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The 60 Best Shopify Stores for Your Inspiration [June 2024]

Shopify sign on their headquarters building in Ottawa

Table of Contents
1. Key components of exceptional Shopify stores
2. Best Shopify stores: Clothing & fashion
3. Best Shopify stores: Art & decor
4. Best Shopify stores: Electronics & gadgets
5. Best Shopify stores: Accessories
6. Best Shopify stores: Food
7. Best Shopify stores: Jewelry
8. Best Shopify Stores: Beauty and health
9. Other best Shopify stores
10. Shopify stores: Summary
11. Shopify stores FAQ

There’s a belief that only established brands with deep pockets can build successful Shopify stores.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The user-friendly platform has enabled countless entrepreneurs and small businesses to create some of the best Shopify stores, allowing them to thrive. 

With over 3.9 million Shopify websites, the platform caters to numerous industries and niches. These include beauty and cosmetics, fashion and clothing, home decor, pet supplies, health and wellness, and niche food products. The opportunities are boundless for those willing to put in the effort.

Without further ado, here are 60 top Shopify stores that demonstrate the platform’s potential for both seasoned retailers and budding entrepreneurs.

Key components of exceptional Shopify stores

Creating exceptional Shopify stores calls for a combination of thoughtful design, seamless functionality, and strategic business practices. 

Here’s how successful Shopify stores excel:

  • Streamlined checkout: A seamless checkout process with secure payments and multiple methods improves conversion rates.
  • High-quality product presentations: Clear images and descriptions that showcase products effectively help customers make informed purchase decisions.
  • Fast load times: Quick page loading speeds contribute to a seamless browsing and buying experience and reduced bounce rates. 
  • User-friendly design: An intuitive layout with consistent branding and appealing visuals creates a positive first impression.
  • Mobile responsiveness: Optimized functionality across devices boosts accessibility and customer satisfaction.
  • Positive customer reviews and support: Reviews provide social proof, while responsive service builds trust among customers.
  • Optimized SEO and marketing integration: Optimizing for search engines and using marketing tools enhances visibility and engagement.
  • Efficient inventory management: Accurate inventory tracking ensures product availability and timely order fulfillment.

Best Shopify stores: Clothing & fashion

In this section, you’ll find some of the most popular Shopify clothing stores whose successes include getting loads of investment and six-figure revenues.

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1. Allbirds

Allbirds clothing store on Shopify

  • Headquarters: United States, California, San Francisco
  • Revenue: >$1.0B

Allbirds is a $1.4 billion clothing company with an unmatched commitment to sustainability. Despite selling a comparably limited product range, this brand disrupted the market’s practices by pioneering environmental practices.

What they’re doing well: Allbirds achieved brand differentiation thanks to sustainable production, which is something 80% of customers value. Their gorgeous Shopify store is in line with their mission, mentioning sustainable practices almost everywhere.

2. Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix Shopify store

  • Headquarters: United States, California, San Francisco
  • Revenue: >$1.0B

When Stitch Fix was launched in 2011, it became an immediate success. Why? They were the first to master personal styling, which is usually an in-person experience. Now, this Shopify store is a prime destination for inspiring, personalized styles.

What they’re doing well: One thing that makes this Shopify website stand out is how easy it is to order a clothing box. The secret: a super simple quiz. Arguably one of the top Shopify stores for personal style service.

3. Asphalte

Asphalte eshop

  • Headquarters: France
  • Revenue: $1.0M – $5.0M

Founded in 2016, this great Shopify store reflects the brand’s unique pre-order business model. The goal: manufacture top-quality men’s clothing with no waste. How do they know what clothing to make, by the way? Their customers tell them.

What they’re doing well: The product survey on this Shopify store engages visitors in setting fashion trends and lets them personalize their clothing. Visit once, and you may never want to buy clothes from other Shopify stores.

4. Chubbies

Chubbies Shopify store for sport shorts

  • Headquarters: United States, California, San Francisco
  • Revenue: $100.0M – $200.0M

The brand’s founders are on a mission to bring short shorts to every man’s wardrobe. Their Shopify store is a merge of high-quality marketing, unique brand building, and user-friendly, intuitive navigation—a perfect combination for strong results.

