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Rolled Cargo

Rolled cargo is cargo that was not loaded onto its scheduled vessel due to a variety of reasons: overbooking, customs issues, weight issues, vessel schedule change, blank sailings, missed deadlines, mechanical concerns, or problems with documentation.

Depending on the actual reasons that caused a rolled cargo, it is likely to be placed onto the next available ship but it is all subject to the vessel or cargo plane operator. Any additional charges involved may be borne by the carriers automatically if it was due to any issues from them. For any reasons related to the shippers, such as a failure in paperwork compliance, the shippers will be charged instead, and the rollover fees may exceed the original freight charges. 

Transshipped cargo is more likely to be s or cargo meant for less well-known ports are more likely to experience this since they are normally subject to multi-vessels arrangements hence increasing their risk of missing connecting vessels.

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