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Protective Gear for Kid’s Bikes: 4 Awesome Items to Offer in 2024

Man helping a kid learn how to ride a bike

Most kids love bikes, but scrapes and bruises? Not so much. This is why parents will always want to protect their little ones while they are exploring the world on two wheels. And that’s where awesome protective gear comes in. In 2024, the market will shift toward safety equipment that protects kids without restricting their exploration.

Read on to discover four must-have protective gear items for kids’ bikes that will boost your sales this year!

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How large is the kids’ bike accessory market
4 kids’ bike protective gear items to keep little ones safe
Top tips to help with marketing these products
Rounding up

How large is the kids’ bike accessory market

Kids’ bike accessories are a subsection under the global bicycle accessories market, which experts valued at US$ 11.43 billion in 2022. They predict the global bike accessory market will grow at a 7.8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2023 to  2030. Reports also attribute the growth to the rising health and fitness trends and increasing environmental concerns.

Based on the same report, Asia Pacific dominated the market in 2022, accounting for 34.58% of the total revenue. The region’s dominance is due to the large population representing a significant customer base for bicycles and accessories.

4 kids’ bike protective gear items to keep little ones safe

Kid-friendly helmets

Little girl wearing a pink unicorn helmet

Kid-friendly bike helmets prioritize safety above everything else, but they also feature fun and appealing designs. But most importantly, kid-friendly bike helmets meet the same rigorous safety standards as adult models. The top ones to prioritize have certifications like CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) or CE (European Conformity).

These helmets are “kid friendly” because of their fun factor. The most attractive options have bright colors and super cool designs, like dinosaurs, unicorns, superheroes, animals, and many more. This quirky aspect will attract the kids and excite them to wear the helmets.

Kids-friendly bike helmets are constantly evolving. For starters, MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is now a standard feature in many kids’ helmets, enabling them to limit rotational forces that could occur in the brain in case kids crash. Some manufacturers integrate technology like crash sensors to alert parents during accidents for extra safety and assurance.

Helmets are also becoming lighter thanks to advanced molding techniques and new materials, making them more comfortable for smaller heads. Plus, manufacturers keep creating bolder graphics, cooler characters, and a wider variety of fun colors. Kid-friendly bike helmets have registered some interest increase. They boosted from 165,000 in March to 201,000 in April 2024.

Joint protection

Girl wearing a full joint protection set

Every young biker needs joint protection. Whether riding casually or into more adventurous experiences with parents, kids need these accessories to keep their fragile joints safer and injury-free. However, joint protection is only a broad term—-here are the top products to offer under this protective gear.

Knee pads

Knee pads are the most effective way to protect those little knees from falls and scrapes. Hard-shell knee pads have the most protection against hard impacts, with shock-absorbing designs that make adventurous biking safer. Soft-shell knee pads are better for everyday riding, as they are more comfortable and less bulky than hard-shell models. According to Google data, knee pads will attract 135,000 searches monthly in 2024.

Elbow pads

These accessories are similar to knee pads but protect the elbows instead. They also have hard-shell models with high-impact protection, superior shock absorbance, and soft-shell pads for everyday protection. Elbow pads are not in demand like their knee cousins, but they raked in 18,100 monthly in 2024.

Wrist guards

Wrist guards are crucial for preventing wrist fractures, a widespread injury when kids instinctively put their hands out during a fall. They usually feature a rigid plastic splint and padding that helps keep the wrist in place and absorb the fall’s shock. Retailers can offer open-palm designs for better finger movement and full-finger models for added protection. Wrist guards also attracted 18,100 searches monthly in 2024.


Kid racing down the road in green gloves and helmets

Kids’ biking gloves are what most parents need to enhance their little ones’ riding experience. First, they offer some protection from scrapes and blisters during falls. Many gloves also have padding in the palms for extra shock absorption.

Gloves also come in two varieties: Fingerless and full-finger. Fingerless gloves provide the best freedom of movement and are great for all-around riding in warmer weather. On the other hand, full-finger gloves offer greater protection for mountain biking or riding in cooler weather.

