player performance during indoor mini golf sessions. This trend indicates a growing demand for innovative, tech-driven golf experiences that cater to a wider audience.

There are numerous opportunities to optimize these off-course experiences. Developing software solutions to help eater-tainment venues enhance customer experience is one avenue to explore. Another option is creating wearable devices that assist new players in analyzing their swing mechanics and improving their game. For the DIY enthusiasts, offering a “home golf simulator” kit that includes all the necessary components could be a profitable venture.

Finally, with 107k monthly searches for “driving ranges near me” on Ahrefs, developing an app to help players locate nearby driving ranges could be a game-changer. By focusing on these off-course opportunities, businesses can tap into the growing demand for accessible, entertaining golf experiences that engage new players and keep them coming back for more.

● Gearing Up: The Equipment Opportunity

While fashion and entertainment may be grabbing headlines, let’s not forget about the bread and butter of the golf industry – equipment. In 2022, golf equipment sales hit a record $5.3 billion in the US alone, and younger players are increasingly seeking out high-performance, technologically advanced gear.

tech-incorporated golf gear

For businesses in the equipment space, this presents a prime opportunity to innovate and capture market share. Smart features like shot tracking, swing analysis, and virtual coaching are becoming must-haves for millennial and Gen Z golfers. Partnering with influencers and leveraging social media can also help you build credibility and connect with this tech-savvy audience.

But it’s not just about performance – younger consumers also care about the values and sustainability of the brands they support. By exploring eco-friendly materials and production methods, businesses can differentiate their products and appeal to the growing segment of environmentally conscious players.

The millennial and Gen Z golf boom is reshaping the industry, presenting a wealth of opportunities for forward-thinking businesses. By embracing the changing fashion landscape, leveraging off-course experiences, prioritizing sustainability, and innovating in golf equipment, companies can tap into this lucrative market and drive long-term growth.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to tee up your sales and marketing strategy and get ready to cash in on the next generation of golfers. With the right approach, your business can be a hole-in-one success story in this exciting new era of golf.

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