Solar Energy Systems


Denmark Supports First Energy Communities

The Danish Energy Agency says it dished out a total of DKK 4.2 million ($61,9542) in grant funding this year to nine local energy communities and projects supporting renewable energy. Projects include an energy community start-up guide for rural environmentalists to an energy community feasibility study in a decades-old garden association.


Germany Hits 80 GW Milestone

Germany deployed around 1.18 GW of new PV systems in November and could potentially install more than 14 GW of PV capacity this year, according to new statistics from the national network operator.


Solargis Notes Potential Inaccuracies in Tropical Solar Irradiance Data

Solargis, a Slovakia-based solar data provider, claims that the difference between modeled solar irradiance and real measurements is more significant in tropical regions than in subtropical zones. It argues that enhancing ground-based measurement stations and forecasts can enhance data accuracy and accelerate PV project delivery.

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