What they’re doing well: This Shopify store creates a bond with visitors thanks to creative product images and entertaining descriptions. The large photos on the homepage set the positive style for the rest of the shop.

5. HELM Boots

Helm Boots store

  • Headquarters: United States, Texas, Austin
  • Revenue: $1.0M – $5.0M

This elegant Shopify shop uses a clean design to convey the brand’s mission: to create classic, unbeatable shoes. Want to see how cool having those bad boys is? See the embedded Instagram feed showcasing Helm boots in action.

What they’re doing well: Right on the homepage, you’ll meet plenty of hesitation-destroying trust factors. This Shopify store promises (and delivers) perfect shoes for every occasion, with risk-free shipping and returns.

6. Dixxon


  • Headquarters: United States, California, San Francisco
  • Revenue: $1.0M – $5.0M

This successful Shopify store is another pioneer sustainably. A relentless focus on improving customer experience and reducing environmental impact earns Taylor Stitch $5 million in annual revenues.

What they’re doing well: Product images, fonts, graphics—this best Shopify website looks as classy as anything. It’s got a nice design layout with beautiful typography and looks like a page from a luxury magazine.

8. dryrobe


  • Headquarters: United States, California, San Francisco
  • Revenue: $1.0M – $5.0M

This successful Shopify store is another pioneer sustainably. A relentless focus on improving customer experience and reducing environmental impact earns Taylor Stitch $5 million in annual revenues.

What they’re doing well: Product images, fonts, graphics—this best Shopify website looks as classy as anything. It’s got a nice design layout with beautiful typography and looks like a page from a luxury magazine.

8. Dryrobe


  • Headquarters: United States, Illinois, Harwood Heights
  • Revenue: $5.0M – $10.0M

As a surfer in his youth, Gideon Bright was given a change robe by his mom. About 30 years later, he took that idea to make a dryrobe—a garment with unmatched performance. This colorful Shopify store is the place to get it.

What they’re doing well: Evoking a sense of adventure. No matter which page you visit, you’ll see pictures of customers warming themselves up with dryrobes on their trips. The overall design of this cool Shopify store will inspire you to book a mountain retreat or go surfing.

9. Kith


  • Headquarters: United States, New York, New York City
  • Revenue: $75.0M – $100.0M

This Shopify store has a clean and organized look, with an excellent, balanced use of white space. Browse around and you’ll see a minimalist design full of large, professional product photos. Also, stop by the blog to watch cool videos—in one, the Chamber Orchestra of New York performs a Star Wars theme song in Kith clothes.

What they’re doing well: Kith is a brilliant example of a Shopify store reinforcing branding through the website. Combining the minimalist design and branded content, Kith makes visitors feel like insiders in ten seconds.

Best Shopify stores: Art & decor

If you want to sell art or decor products, Shopify is a solid choice. Check out the list of Shopify stores below to see for yourself.

If you’re looking for email templates for homeware, you’ll love these.



  • Headquarters: Canada, Alberta
  • Revenue: <$5 Million

UPPERCASE is a publisher whose beautiful Shopify website engages from the first moment. The homepage video takes us through the latest issue, drawing us into the product immediately. If you’re looking for a Shopify store with a truly unique experience, this is the one.

What they’re doing well: Colorful images, interesting videos, and messages from the founder—this successful Shopify store invites us to connect with the brand in many ways. That’s the right decision since UPPERCASE  has only a few products to sell.

11. LEIF


  • Headquarters: United States, New York, Brooklyn
  • Revenue: $12 Million

This is an example of a Shopify store with a very soft artsy look. White, gold, and light pink colors dominate the design, accompanied by delicate patterns and elements. A simple, yet unique and inviting Shopify store.

What they’re doing well: Amazing ecommerce photography. 

“We prefer to have lifestyle photography. The more you can see a product in context, the better you can translate that in-store experience,” says Stacy Longenecker, LEIF’s founder.

12. Lulu and Georgia

Lulu and Georgia

  • Headquarters: United States, California, Los Angeles
  • Revenue: $1.0M – $5.0M

This example of an elegant Shopify store lets the products speak for themselves, thanks to the large, beautiful images on the homepage. The smart layout ensures logical content organization, so it’s easy to browse and get inspired by the amazing designs.

