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Straight Jeans: 6 Trans-seasonal Trends for 2024

Woman with hand on waist wearing straight-leg jeans

The era of skinny jeans is gradually going out of vogue. Consequently, as of 2024, the denim scene shifted to more relaxed silhouettes, allowing straight-leg jeans to make a powerful comeback. These jeans have attracted attention because of their roomy designs and irresistible style, and they look great on both men and women.

This article looks at ten variations of this wardrobe workhorse, so businesses can curate an inventory that leverages straight jeans while remaining appealing to various customers.

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A brief look at the jeans market in 2024
10 straight jeans styles to stock in 2024
3 straight jeans trends and updates to note
Rounding up

A brief look at the jeans market in 2024

In 2023, the denim jeans market hit US $90.65 billion due to ever-changing fashion trends and considerable influencer and celebrity influence. Experts say these factors will still push the market to US $127.65 billion at a 5.1% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2024 to 2030.

The women’s segment also drives the most demand, especially for straight-leg jeans. The men’s category is also experiencing steady growth, but not as fast as the female category. North America also dominated sales, reaching US $27.58 billion in 2024.

10 straight jeans styles to stock in 2024

1. The 90s straight

Lady posing in a pair of 90s straight jeans

The 90s still profoundly influenced today’s fashion, and straight-leg jeans were a big part of that era’s denim fashion. But now they are back and haven’t lost any of that sweet 90s vibe that customers seem to love in 2024. Although modern styles may offer some more stretch or slightly tapered legs, the 90s straight has still maintained the core elements of the vintage era.

These straight jeans are high-waisted or super-high-waisted, meaning they’ll sit above the wearer’s natural waistline. These bottoms give customers a more extended appearance and a more defined waist—picture those mom jeans, but with a straighter leg down.

A pair of 90s straight jeans on a white background

The 90s straight also has a ton of wash options. Retailers can offer them in classic dark blues or lighter washes with lots of distressing (like stone or acid washing). Rips and tears are a huge part of this 90s straight jeans style, adding a bit of that grungy or unique touch.

2. High-waisted straight jeans

Lady sitting on a car in high-waisted straight jeans

High-waisted straight jeans are a big deal in 2024, but they are not just copying the 90s trend. They undoubtedly have similarities, but these straight-leg jeans have evolved into something new and different. For instance, these modern jeans are more fitted, with a slight taper from the knee down to give them a sleeker and more up-to-date look. In truth, they ditched the baggy feel that was popular with 90s styles.

Woman posing in a pair of high-waisted straight jeans

The high-waisted straight jeans offer even more washes, like clean indigos, cool grays, and even colored denim. With this model, customers can pick a style that suits their taste, whether they prefer a classic look or something more unique.

3. Cropped straight jeans

Lady wearing a pair of cropped straight jeans

Cropped straight jeans are stealing the spotlight this year. They are fresh air compared to older, more restrictive styles. But these bottoms are not just the typical short pants—they are a bold fashion statement that reflects fun and classy vibes, perfect for women who want to shake up their denim game.

More importantly, these jeans break the mold of traditional long pants. Since they stop above the ankle, cropped straight jeans give a peek of skin, drawing attention to the wearer’s shoes. This eye-catching touch adds a playful vibe, letting customers’ footwear show off their unique style.

Lady posing in dark blue cropped straight jeans

And the best part? These jeans are super versatile. They go great with different tops, whether customers are into flowy blouses, tucked-in tees, cozy sweaters, or oversized blazers. With so many options, ladies can mix and match endlessly for outfits that always feel fresh and chic.

4. White straight jeans

Woman wearing stylish white straight jeans

There’s nothing like a fresh pair of white straight-leg jeans to capture the exciting summer vibe. These bottoms are a must-have for summer, giving customers a cool, clean, and surprisingly versatile style. And they look stunning in winter wardrobes, especially when customers style them with the right approach.

White might seem basic, but it is more flexible than many believe. Customers can mix and match it with different colors and patterns for endless outfit options. For example, they can try a breezy chambray shirt for a beachy feel, add a pop of color with a bright tee, or keep it classic with head-to-toe white for a chic summer look.

Lady wearing a checkered shirt and white straight jeans

But don’t think these jeans are only for casual days. Customers can also dress them up with a blazer for work or a denim jacket for more demanding adventures.

5. Two-tone straight jeans

An amazing outfit with two-tone straight jeans

These jeans stand out because of their color. Two-tone jeans blend two denim washes for a unique and eye-catching style. Designers often achieve this effect in three distinctive ways:

  • Colorblock: These jeans often have two distinct colors: darker on the outer leg and lighter on the inner part.
  • Faded effect: They gradually change from one wash to another, creating a subtle two-toned look.
  • Washed details: Straight jeans with this effect use different washes to create highlights and shadows, creating a fantastic two-dimensional effect.
Dark-skinned lady showing her back in two-tone straight jeans

Two-tone jeans are great because they are incredibly versatile. Customers can create a casual outfit with T-shirts, or dress these bottoms up with blouses or dress shirts for a dressy look. Since the two-tone style already adds some flair, they won’t need to do much else with their outfits.

6. Patchwork straight jeans

Person wearing multi-colored patchwork jeans

The patchwork style is all about embracing the laid-back vibe of 70s fashion. It mixes bohemian charm and recycled materials, giving a relaxed vintage vibe that fits well with today’s focus on eco-friendly choices. In truth, these jeans make a statement: fashion can be eco-conscious and stylish.

They help reduce waste by reusing materials while letting customers’ styles shine through. However, what makes patchwork straight jeans special is how they mix and match different elements, hence the patchwork moniker.

Patchwork straight jeans with different shades of blue

These bottoms play with contrasts: light and dark denim, smooth and rough textures, solid colors, and fun patterns. Designers patch them together in a unique way that catches the eye and adds an artsy touch to the classic straight-leg design.

3 straight jeans trends and updates to note

Renewed focus on fit

Lady sitting on a stool in high-waisted straight jeans

Straight-leg jeans aren’t one-size-fits-all anymore. There are now a bunch of different styles to choose from. There are high-waisted options, ultra-high-waisted variants (a.k.a., wedgie jeans), and cropped ones. This variety means businesses can offer options for all kinds of bodies and fashion tastes.

Fabric innovation

Lady in a comfortable pair of straight-leg jeans

Straight-leg jeans are getting comfier and more practical thanks to denim innovation. Customers can find them made with stretchy denim blends, so they hug their shape nicely and move with them. Designers are also getting creative with colors, distressed looks, and exceptional finishes to give these classic jeans extra personality.

Skinny jeans replacement

Woman strolling in a pair of straight jeans

Many fashion experts are saying skinny jeans are out and straight-leg jeans are in. They are praising straight-leg jeans for being versatile and flattering. Straight jeans are not as tight as skinny jeans, so they are more comfortable, but they still look stylish and put-together, making them perfect for everyday wear in 2024.

Rounding up

Straight-leg silhouettes are reigning supreme in 2024, and for good reason. They signify the sudden shift to more comfortable styles, shying away from the skin-tight nature of their skinny counterparts. This article explores six sizzling straight jeans styles with endless outfitting options across seasons, so don’t hesitate to stock them—after all, they’re getting 135,000 searches monthly in 2024.

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