Charging Stations

EV charging stations or electric vehicle recharging stations

Electrify America Opens Its First Indoor Fast-Charging Station

Electrify America has opened its first indoor flagship station available to the public at 928 Harrison St. in San Francisco. Located two blocks from the Bay Bridge, the indoor charging station provides easy access for EV drivers visiting the South Market (SoMa) neighborhood. It features 20 fast chargers providing up…

Group of EV charging stations

FreeWire Technologies To Offer Fast and Flexible EV Charging Solutions to GM Energy Commercial Customers

FreeWire Technologies, a developer of ultrafast electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management solutions, (earlier post), announced a collaboration with GM Energy to accelerate the deployment of ultrafast EV charging infrastructure for GM Envolve fleet and commercial customers nationwide. This effort will help support GM Energy by providing a streamlined…

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