What they’re doing well: The layout has a magazine-like structure, giving this Shopify website a sophisticated look. Also, the blog is worth mentioning, as it’s inspiring, colorful, and full of stories about design and inspiration.

13. Jungalow


  • Headquarters: United States, Florida, Miami
  • Revenue: <$1.0M

This Shopify store conveys the artistic vision of its founder, Justina Blakeney. She believes in self-expression and creativity, which resulted in a uniquely designed Shopify website. Even the email popup there looks like a dome.

What they’re doing well: Besides the unique design, this popular Shopify store shows how to optimize conversions. Easy navigation, a fascinating brand story, a fast checkout process, and photos from happy customers on every product page—no surprise that it’s one of the most successful Shopify stores.

14. Parachute


  • Headquarters: United States, California, Culver City
  • Revenue: $15.0M – $25.0M

Think fluffy thoughts. Parachute does an amazing job engaging visitors immediately, thanks to a full-screen homepage video and the warm, inviting message. Scroll down to see only three simple categories to choose from, so visitors can quickly decide where to go.

What they’re doing well: This Shopify store portrays the texture of products thanks to an elegant white theme spread through pink palettes, which beautifully complements the product visuals. Plenty of photo reviews from customers deliver more motivation to buy.

15. Chairish

Chairish Shopify store

  • Headquarters: United States, California, San Francisco
  • Revenue: $5.0M – $10.0M

Colorful, rich, and inviting—Charish is everything Shopify stores for art should be. Visitors can shop by product category, designer, featured tastemaker, staff picks, and collection. Oh, and if you’re not sure if something will fit your decor, try the mobile VR app.

What they’re doing well: Encouraging visitors to explore their Shopify shop with multiple avenues for reaching products. Even better, Chairish does that in a non-pushy way, unlike other furniture retailers.

16. Snowe


  • Headquarters: United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
  • Revenue: $1.0M – $5.0M

Snowe was born from the idea that luxury homeware should be affordable. The brand has made its products more accessible by partnering with quality manufacturers directly. So far, the strategy is working perfectly. Snowe’s direct-to-consumer model has won over a huge customer base that loves the Shopify store’s deals.

What they’re doing well: Emphasizing their main value for customers. You’ll find price comparisons, press mentions, and brand values throughout this top Shopify store. So, Snowe makes it clear why visitors need to switch to their products.

17. Hem

Hem Shopify store

  • Headquarters: Sweden, Stockholm
  • Revenue: $15.0M – $25.0M

This Swedish brand believes that great design can enrich lives. And we get it: their website, just like their products, is one of the most elegant, engaging, and well-designed Shopify stores we’ve seen. As far as we’re concerned, the product images here do most of the selling for the brand.

What they’re doing well: This Shopify-powered website with a classy feel makes it super easy to find products. Needless to say, the straightforward navigation has a huge impact on conversions.

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18. Emma Bridgewater

Emma Bridgewater

  • Headquarters: United Kingdom, Stoke-on-Trent
  • Revenue: $50.0M – $75.0M

This top Shopify store is a flagship name in the world of ceramics. The brand’s products are instantly recognizable for the traditional sponge-painted designs, a technique that Emma Bridgewater revived herself in the 1980s.

What they’re doing well: Engaging website design. This Shopify store is an explosion of color and creativity, which the target customers surely appreciate. Visiting Emma Bridgewater is like looking at a personalized Pinterest feed with inspiration.

Best Shopify stores: Electronics & gadgets

Although electronics are not the most popular category among Shopify stores, we found some amazing examples. The ones you’ll find below knock it out of the park in terms of creativity, branding, and visitor engagement.

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Burga Shopify store

  • Headquarters: Lithuania
  • Revenue: $14 Million

BURGA sells accessories for electronics. The brand’s mission is to “take everyday boring items and turn them into lifestyle & fashion accessories you’ll be psyched to wear.” Indeed, their cool-looking Shopify store proves they live up to the mission.

What they’re doing well: This Shopify has a stylish professional look that appeals to its target customers. There’s also a cool Instagram feed with social proof—a must for all the best Shopify stores.