Recent kids’ biking gloves are exploding with vibrant colors, cool graphics, and characters kids love. Retailers can also find models with matching handlebar grips for a more coordinated style. Kids’ biking gloves now use targeted padding to protect high-pressure areas without adding bulk.

This protective gear is also ranking high search-wise. They may not hold searches like other gear, but many people still want them in 2024.  Based on Google data,  biking gloves got 49,500 monthly in March and April 2024.

Reflective gear

Lady showing off reflective gear for kids

Parents won’t always be there to watch their kids when they are enjoying their biking time. Thankfully, reflective gear makes kids incredibly visible to drivers, especially in low-light conditions like dawn, dusk, or fog. No matter the background, drivers are much more likely to spot kids wearing reflective gear, giving them ample time to react and avoid potential accidents.

Clothing is one of the most common ways to sell reflective gear. Retailers can stock reflective jackets, vests, and pants in kids’ sizes to increase sales. Accessories can also adopt this reflective trend, especially with armbands, leg bands, helmet stickers, and backpack accents. Business buyers can also sell reflective tape. Parents can put them on their kids’ bike frames, wheels, and pedals for enhanced visibility.

Here’s what’s new with reflective gear. Some manufacturers now integrate LEDs of battery-powered lights for enhanced visibility with passive (reflective) and active (light-emitting) components. Plus, exciting new materials become reflective only when light hits them, creating a surprising, eye-catching effect when biking at night.

It’s no secret that reflective gear can be bothersome to wear, especially for kids. But better fabrics and ventilation allow for more comfortable reflective gear that won’t stifle kids. Plus, kid-friendly options are a big hit. Kids; accessories now feature fun colors, prints, and integrated reflective details, making them stress-free to wear on kids.

Tips to help with marketing these products

While knowing the latest trends in the kids’ protective gear space is helpful, businesses also need vital info on marketing their new inventory. After all, new updates require fresh marketing strategies to attract more parents and kids. No need to search elsewhere—here are some expert tips to help retailers market their kids’ protective gear in 2024.

Tip #1: Messaging is the retailer’s best friend

Businesswoman making a call and sending messages

Some parents may overlook awesome offers because they worry excessively about their kids’ safety. Although it’s not a bad thing, businesses can ease that stress by using messaging to emphasize the following points:

  • It’s not about fear, it’s about fun: Market protective gear as unlocking more possibilities for kids’ biking adventures without highlighting too much of the nasty side. A perfect message example here would be, “Ride harder, fall safer!”
  • Peace of mind for parents: Highlight how the gear protects kids and reduces parent worry. For example, “Safety isn’t stopping them, it’s setting them free” and “Let them explore, we’ll handle the scrapes” will make biking enticing for parents, especially knowing their little ones can have fun safely.
  • Personalization = cool: Emphasize the fun colors and designs so parents can let their kids express themselves while staying safe. Here’s a messaging example: “From dinosaurs to dragons, find gear that roars as loud as they do.”

Tip #2: Use effective marketing strategies

A team creating effective strategies

In-store experience

Create eye-catching displays with mannequins or bikes outfitted in gear to show the gear in its full glory. Also, designate a small, safe area where kids can try out gear to reinforce the connection between safety and fun. Offer simple customization options like reflective stickers, personalized name tags, or add-on accessories to make the gear feel unique.

Remember: It’s not just about selling gear. Have employees who truly understand bike safety and are passionate about helping kids find the perfect protective fit.

Online presence

Go beyond simple charts. Use clear visuals, videos, or interactive quizzes that ask questions about the child’s height, weight, and riding style to recommend the perfect fit. Create pre-made bundles based on riding styles: “The Trailblazer” (helmet, knee/elbow pads), “The Skatepark Warrior” (full coverage, helmet, wrist guards), etc.

Bonus tip: If retailers have both, tie the online and in-store experiences together! Promote in-store events on websites or offer exclusive online discounts for those who visit the shop.

Rounding up

With new technology like MIPS and fun new reflective designs, kids’ protective gear has never been cooler or safer. And the future holds a lot of promise. But until that future arrives, stock up on these four awesome kids’ bike protective gear to offer little ones the chance to have a blast while exploring on two wheels.

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