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Stocking Cold Brew Coffee Makers in 2024: The Gen Z Perspective

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Coffee isn’t just a drink anymore. For gen Zs and millenials, it’s an experience, and one fewer and fewer would be willing to omit from their lives. One of the hottest trends right now is cold brew coffee, but for those who have to experience this rich, complex style of coffee – what’s the deal?

Here we’ll take a look at this growing trend as well as how businesses can profit by stocking the best cold brew coffee makers for home use.

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How the gen Z mindset is changing the coffee maker market
Different types of cold brew coffee makers
How to choose the best cold brew coffee makers in 2024
Key takeaways

How the gen Z mindset is changing the coffee maker market

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People are starting to drink coffee from a younger age, with new types of cold coffee, like iced coffee, blended frozen coffees, and pre-made drinks in cans making it easier for people to gain access and enjoy coffee in different ways. As such, people have also started to invest in coffee makers for home use so that they can prep blends the way they like.

According to Business Research Insights, the global market size for cold brew coffee makers was 7 million USD in 2021, and the market is expected to hit USD 124.28 million by 2031, recording a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33.7%.

A recent US National Coffee Association survey found that 46% of young Americans aged 18 to 24 drink coffee regularly. This is a big increase and a major reason for businesses in this domain to expand their operations. Major players like OXO, KitchenAid, Primula, Shark Ninja, and Toddy are studying the market and introducing convenient, at-home consumer options. Knowledge about market demands and trends can help wholesalers and businesses to make informed inventory decisions.

Different types of cold brew coffee makers

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Many of us now admit to simply being unable to think straight unless we get our morning dose of caffeine. Many also like the ritual of grinding, temping, and brewing their coffee themselves, providing and cheaper and more bespoke experience than cafe-bought options.

Below we’ll take a look at some of the most popular types of coffee makers today.

Capsule cold brew coffee makers

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People who want coffee on the go and don’t have much time on their hands love the hassle-free brewing process of capsule cold brew coffee makers. These machines also offer consistent results with each brew, which appeals to people who like their coffee to taste a specific way.

The brewing process involves inserting a capsule into the machine, adding some water, and pressing a button to initiate the extraction. The brew concentrate is then directly dispensed in a cup, where users can dilute with water, milk, or ice as they like.

Several features make these coffee makers stand out, including space-saving designs, quick brewing time, and minimal clean-up. Some models allow adjustment of the coffee’s intensity by changing the brewing settings. Finally, there is no need for steeping or manual measurements as most models run on an automated brewing process.

Cold drip coffee makers

Coffee dripping from a coffee maker

Cold drip coffee makers, also known as Kyoto or Dutch coffee makers, use a slow drip method to extract the coffee, whereby cold water slowly drips from one reservoir onto a bed of ground coffee beans contained in the lower reservoir. The brewing process can take hours to complete, but results in a more concentrated coffee, which can be diluted with milk or water before serving.

Coffee lovers who enjoy different flavor profiles appreciate the adjustable drip rates and brewing options of these makers. They extract flavor slowly and give a smooth texture that excites the taste buds. Their high brewing capacity and ability to produce large batches also set them apart from other coffee makers.

Automatic cold brew coffee makers

Automatic cold brew coffee makers can be a life saver for coffee enthusiasts with packed schedules. With an automatic cold-brew coffee maker, they can simply combine coffee grounds and water to get flawless cold coffee at the push of a button.

Some automatic cold coffee makers also offer features such as adjustable brewing strength, pre-programmed recipes for different types of coffee, and compatibility with various serving sizes. These machines typically use rapid chilling technology to quickly cool hot coffee, helping to preserve flavor while cutting waiting time.

Most automatic cold brew coffee makers come with intuitive controls and display screens. Some also allow users to program the brewing settings to ensure they get the flavor they love every time.

French press coffee makers

A glass of cold coffee with a few coffee beans lying around

It wouldn’t be wrong to call the French press method an artisanal one: It doesn’t need electricity, takes about 15 minutes, and more resembles the conventional pour-over method. In short, people who like more acidic, deep, and balanced coffee tend to choose French press coffee makers.

The device usually consists of a glass or plastic carafe with a plunger and a fine mesh filter. The immersion method used in these machines allows for full flavor extraction and brings out a rich brew concentrate. Users can also adjust the brewing time to achieve the flavor profile they prefer. It’s a recommended option for those who want a simple and affordable way to brew.

In addition, these coffee makers produce minimal waste compared to pod or capsule systems and can be used repeatedly with no need for disposable filters. This factor appeals to gen Zs and millenials who are more eco-friendly minded.

How to choose the best cold brew coffee makers in 2024

Coffee beans on a board with a mug on its side

Choosing a cold brew coffee maker from the many options available out there isn’t an easy feat. Here are some factors businesses should consider before investing in coffee makers in 2024:

  • Trending brewing method: Consider which brewing method is most suitable for the target market. Options like automatic, drip, and French press are some common and tried-and-tested varieties. Be mindful that each method offers different benefits in terms of flavor and consistency.
  • Ease of use: Select a cold brew coffee maker that is easy to operate and maintain. Common features like intuitive controls and minimal cleaning can win over more customers.
  • Speed and efficiency: Look for features like rapid chilling technology, high-capacity brewing chambers, and fast extraction cycles to minimize wait times
  • Cost: Evaluate the upfront cost of cold brew coffee makers along with expenses like maintenance and energy consumption

It pays to stock multiple cold brew coffee makers for a variety of users, given the diverse flavor demand from the market. Also, machines that offer good value and quality results are likely to bring the most sales.

Key takeaways

There is no best way to brew coffee, but there is a vast array of options for coffee lovers to do so. Thorough research and surveys of the current market can help businesses in this sector to make informed decisions. Remember, the preferences of gen Zs and millenials can fluctuate significantly as trends come and go, so it’s best to stay up to date and follow what’s hot in the moment.

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