Success tip from Burga 

BURGA’s Instagram has 720K+ followers. Check their profile for insights on organically engaging social media users.

Burga instagram

20. Spigen

Spigen wesbite on Shopify

  • Headquarters: United States, California, Irvine
  • Revenue: $25.0M – $50.0M

Spigen is a South Korean brand whose cases protect millions of smartphones worldwide. Toughness and durability are two major competitive advantages of Spigen’s products, and their Shopify store makes sure visitors understand that, too.

What they’re doing well: Emphasizing product quality. Even on the homepage, we see Spigen’s cases stepped on, dropped to the ground from forklifts, and launched from a plane in the hand of a parachute jumper. If that doesn’t scream durability, nothing will.

21. U-Turn Audio

U-Turn Audio store

  • Headquarters: United States, Massachusetts, Woburn
  • Revenue: $5.0M – $10.0M

Are turntables dead? According to this Shopify store, they’re alive and kicking. U-Turn sells only two products: their own Orbit Turntable and speakers, and their Shopify site does a great job of making vinyl cool again.

What they’re doing well: This top Shopify store is a powerful two-product website. Because the product is so unique, U-Turn Audio focuses on customer education—a great decision to attract the attention of visitors.

22. Ember


  • Headquarters: United States, California, Westlake Village
  • Revenue: $15.0M – $25.0M

Like many other top Shopify stores, Ember sells an original product. This time, it’s a mug that keeps beverages “perfectly hot.” That’s why the homepage is focused on the originality and advantages of the product.

What they’re doing well: Ember puts their advantages front and center of this great-looking Shopify store. For example, the brand claims that its products are “smarter than your thermos” and you can “control it with a smartphone.”

Best Shopify stores: Accessories

Considering selling backpacks, wallets, bags, or other accessories? Check out these successful Shopify stores for best practices.

23. WP Standard

WP Standard store

  • Headquarters: United States, Texas
  • Revenue: $5 Million

WP Standard, run by Ryan Barr, caters to a well-defined audience with a small range of quality, durable accessories. The brand controls the design and production process, which helps them stay unique and keep loyal customers.

What they’re doing well: This Shopify store example is a must-see to know how to align your website layout and product promotion. The combination of the clean layout and beautiful product images is truly one of a kind.

“Email is the only channel you really own. Facebook, Instagram, and Google search are all very fickle and those companies will make you pay for access to the people.” —Ryan Barr, founder of WP Standard 

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24. Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff store

  • Headquarters: United States, New York, New York
  • Revenue: $75.0M – $100.0M

Want to see how powerful images can be? In this great-looking Shopify store, crisp, magazine-like product images take up most of the space. Why? To make visitors want to explore and feel like they’re shopping in a luxurious boutique.

What they’re doing well: Making customers imagine having those products. Browse this stunning Shopify store a bit, and you’ll definitely want to replicate the looks of Rebecca Minkoff’s models.

25. Bison Coolers

Bison Coolers

  • Headquarters: United States, Texas
  • Revenue: <$5 Million

Bison Coolers is an award-winning business producing coolers, drinkware, and travel gear. According to the brand’s founder, the recipe for success includes “American-made quality, an unparalleled warranty, plentiful features and endless customization options.”

What they’re doing well: This Shopify store emphasizes the founder’s vision by including plenty of information about their promise in a simple way. Take a quick look at the blog, too—you’ll even get tips to hunt deer in Texas.

“This offer is leaving town…”


Bison Coolers has some of the most creative abandoned cart recovery emails we’ve seen. 

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26. Sunday Somewhere

Sunday Somewhere site

  • Headquarters: Australia, New South Wales
  • Revenue: <$5 Million

This next Shopify store on our list has an eye-catching design and easy navigation. It utilizes just the right amount of visuals and text to make visitors interested in their cool-looking products.

What they’re doing well: Celebrity endorsements. While on this Shopify website, drop by the As Worn By section to see the brand’s products used by Elizabeth Banks, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, and others.

