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Renault Unveiling High-Performance Version of Rafale PHEV

Showroom of Renault

Renault is unveiling the high-performance version of Rafale: Renault Rafale E-Tech 4×4 300 hp. Renault Rafale E-Tech 4×4 300 hp offers a range of up to 1,000 km (WLTP). With the electric motor added to the rear axle, this brand flagship gains a permanently active 4-wheel drive set-up.

Packed with high-tech features and safety systems, Rafale E-Tech 4×4 300 hp also optimizes traction and roadholding in all circumstances.

The Atelier Alpine version pushes the boundaries of excellence still further in terms of sheer driving pleasure, with the support of the experts from the Alpine brand. With a chassis tuned by the engineers of Alpine Cars and a smart active suspension system, Renault Rafale E-Tech 4×4 300 hp Atelier Alpine is built to deliver exceptional handling and driving pleasure.

Renault Rafale E-Tech 4x4 300 hp Atelier Alpine

The powertrain of Rafale E-Tech 4×4 300 hp is based on the E-Tech hybrid 200 hp powertrain, with the addition of an electric motor on the rear axle and a chargeable battery with a substantial capacity of 22 kWh. This gives Rafale a range of up to 100 kilometers in all-electric mode (WLTP).

Managed by E-Tech technology, the combustion engine works with the three electric motors and the battery to deliver a total output of 300 hp. Energy management is continuously optimized for a performance/efficiency ratio on a par with the best. Rafale E-Tech 4×4 300 hp offers WLTP combined fuel consumption of 0.7 l/100 km, remaining moderate at 5.8 l/100 km even when the battery is drained, due to the efficiency of the combustion engine and the high capacity of the battery (WLTP homologation in progress).

Renault Rafale E-Tech 4x4 300 hp Atelier Alpine battery

A new plug-in hybrid powertrain. Under the hood, the 1.2-liter 3-cylinder engine has a new turbocharger, boosting power to 110 kW or 150 hp (compared with 96 kW or 130 hp for the E-Tech 200 hp version) and torque to 230 N·m (compared with 205 N·m). The multi-mode clutchless dogbox takes account of these changes.

The combustion engine is combined with three electric motors (two main and one secondary) with a total output of 300 hp:

  • the main electric motor on the front axle, developing 50 kW (70 hp) and 205 N·m of torque;
  • the second main electric motor, permanently connected to the rear axle, developing 100 kW (136 hp) and 195 N·m of torque; and
  • the secondary HSG (High-voltage Starter Generator) electric motor developing 25 kW (34 hp) and 50 N·m of torque.

The engine and motors work together to unleash the full potential of the vehicle, with performance levels as follows:

  • 0 to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds (compared with 8.9 seconds for the 200 hp E-Tech hybrid);
  • 80 to 120 km/h in 4.0 seconds (compared with 5.6 seconds for the 200 hp E-Tech hybrid); and
  • 1,000 meters from a standing start in 26.9 seconds.

The two main motors are powered by a 22 kWh/400V lithium-ion battery for electric driving. The secondary HSG (High-voltage Starter Generator) electric motor starts the internal combustion engine, controls gear changes on the automatic gearbox and helps charge the battery.

For maximum charging power of. 7.4 kW (32A), a full recharge of the battery takes 2 hrs 10 min. for 0 to 80% and 2 hrs 55 min. for 0 to 100%.

If the battery charge is sufficient, all-electric driving is activated by default in Comfort and Eco modes and may be maintained depending on driver input. Drivers can also force this choice by selecting Electric mode with the EV MODE button on the central armrest. This energy choice is maintained for power requirements of up to 160 hp and a maximum speed of 135 km/h.

EV MODE includes a drop-down menu allowing drivers to select one of three modes:

  • Hybrid (active by default)
  • Electric to force all-electric driving
  • E-save to use the internal combustion engine from start-up in order to charge the battery up to 25%, before arriving in an urban area, for example.

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