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No More Basic! Maximalist Appeal in Avant-Garde Beauty

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As we look towards 2025, the beauty industry is poised for a radical transformation, embracing over-the-top, avant-garde cosmetics. Dubbed the “Chaotic Curators,” trendsetters are pushing boundaries with kitschy, camp makeup styles that not only challenge conventional aesthetics but also empower users. This movement combines high-drama with skin health, setting a new standard in cosmetic innovation.

Table of Contents
● Campy kitsch on the rise
● Skin-caring pigments for bold colors
● Formulating for comfort and care
● Maximalist makeup removal essentials
● Trend investment projection

Campy kitsch on the rise

The avant-garde makeup movement, led by “Chaotic Curators,” captures the essence of kitsch and camp, heavily influenced by the bold choices of Gen Z consumers in the US and UK. A significant 77% of this group states that social trends heavily influence their makeup decisions, as reported by creator agency Kyra. This sentiment is vividly reflected in high-profile pop culture events, such as Chappell Roan’s campy appearance at an NPR Tiny Desk Concert, which reintroduces and popularizes the exaggerated aesthetics of 80s prom styles.

Campy kitsch

Moreover, the influence of renowned makeup artists like Pat McGrath, who showcased stunning porcelain makeup looks in recent catwalks, underscores the growing appeal of maximalist beauty trends. These events collectively propel the kitsch makeup style from niche to mainstream, encouraging makeup enthusiasts to experiment with bold, narrative-driven looks. The trend’s popularity on social media further demonstrates its wide acceptance and the community’s eagerness to replicate and innovate upon these dramatic styles, blending nostalgia with contemporary flair.

Skin-caring pigments for bold colors

As bold and vibrant cosmetics become more prevalent, the need for formulations that balance high-impact color with skin health is increasingly important. Sunset Makeup’s innovative approach with its water-based Colourful Foundation, which offers high-coverage in shades ranging from blue and green to pink and purple, showcases this trend. Unlike traditional face paints, these foundations avoid greasy textures and are designed to be lighter on the skin, preventing clogged pores and breakouts.

Skin-caring pigments

The development of such products is a response to consumer demand for makeup that not only stands out visually but also cares for the skin’s well-being. By incorporating flexible textures and nourishing ingredients, these foundations ensure that users can embrace their love for color and dramatic transformations without compromising their skin health. This careful balance is crucial for sustaining long-term use of maximalist cosmetics, appealing to consumers who wish to integrate bold makeup into their daily routines without adverse effects.

Formulating for comfort and care

In response to the growing demand for avant-garde makeup, beauty brands are innovating to combine high-coverage applications with comfort and long-term skin health. The emphasis is on creating products that users can wear comfortably for extended periods without irritation. Brands like Malaysia-based Strangerous are leading the charge with water-activated pigments that allow for easy and frequent changes in color, supporting the trend of regular personal expression through makeup.

Formulating for comfort and care

Similarly, Violette FR’s creation of Yeux Paint in Dieu Bleu revolutionizes the notion that bold colors are only for special occasions, promoting the idea that such shades can be an everyday staple. These innovations are not only about meeting aesthetic expectations but also about ensuring that products maintain skin integrity, blending beauty with wellness in a way that appeals to conscious consumers. This shift towards formulations that prioritize both appearance and health is reshaping the beauty industry’s approach to new product development.

Maximalist makeup removal essentials

With the adoption of more intense and frequent makeup applications comes the need for equally effective removal solutions that care for the skin. Products such as Strip’s Whipped Coconut Makeup Remover and the Caviar Jelly Makeup Remover are examples of how brands are enhancing the makeup removal experience. These products use rich, sensorial textures and are infused with beneficial ingredients like vitamin E, acai berry, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins A and C.

A woman is removing makeup

Such components not only help to effectively remove heavy and water-resistant makeup but also contribute to skin health by supporting collagen production, restoring elasticity, and reducing fine lines. This dual-purpose approach ensures that maximalists can frequently and safely reinvent their looks without harming their skin, facilitating a healthier beauty routine that allows for creativity and variety in makeup application.

Trend investment projection

The movement towards more expressive, avant-garde cosmetics represents a significant and growing segment in the beauty market. With robust consumer interest and a clear demand for innovative products, the sector shows strong potential for growth. Investing in this trend is highly advisable for companies looking to capitalize on the evolving consumer preferences.

A woman with avant-garde makeup

By prioritizing the development of high-quality, impactful cosmetics that also prioritize skin health, brands can attract a dedicated consumer base eager for products that align with their expressive and health-conscious values. Focusing on scaling production, diversifying product offerings to include both vibrant colors and skin-friendly ingredients, and enhancing marketing strategies to highlight these unique selling points are strategic moves that can lead to substantial returns in this vibrant market segment.


The rise of maximalist, avant-garde cosmetics signals a significant shift in the beauty industry, driven by a desire for bold personal expression and mindful skin care. As we look towards 2026, it’s clear that this trend isn’t merely about aesthetic appeal but also about addressing consumer demands for products that combine striking visuals with health-conscious formulations. This blend of creativity and care is setting new standards in the market, encouraging brands to innovate continuously. The robust engagement on social media further amplifies the impact of these trends, highlighting the influential role of digital platforms in shaping consumer preferences. As the industry evolves, the focus on both artistic expression and skin health is poised to drive growth and inspire future innovations, making this an exciting era for beauty enthusiasts and brands alike.

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