27. Crown & Caliber

Crown & Caliber website

  • Headquarters: United States, Georgia, Atlanta
  • Revenue: $25.0M – $50.0M

Crown & Caliber, which began as a seller’s platform, currently carries over 40 luxury watch brands and owns every watch in their store. To get where they are, the brand’s founders made sure their buy-and-sell platform was working (and looking) like a fine Swiss watch.

What they’re doing well: Building a Shopify store was a way to go for Crown & Caliber. Convincing someone to mail in their watches is no easy task, but the website gives enough trust signals to keep their business going.

28. RSVP Paris

RSVP Shopify store

  • Headquarters: France, Paris
  • Revenue: <$5 Million

This Shopify store uses high-resolution, close-up images to show off its products. The images beautifully emphasize quality materials and stylish designs—any visitor looking for accessories would be intrigued.

What they’re doing well: Creating a unique brand experience. Unconventional branding elements, playful copy, unexpected illustrations—if you’d like a fun and quirky website with easy navigation, you should definitely visit RSVP. Bonus points for this Shopify website being accessible to people with disabilities, achieved by using a Shopify accessibility app.

Best Shopify stores: Food

Starting a food or beverage business with Shopify is easy—so, there are many examples of websites from this category. Let’s dive into the best ones.

29. Partake Foods

Partake Foods site

  • Headquarters: United States, New Jersey, Jersey City
  • Revenue: $1.0M – $5.0M

Denise Woodard started this Shopify store to make allergen-free cookies more accessible. The journey wasn’t easy: 86 investors rejected her idea until Jay Z’s Marcy Ventures came along. Now, the business is thriving, bringing in millions in revenue every year.

What they’re doing well: It’s a Shopify website where the design helps show how Partake Foods makes allergen-free foods, creating trust in their customers.

30. Nutriseed

Eat Me Guilt Free store

  • Headquarters: London, UK
  • Revenue: <$5 Million

Rated 5 stars by 10,000+ impressed “Nutri Fans,” Nutriseed ranks as one of the top Shopify sites for healthy and vegan eating. It’s easy to see why, too. Their website doesn’t just do a fine job of presenting health products, it also highlights their rich community of fans and the products they love.   

What they’re doing well: Nutriseed are stamping their authority in the plant-based nutrition industry. They’re not shy about leveraging customer reviews, complete with selfies, across their Shopify store, letting the customers speak for them.

31. Pipcorn 

Pipcorn Shopify store

  • Headquarters: United States, New York
  • Revenue: <$5 Million

This top Shopify store captures the brand’s vibrant personality and showcases the value of their products. Their website experience immerses us in the brand’s world through lively animation, colorful illustration, and lifestyle photography. 

What they’re doing well: Creating a unique website experience. Be sure to check out the illustrations and animations on this Shopify website—it’s truly a Pipcorn world down there.

32. Wandering Bear Coffee

Wandering Bear Coffee website

  • Headquarters: United States, New York
  • Revenue: <$5 Million

If you’re planning to sell coffee, this great-looking Shopify store should give you a lot of inspiration. Bold, bright colors, lots of negative space, interesting fonts—these are the things to note.

What they’re doing well: This Shopify store shows how important text is to website design. Visitors are met with “Big strong coffee with a smooth side” to let them know the brand’s main value. Browse some more, and you’ll see how the writing helps set the tone for the website.

33. To’ak Chocolate

To’ak Chocolate site

  • Headquarters: Ecuador
  • Revenue: <$5 Million

Ecuador-based To’ak has been serving some of the rarest and tastiest chocolate in the world. This business is dedicated to transforming the way we consume dark chocolate by aging it like whisky and using ancient cacao traditions.

What they’re doing well: Succeeding in a luxury chocolate niche. To’ak Chocolate can cost up to $450. However, the price is a part of the strategy because it reflects the real cost of production as well as the rarity of the product. That’s why the business also invests in customer education to explain the price tags.

A big reason for To’ak Chocolate’s success? 

Effective customer education and lead nurturing with emails. 

This Shopify store generates almost 40% of email revenues on autopilot thanks to automated campaigns. 

Details: To’ak Chocolate case study

34. SkinnyMe Tea

SkinnyMe Tea site

  • Headquarters: Australia, Victoria
  • Revenue: $6 Million

An easy-to-navigate, functional Shopify store optimized for conversions. You’ll find a great blog, plenty of customer reviews, and even a free detox program for all customers. Together, they are a powerful tool to overcome any objections and hesitations in visitors. 

