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Stylishly On-Trend: 10 Ways to Rock Baggy Jeans in 2024

Woman in baggy jeans leaning against a wall

After a period of sportswear superiority, fashion trends seem to be swinging back toward regular and comfier, baggier jeans

Unlike skinny denim and “mom jeans,” baggy jeans are looser from the hip down to the legs and don’t necessarily taper at the ankle. This can give them a more relaxed and casual feel than other denim, indicating just one of the many reasons why they’re having a resurgent moment.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best styling trends for baggy jeans as well as why they stand to be profitable for businesses in 2024.

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The global market overview for baggy jeans
6 baggy jeans trends in 2024

The global market overview for baggy jeans

Baggy jeans are a part of the wider denim jeans market, which in 2022 was valued at USD 77.7 billion and is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.8% over the next few years, reaching USD 131.77 billion by 2027.

Levi Strauss & Co., Hennes & Mauritz AB, Marks & Spencer Group, Giorgio Armani, and Kontoor Brands are some of the top manufacturers of baggy jeans today. Other key players in the baggy jeans industry include Big John-Intl, PVH Corporation, and Pepe Jeans.

Numerous factors have contributed to the resurgence of baggy jeans. However, one of the biggest drivers of demand is the huge number of influencers, celebrities, and models wearing them. Acceptance and promotion by these influencers means that they have attracted a new wave of fans around the world that continues to grow.

6 baggy jeans trends in 2024

Baggy jeans go well with almost anything, whether it’s heels, sneakers, or trench coats – their adaptability allows endless styling possibilities. Below, we explore the top six baggy jeans trends rocking the fashion industry in 2024:

1. Baggy jeans with kitten heels

A closeup of baggy jeans and kitten heels

Baggy jeans and kitten heels offer a chic alternative to traditional denim styling. This combination works best for stylish millennials and Gen-Zers, particularly those with a flair for vintage-inspired fashion. 

Moreover, coupling with other contemporary accessories, such as handmade earrings and large hats, can help add a bohemian vibe to this look, while bow-adorned kitten heels can add a touch of sophistication..

2. Baggy jeans with a tie and polo shirt

Happy woman wearing denim trousers and a polo shirt

Those who love incorporating casual and formal features may want to consider pairing baggy jeans with polo shirts and even ties. Meanwhile, adding a puffer, a beanie, and flat sneakers gives a sporty-cum-academia look. Pulling the shirt collar out from under an oversized sweater also contrasts sharply with the jeans and tie, making for an eye-catching look.

3. Baggy jeans with polished loafers and a minibag

Young woman wearing high-waisted baggy jeans and polished loafers

A simple white or black top may appear can work as a casual foundation for baggy pants. Wearers can go a step further by adding polished loafers, a blazer, and gold jewelry to heighten the style. A black minibag that exudes elegance can help to complete the look.

Some wearers prefer to cuff or roll up their baggy jeans to showcase their polished loafers, creating a more casual look and adding personality to a baggy jeans outfit. Others may decide to let the hem of their trousers pool around their shoes.

While these looks are especially suited to a relaxed look at the office or for a weekend brunch, the timeless appeal of denim, polished loafers, and minimalist accessories will do well just about anywhere.

4. Baggy jeans with a long trench jacket

Lady wearing baggy jeans and a long trench coat

Another classic look is a pair of baggy jeans and a long trench coat. This look can be completed with white sneakers or black boots for a classic yet modern silhouette. To add a bit more structure, match the outfit with a colorful sweater or tee.

5. Baggy jeans with a baseball cap and slides

Young man in baggy jeans and a baseball cap

Pairing casual baggy jeans and a baseball cap exudes a classic streetwear vibe. One thing that distinguishes this laid-back combo from other trends is its versatility, making it just as great for when you’re hanging out with friends as running errands.

6. Baggy jeans with a coat and work boots

Closeup of denim jeans and Timberland boots

Matching blue or black baggy jeans and worker boots is both fashionable and a look fit for nature, making it perfect for urban explorers and hardy outdoor explorers alike. 

Smiling lady in baggy jeans and work boots

Rugged baggy jeans with black work boots can go great together for a more refined look. A pop of color and rugged appeal can also be added via a thick hoodie or more practical outerwear.


Baggy jeans can be worn in a variety of ways, expressing a wide range of different styles. Some combinations include pairing jeans with a minibag, polished loafers, a tie and polo shirt, or kitten heels. Baggy jeans also look great when worn with a coat and work boots, a baseball cap with slides, or a long trench coat. 

The comfort and style that baggy denim jeans offer means that their salability continues to grow, especially thanks to continued endorsement from celebrities. 

No matter what style of jeans you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it among the thousands of options from trusted suppliers on Alibaba.com.

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