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Single Customs Bond

A single customs bond, also called single-transaction bonds or single-entry bonds (SEBs), is a type of one-off entry custom bond that serves as a legal contract to guarantee that all import duties, taxes, and fees have been paid. 

The cost of SEB is varied per single shipment and is required in the U.S. for any imports valued at more than $2,500, including duty-free goods. As soon as the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) receives the valid customs bond that has been formed between the CBP, the importer, and a surety firm, the goods will be cleared. 

The customs bond sometimes is also known as an import bond and is often granted through a licensed customs broker. Based on the terms of the contract/bond, the surety company may pay any CBP payment claims directly and pursue reimbursement from the importer.

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