What they’re doing well: Social proof. This Shopify website has a large section with photo reviews from clients, which the site calls “Results.” Such content is critical for a health-related product to win the trust of potential customers.

35. PRESS Healthfoods

PRESS Foods store

  • Headquarters: United Kingdom, London
  • Revenue: $5.0M – $10.0M

This Shopify store example comes from a leader in the meal subscription services market. This is a great store to get inspiration from if you’re planning to open a similar business. 

What they’re doing well: Explaining the benefits of the service on the homepage. The info is simple and logical, and it’s a great example to follow for Shopify stores offering subscription services.

36. Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee shop

  • Headquarters: United States, New York, Saratoga Springs
  • Revenue: $15.0M – $25.0M

Another coffee shop on our list of the best Shopify stores. Rich dark and red colors come together to create a clean and refreshing website design. Hinting on the product’s strength, this palette is ideal to convey the brand’s uniqueness.

What they’re doing well: Thanks to captivating videos and images, being on this Shopify store feels like you’re in a coffee roasting place. You’ll get a sneak peek at roasting, packaging, and other processes up close. 

Best Shopify stores: Jewelry

The global jewelry market, valued at $367 billion in 2024, is predicted to grow to $482 billion by 2030. These great Shopify stores will be among those driving the growth.

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37. Silver Street Jewellers

best Shopify Stores Silver Street Jewelers store

  • Headquarters: Canada

This Shopify store uses a lot of white space—a smart idea to accommodate plenty of product images on menu pages. If you’re considering selling a large range of products, try to follow a similar content organization strategy.

What they’re doing well: Conveying credibility rather than style. Silver Street Jewelers isn’t aiming to be the most stunning Shopify store. Instead, the brand does a great job of nurturing customer trust. Customer reviews, live chat, links to reputable sites, and other trust signals are there, which is critical in this industry.

Silver Street Jewelers uses Omnisend to grow with email marketing. Here are 36 Shopify apps to increase sales if you need to update your tool stack. 

38. Pura Vida Bracelets

best Shopify Stores: Pura Vida Bracelets site

  • Headquarters: United States, California, La Jolla
  • Revenue: $50.0M – $75.0M

Pura Vida is one of the most successful websites on Shopify. It’s a fantastic example of how to sell an extensive range of products without a hint of design cluttering. Their website navigation is also amazing and makes it easy to find products.

What they’re doing well: Product descriptions. They’re super positive and use casual, conversational language, which is perfectly in line with the brand’s communication style. 

39. Missoma

Missoma site

  • Headquarters: United Kingdom, London
  • Revenue: $10.0M – $15.0M

Subtle animations, quality photos, and a vintage feel—this Shopify store feels like a classy lookbook from an awesome brand. And it kinda is, since Missoma is adored by famous clients, including Meghan Markle and Margot Robbie.

What they’re doing well: Combining social media and the Shopify store in one marketing strategy. According to the brand’s founder, Missoma really took off when she made a decision to focus on social media engagement and driving visitors to the shop.

40. Vitaly

best Shopify Stores: Vitaly store

  • Headquarters: Canada, Etobicoke
  • Revenue: $1.0M – $5.0M

Vitaly is an experimental design studio that sells genderless accessories. Bold images are the most memorable part, but the website is also professionally optimized for sales. For instance, when browsing on a desktop, a “hover to view” feature allows you to see how each piece looks when worn. 

What they’re doing well: To keep the site user-friendly, Vitaly has only four product categories on the homepage. This content structure makes navigation and exploration much easier.

41. Ana Luisa

Ana Luisa Shopify store

  • Headquarters: United States, New York, Brooklyn
  • Revenue: $1.0M – $5.0M

“High-quality jewelry shouldn’t cost the planet.” This is the mission of Ana Luisa, a carbon-neutral jewelry shop with a commitment to sustainability. All the details about their sustainability projects are described in the Our Planet section, so Ana Luisa isn’t all talk.

