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Portable Heaters: Keep Your Customers Warm on the Go

Portable PTC ceramic fan heater

If customers don’t have homes with central heating, small portable heaters offer an ideal solution for warming their living areas. Similarly, if central heating is present, the heat distribution is often uneven, especially in large rooms. Portable space heaters are perfect for moving around the home to warm these cold spots.

Based on market projections, keyword search data, and factors driving the sales of portable space heaters, sellers are well-positioned to stock and sell these products for the cold seasons ahead. Besides these encouraging factors, this article provides sellers with a brief peek at the range of portable heater types available.

We encourage you to read the entire article to understand this market. After doing so, we invite you to discover more of these products in the showroom to aid the buying process.

Table of Contents
Portable heater market forecast
Portable heater features
Portable space heater selection
Browse portable heaters for winter

Portable heater market forecast

Miniature electric fan room heater

From a value of USD 1,976 billion in 2022, the market forecast for portable space heaters will be about USD 3,170.23 billion by 2032, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6%. This value difference is a 37.67% rise over the ten-year period, giving sellers a good reason to stock up on portable heaters to satisfy customer demand.

Keyword search volumes

Google Ads keyword search data supports global market research. On average, people searched for portable heaters 201,000 times per month between April 2023 and March 2024. The lowest search volume for this keyword was 40,500 in July 2023.

In contrast, the highest search rate was 301,000 times in February 2024, an 86.54% rise. However, the February 2024 data shows a 33.22% increase above the yearly average search rate. Like global market research, these figures provide sellers with good guidelines regarding portable heater sales.

Market forces behind sales

Cold winter weather prompts an increase in portable space heater sales, as do central heating systems with uneven heat distribution. Besides these forces, increasing global construction projects means new homes and commercial buildings require heating in cold regions. These factors encourage consumers to purchase portable heaters that they can easily move between rooms or transport between homes and offices.

Additionally, manufacturers are making space heaters more energy efficient and reducing their environmental impact. Accordingly, portable heaters often have adjustable thermostats, energy-saving settings, and safety features. Manufacturers also make these products from energy-efficient materials to support new technologies.

Portable heater features

Mini portable fan heater on the ground

Heater types, energy sources, convenient tech, and safety features all play roles in the value of these products as they impact heating, energy efficiency, and convenience. To meet customer expectations, sellers should check these aspects before stocking up on portable heaters that are the perfect solution for warming small spaces.

Heater types

Like other types of space heaters, portable heaters are sold in various forms, including radiant heaters and convection heaters, such as:

  • Electric space heaters
  • Gas heaters
  • Convector  heaters
  • Ceramic heaters
  • Fan heaters
  • Infrared heaters
  • Oil-filled heaters, etc.

Of these, ceramic, oil-filled, and infrared heaters are the most energy-efficient.

Energy sources

Portable heaters run on electricity, natural gas, propane, butane, and other energy sources. Sellers are advised to check which of these sources is most available and cost-effective in their markets and purchase heaters that align with these sources.

Tech convenience

Convenience is a key factor when stocking up on portable heaters. As such, big selling points include remote control, apps for controlling heaters from a distance, and voice control. Heat settings, fast heating, energy-saving modes, and similarly advanced technological benefits make portable heaters more appealing than those with fewer features, which should be a focus when placing orders.

Safety features

Customers want to know they can confidently use heaters around children, pets, and others. As such, safety features play a critical role in the overall value of these products. Therefore, sellers should look for portable space heaters with features like automatic shut-off, overheat protection, and tip-over protection, which are some of the safety features customers want. Furthermore, flame retardant ABS and a cool heater housing that prevents burning fingers and hands are major benefits of modern heater designs.

Portable space heater selection

Portable PTC ceramic tower heaters

Portable PTC ceramic tower heater

Not only does this slim tower utility heater with its simulated 3D flames look good, but it also heats small spaces well. Made from a PTC ceramic heating element that adjusts its temperature in accordance with the space, it is energy-efficient, resulting in decent savings on bills.

Besides these benefits, this freestanding electric heater warms up quickly, has a remote control, and incorporates safety features such as tip-over and overheating protection. Customers will also love this product for its adjustable thermostat and other benefits in small rooms.

Small desktop oil heaters

Miniature oil-filled radiator portable heater

Despite being small, this oil-filled radiator heater is backed by 700W of energy-saving power and rapid heating. With overheating protection and convenient temperature control, this tiny heater is a must-have item for any room, whether on a tabletop or desktop. Additionally, customers can easily transport this tiny (5.4 × 6.4 × 16.12 in./13.5 × 16.0 × 40.3 cm) heater, weighing only 7 lbs./3.2 kg, between the home and office.

Mini electric fan heaters

500W mini electric fan heater in three colors

This mini electric fan heater has a 500W motor that customers can plug into any outlet for direct warm air at home or work. Its regular heating element has built-in overheating protection, making it safe for anyone at any time.

Plus, this tiny but powerful fan heater features an easy-carry handle and comes in a range of fashionable colors, making it a hit with customers of all age groups. Similarly, this miniature room heater reaches a high temperature within seconds of plugging it in and switching it on, rapidly blowing warm air into the surroundings.

Portable ceramic desk heaters with remote control

Portable ceramic desk heater with remote control

Among the best space heaters in a small size, this 1000W freestanding product also features artificial carbon fire technology. Although deceptively small at just 2.2 lbs./1 kg, this tiny heater can warm quite a large space. It is compact, lightweight, and has adjustable temperatures, three air speeds, a handy timer, and a remote control. Alternatively, this PTC ceramic fan heater is popular for heating small areas.

Infrared space heaters

Portable quartz infrared space heater with halogen tubes

This carbon-fiber, quartz, and infrared electric room heater uses halogen tubes for radiant heat distribution throughout the entire room. Featuring overheating and tip-over protection, customers can use this 1000W product in a bedroom, living room, or anywhere else they need warm air.

Dual portable stove and kerosene heaters

Dual portable stove and kerosene heater

Doubling as a stovetop, this kerosene heater reaches a high heat quickly after switching it on using the electronic ignition. With a large tank capacity of 243 fl. oz./7.2 l. and a fuel consumption rate of 18.93/0.56/hr., this heater can burn continuously for up to 12 hours. It features adjustable heat settings, overheating and tip-over protection, and dual stove and space heating functions, making it ideal for consumers who want more benefits for less expenditure.

Browse portable heaters for winter

Mini wall plug portable heater with remote control

You can confidently pursue this market based on market research, keyword data, and a range of forces driving portable heater sales. Besides the buying tips and product samples outlined here, sellers should also explore the Alibaba.com showroom to view a larger selection of portable space heaters.

After analyzing your unique market, you can decide on the diverse products and order quantity that will help keep your customers warm on the go. However, if you decide to approach your buying journey on this platform, we recommend that you develop close relationships with the manufacturers and clarify what you want upfront for the best results.

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