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Popular Air Fryer Types for the Decade

9-liter double-door drawer stainless steel and plastic air fryer

As consumers become more conscious of their health and the environment, manufacturers respond to these changes. One response is the development of kitchen appliances that promote healthy eating habits.

Air fryers are one of those appliances that make meal preparation quick, convenient, and healthy. Market growth also shows how consumers are adding to the sales of these products, a fact supported by keyword search data. Join us as we explore seven popular air fryers to stock that appeal to this popular market.

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Air fryer global market insights
Air fryer models
Summing up the market

Air fryer global market insights

Mini 2L, 800W air fryer with plastic housing

Air fryers are kitchen appliances that cook proteins and vegetables rapidly, using little oil. The outcome is a healthy, tasty meal that supports health-conscious consumers in making positive lifestyle adjustments. Air fryers cook food quickly using a convection system, saving energy.

Due to the growing trend toward healthier habits, global sales of air fryers are increasing. One study estimated the market’s value to be USD 900 million in 2022, which will increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8% until it reaches USD 1943.03 million by 2032. Other studies project that these sales will reach USD 2.9 billion by 2030, at a 7.5% CAGR.

These appliances are popular across continents, including the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, and Africa. However, market research estimates that the North American market is the fastest growing, while Asia-Pacific is the largest for these products.

Consumer interest comes from the domestic and commercial sectors (restaurants, hotels, hospitals), with keyword searches for “air fryers” showing a positive trend. Fluctuating between lows of 3,350,000 and highs of 7,480,000 monthly in 2023, it is safe to say that consumers are interested in learning more about these appliances.

Air fryer models

Portable single-drawer manual air fryer with plastic housing

Best small single-drawer air fryers

Single-drawer, 2L, 1000W, manual, aluminum air fryer

Single-drawer mini air fryers are ideal for single people or 1–2 people who want a quick, healthy meal that uses little oil and takes little preparation effort. Another benefit of the mini air fryer is that it is ideal for cooking french fries at any time of the day.

Because they are so compact, these appliances slot easily into a small kitchen and are ideal for anyone who wants lower energy bills. Buyers with large single-person markets should consider these best air fryers in compact sizes to cater to this group.

Features include manual, automatic, programmable, temperature control, and overheat protection.

Capacity: 2–2.6L/2.1–2.75 qt./4–10.5 cups.

Power: 800–1350W.

Product recommendations: Some small air fryers that meet these specifications include the 800W model with digital controls, the manual 1000W carbon steel compact air fryer with multiple features, and the slightly larger 2.6L, 1350W digital fryer.

Small dual-drawer air fryers

Small 6L, dual-drawer stainless steel air fryer

Air-frying with dual drawers adds another dimension to cooking convenience for small families, single people, or students. With two drawers, it is easier to home cook protein apart from carbohydrates and vegetables, allowing users to prepare balanced meals quickly while saving energy.

Features include: Manual, automatic, programmable, temperature control, overheat protection with a light indicator, LCD display, non-stick cooling surfaces, detachable oil containers, and an observation window.

Capacity: 7–8L/7.3–8.4 qt./28–32 cups.

Power: 1600–2800W

Product recommendations: Two examples of small, dual-drawer digital air fryers are this 7L, 2800W model and this 8L, 1700W appliance.

Medium-sized one-drawer appliances

5.5L, 1900W air fryer with transparent window and digital controls

Still with the single-drawer air fryer, products with a larger cooking capacity and power are necessary for larger families. For families with 3 to 4 people, meal preparation becomes more of a pleasure and less of a chore when using these medium-sized products. Consequently, when selecting inventory, retailers can use these specifications for family-based markets, restaurants, and other small commercial kitchens.

Features include: Manual, automatic, programmable, temperature control, and overheat protection, among others.

Capacity: 5.5–6.5L/5.8–6.87 qt./22–26 cups.

Power: 1500–1900W.

Product recommendations: Product examples in this category are this aluminum, 6.5L, 1500W, smart wi-fi air fryer with Tuya app and easy digital display, this stainless steel, 5.5L, 1700W manual fryer, and this 5.5L, 1900W, digital model with a transparent window and extensive selection of accessories.

Medium-sized dual-drawer models

10L, 1700W dual-drawer air fryer with plastic housing

Like the small two-drawer model, the medium-sized models cater to larger families who wish to prepare balanced meals. Similar to the smaller-capacity air fryers, the medium-sized models have significant features, increasing the convenience of these products.

Features can include: Manual/automatic/programmable/temperature controls/overheat protection with light indicator/LCD display/nonstick coating/detachable oil container/observation window.

Capacity: 9–10L/9.5–10.5 qt./36–40 cups.

Power: 1600–2800W

Product recommendations: Examples of medium-sized digital models are these 9L, 1600W, and 10L, 1700W appliances.

Large-capacity air fryers

7.3L, 1500W single-drawer digital air fryer with transparent window

For large families of 6 to 8 people, bigger air fryers are necessary to prepare adequate meals. And, as with the smaller products, those in the larger category share many similarities, such as being easy to clean and maintain due to removable baskets, saving 50% or more on energy, and using very little oil.

Air fryers with transparent windows are additional welcome features that allow customers to watch the cooking process closely. At the same time, turbofans disperse hot air to increase the cooking speed of healthy meals.

Retailers should note that larger air fryers, up to 20 liters and more, are currently available. However, at this stage, these products transform from air fryers into small ovens, often with grilling and other capabilities.

Features include: Manual, automatic, programmable, temperature control, overheat protection, nonstick coating, ease of use, etc.

Capacity: 7.3–9L/7.71 qt./29 cups.

Power: 1500–1800W.

Product recommendations: Three items that match these specs for larger air fryers are the 7.3L, 1500W digital air fryer with a small steam tank and the 8L, 1700W manual fryer with a rapid cooking turbofan. This digital, 8.5L, 1800W air fryer with a transparent window is another ideal example for large family use.

Large dual-drawer air fryers

12L, 1800W dual basket air fryer with touch screen

As all of these kitchen appliances are customizable, retailers can order 12L capacity air fryers with various watt specifications. However, as the size of these products increases, they become better suited for large families. Dual drawer options also allow for cooking individual food types rapidly, which is what many customers look for in these appliances.

Features include: Manual, automatic, programmable, temperature control, overheat protection with a light indicator, LCD display, non-stick, detachable oil container, and observation window.

Capacity: 12L/12.6 qt./48 cups.

Power: 1800–2200W

Product recommendations: Examples of Large dual-drawer digital air fryers are this 12L, 1800W air fryer, and this 2400W appliance.

Summing up the market

Small, 1350W air fryer with digital controls

Whether the focus is on market studies or keyword interest, air fryer sales are expanding, with a positive trend forecast over the next decade. Using this information and the popular appliance categories discussed above, retailers have several basic guidelines for choosing products that sell well.

Against this background, we suggest that you select air fryers for residential or commercial markets from the Alibaba.com showroom, using the tips in this article. Alternatively, you can conduct your own research for your customer base. Whatever your decision, air fryers are likely to continue selling well as long as consumers remain health-conscious and seek convenient meal preparation methods.

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