What they’re doing well: This Shopify store has a good customer loyalty program. It’s easy to join and earn points. For example, you can get 250 points for writing a review with a photo. You can also earn 50 points for following the brand on Instagram and 50 more for subscribing to SMS updates.

Speaking of SMS… 

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Best Shopify Stores: Beauty and health

Creating great-looking Shopify stores in this market is no walk in the park. But these successful examples will give you plenty of inspiration to get started the right way.

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42. Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet store

  • Headquarters: United States, New York, Accord
  • Revenue: $1.0M – $5.0M

Inspired by their cats and art, the brand’s founders Jeff and Tara made a unique line of soaps with an amazing name. Their website is just as unique.

What they’re doing well: Brand differentiation. This company has done a superb job of using Shopify to create an awesome, unique website. Their illustrations of animals deserve a special mention.

Meow Meow Tweet converts visitors with some of the most creative email popups. 

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43. Beardbrand

Beardbrand site

  • Headquarters: United States, Texas, Austin
  • Revenue: $5.0M – $10.0M

When you become a Beardbrand customer, you become part of an active, unique community. You get special, personalized tips (and products) to take care of that beard of yours—all packed in this unique Shopify store.

What they’re doing well: Meeting the needs of an underestimated target audience. The business is on a mission to help men take care of their beards—and their Shopify store’s content is centered on that idea.

Ecommerce marketing breakdown: Beardbrand 

Around 75% of customers always or regularly read online reviews.

Besides its Shopify store, Beardbrand also adds reviews to emails (see example on the right) to build trust. 

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44. Blume

best Shopify Stores: Blume shop

  • Headquarters: United States, Illinois, East Peoria
  • Revenue: $15.0M – $25.0M

Blume is a self-care brand selling products made without harmful ingredients. Their product quiz is a great example of personalized customer experience in ecommerce. You can also earn Blume Bucks as part of the Blume Club, which allows you to earn and redeem points on your way to “Blumetopia.”

What they’re doing well: Helping visitors learn about their business’s value and mission. The homepage of this Shopify store example gives a sense of the brand’s values, unique proposition, and purpose.

45. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics shop

  • Headquarters: United States, California, Oxnard
  • Revenue: $200.0M – $1.0B

One of the most successful Shopify stores is led by the “ultimate influencer,” Kylie Jenner. Although not particularly stunning in web design, the website provides a quick and seamless buying experience.

What they’re doing well: Attracting and utilizing social proof. This Shopify store example has the most customer reviews we’ve ever seen. Example: The complete Kylie Skin Set has 6,200+ reviews.

Considering influencer marketing for your Shopify store? This Guide to the basics of influencer marketing has tips for creating an effective strategy.

46. Inglot Cosmetics Canada

Inglot Canada Shopify store

  • Headquarters: Canada, Ontario
  • Revenue: <$5 Million

One of the most successful retail Shopify websites, Inglot offers plenty of info on the homepage to guide visitors. To make navigation more intuitive, the menu is divided into simple sections like “Eyes,” “Lips,” and “Face.” Combined with plenty of content, the navigation makes it difficult to leave for shoppers of cosmetics.

What they’re doing well: Omnichannel customer engagement and retention. Inglot Canada takes care of engaging customers via email, SMS, and push notifications. This strategy helped the business achieve a whopping 2,130% increase in revenue-per-message (see the case study below for more details).

Ecommerce marketing tip: Inglot Canada 

Inglot Canada captures visitors’ emails with spin-the-wheel popups. 

This strategy allowed them to build a massive email list and generate higher revenues. 

Details: Inglot Canada case study

47. L’ange Hair

best Shopify Stores: L’ange shop

  • Headquarters: United States, California, Chatsworth
  • Revenue: $15.0M – $25.0M

L’ange is making the most out of their homepage. There are notifications about sales, promo codes, best sellers, and more—yet, the page doesn’t feel cluttered. Still, customers who need help can simply take a hair quiz to get personalized recommendations.

What they’re doing well: Personalizing customer experience. L’ange offers a free one-on-one consultation with a professional stylist—a fantastic way to differentiate yourself in an extremely hard niche. There’s also a hair quiz for those who wish to get personalized recommendations.

