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Space Heaters: Gas, Electric, Portable, and More for the Best Winter Warmth

Built-in electric heater with artificial flames and remote control

Winter is the time when people stay indoors, trying to stay warm. Whether they have central heating systems or not, space heaters are necessary to bring warmth to small spaces and large rooms in the home. This is when sellers must be on top of their game, preparing their stock to match customer demand for a selection of electric and other heaters.

Explore this lucrative market with us as we outlay global sales and prospects for the next decade. Go through the types of heaters for indoor use that are the most popular among consumers. Then, discover various products in the showroom and stock a selection to give your customers many reasons to support your business, online or offline.

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Space heater market insights
Space heater details
Heater types to choose
Stock up on space heaters for winter

Space heater market insights

Indoor pellet heater with multiple power source choices

Global sales of space heaters are expected to rise by about 40% between 2023 and 2032. From a base value of USD 7.2 billion in 2023 and growing at a 5.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), the value of this market by 2032 is forecast to be USD 12.1 billion. These sales cover most continents, giving retailers every reason to prepare for the mild to harsh winters in both hemispheres.

Keyword search volumes

Besides market research and projections, keyword search volumes are good indicators of consumer interest in various products. Google Ads data shows that the average monthly searches for heaters were 673,000 over the past year. This figure peaked at 1,220.000 in February 2024 and dropped to 368.000 in September 2023. The 69.8% change over these five months is slightly more than the 450.000 search figures in August 2023 (63.11%) and is 44.83% above the average for the past year.

Again, this type of interest supports market research regarding global sales. It is also further proof of customer interest in heaters and a strong indication for sellers of these fast-selling products.

Sales drivers

Other than cold weather driving sales, construction investments increased to over USD 8.5 trillion in 2023, with home renovations and new construction increasing the demand for heaters. With many more spaces requiring heating alternatives, customers use their higher disposable incomes to provide comfort in the cold months.

In many countries, smart technology, energy efficiency, energy savings, sustainability, and government subsidies drive sales. Moreover, a growing consumer preference for space heating appliances is adding to the growth of this market.

Sellers note these market changes and adapt their inventories to meet customers’ demands. Consequently, we invite you to do the same. First, we will provide information about heaters and then a product summary to guide your selection of heating appliances.

Space heater details

Mini, portable, electric fan heater

Space or area heaters are ideal for heating small areas where central heating is not present or is insufficient, so it’s best to know more about these products. Besides heater types, details like their energy supply, features, and applications are important.

Some heaters are good for warming small rooms, while others work well in large rooms. Therefore, sellers should check the following sections to understand these products better. They should also check heater energy sources and ease of availability, which can vary across markets.

Heater types

Home space heater types include the following:

Heater energy sources

Home heaters run on various energy sources. These include electricity, natural gas, liquid petroleum (propane, propylene, butylene), paraffin, kerosene, fuel oil, or wood pellets.

Heater features

Safety is one of the most important features when buying heaters. Consequently, manufacturer designs consider safety features like no-burn, cool-touch housings, tip-over protection, and overheating switch-off functionality.

Other features to think about when stocking up on heaters are smart technology and home automation. While these features are not important for all market segments, conveniences like a remote control, digital display, programmable heat settings, and integration with smart technology are essential for customers who wish to upgrade at some point.


The good news for sellers is that space heater applications are almost unlimited. These heaters are found in homes, offices, restaurants, small shops, security guard houses, factory settings, and everywhere else people need heat. With the wide variety of heater types, fuel sources, and applications, sellers are well set to service multiple markets with these handy appliances.

Heater types to choose 

Here are several examples of the main types of heaters available, giving sellers a glimpse into their options.

Electric space heaters

Artificial electric fireplace heater with atomized flame

Some electric space heaters are fairly standard, while others are not. Take the example of an atomized electric fireplace heater in the image above. This product works with water, produces an artificial flame, warms the room, and has intelligent control systems. Sellers should find it reasonably simple to sell this heater to willing customers. But if they prefer something simpler, other electric heaters, like a simple fan heater, are available.

Gas heaters

Gas heater with anti-tilt safety feature

Gas heaters tend to burn at high temperatures, ensuring they can warm up large spaces. The product in the image above is one example of these gas heaters; it features an adjustable thermostat and infrared panels. Sellers can also choose this product in multiple colors to match residential or commercial decor.

Convector heaters

Remote-controlled convector heater on wheels or for wall mounting

Also known as convection heaters, this product is made for portability on smooth, moving wheels or can be mounted on the wall as a semi-permanent fixture. Besides a remote control and a digital display, this convector heater has an adjustable thermostat and overheat protection function. It is also designed to prevent tipping over and is waterproof. Because of these features, it is ideal for use in large rooms or bathrooms in homes or commercial settings.

Oil heaters

Quick heating, energy-saving oil heater with tip-over protection

Many customers favor oil heaters because of their radiant heating capabilities and practical aspects because they double as clothes dryers. Additional features like an adjustable thermostat as well as overheating and tip-over protection add to the heater’s safety. Waterproofing and energy-saving benefits also increase the appeal of this product, making it great to use in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and offices.

Combination heaters

Quartz tube heater with barbecue function

Other than small air conditioners with heating and cooling functions, there are combination heaters like the one in the image. This rapid-heating quartz tube heater and barbecue appliance are perfect for customers who enjoy an outdoor barbecue in the colder months but still want to stay warm. Add this to your inventory for customers who want a little extra from their heaters.

Portable electric heaters

Tiny PTC ceramic plug-in portable heater

This tiny plug-in fan heater is portable and perfect for customers who work in isolated areas. They can simply take this positive temperature coefficient or PTC ceramic heater with them, plug it into a typical power outlet, or use it with a USB connection for warmth. The 12 V heater and 800 W motor are enough to take the edge off any chill, anywhere.

Stock up on space heaters for winter

Kerosene heater with adjustable thermostat and overheating protection

Space heaters for indoor and outdoor use are ideal when cold winters creep in, creating an urgency for appliances to warm rooms and people. Since the demand for these products is so high and is projected to continue growing due to booming construction and real estate projects, sellers are advised to stock up on space heaters for the winter.

Browse the Alibaba.com showroom for more examples of space heaters to prepare yourselves for the next winter season. New homes and generations are creating new markets, all looking to stay warm, so let them know that you’re the right seller to take care of their heating needs this year.

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