48. Holo Taco

best Shopify Stores: Holo Taco store

  • Headquarters: United states, New Jersey

Cristine Rotenberg, a famous YouTuber, started Holo Taco as a side hustle to her job in the Canadian government. A year later, her Shopify store is a success and a shining example of gorgeous design.

What they’re doing well: Reinforcing brand identity. Rotenberg’s love for holographic nail polish is reflected in the shiny website and playful copy.

Other best Shopify stores

We still have plenty of successful Shopify stores to share. So, if your product category is different from those we reviewed, check out the examples below.

49. Tattly

Tattly store

  • Headquarters: United States, New York, Brooklyn
  • Revenue: $5.0M – $10.0M

Like many other top Shopify stores, Tattly wants us to dive into their website and dig through product categories. There’s an image-based website menu, some product images, and their brand mission—plenty to explore.

What they’re doing well: Motivating visitors to keep clicking. To achieve that engagement, this Shopify store uses large, quality images, lots of white space, and great-looking illustrations.

50. Baking Steel

Baking Steel Shopify store

  • Headquarters: United States, Massachusetts, Hanover
  • Revenue: $5.0M – $10.0M

When you visit this Shopify store, you’ll immediately realize you’re onto a winning product, thanks to “Bakery-quality bread at home” and other texts. Indeed, the product was even covered by The Wall Street Journal.

What they’re doing well: Instilling a sense of trust. Visitors are met with a story from the founder, who has 20+ years of cooking experience, and headlines from media mentions like Men’s Fitness calling Baking Steel “essential cookware.”

A big share of Baking Steel’s revenue comes from a few automated email campaigns.
Learn more: Baking Steel email marketing case study

51. Gymshark

Gymshark store

  • Headquarters: United Kingdom, Solihull
  • Revenue: $200.0M – $1.0B

Gymshark is a $1.2 billion fitness brand that was started by 19-year-old Ben Francis. Looking back at his success story, Francis says that launching a Shopify store was the decision that made the difference. More specifically, It helped the brand to grow revenues 10 times faster.

What they’re doing well: Social media marketing. Gymshark drives lots of traffic through useful content, collaborations with influencers, and customer-generated posts. The brand’s Instagram account, for example, has 6.9 million followers.

Also, Gymsharsk is one of many brands selling globally and running multiple Shopify stores.

52. Ugmonk

best Shopify Stores: Ugmonk store

  • Headquarters: United States, Pennsylvania, Downingtown
  • Revenue: $5.0M – $10.0M

Fresh out of college, Jeff Sheldon started his business with 200 screen-printed t-shirts. Now, his Shopify store is a go-to destination for quality lifestyle products.

What they’re doing well: Word-of-mouth. Sheldon says this continues to be the primary marketing strategy. Not only does Ugmonk engage social media followers, but it also builds a community through partnerships—one of the highlights was being featured in a Demi Lovato music video.

53. BioLite

BioLite website

  • Headquarters: United States, New York, Brooklyn
  • Revenue: $15.0M – $25.0M

BioLite is a team of engineers and designers on a mission to help people cook, charge, and light off the grid. Their Shopify store sells mobile stoves, grills, solar panels, lamps, and power banks created for harsh conditions.

What they’re doing well: Showing how the brand is making a difference. BioLite hits home the importance of its mission through powerful numbers. According to BioLite’s mission page, their products have helped offset 1.3 million tons of CO2. They’ve also helped save $173 per year on fuel for customers who’ve made the switch from traditional cooking methods.

54. Endy

Endy website

  • Headquarters: Canada, Ontario
  • Revenue: $19 Million

Endy is a fantastic Shopify site example for retailers. This business focuses on high-quality photos with an uncluttered and good-looking design that puts the products first. Overall, the website feels professional and to the point.

What they’re doing well: Demonstrating the commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality. Visitors are met with info about materials, customer reviews, satisfaction guarantees, and awards won by the brand.

55. Grub Club Pets

Grub club pets website

  • Headquarters: United Kingdom
  • Revenue: <$5M

Grub Club is a hypoallergenic dog food with a twist: it’s insect-based. Their mission is to create dog food that is tasty and nutritious, while also being kinder to the planet.

What they’re doing well: PR. Grub Club have been included in major UK media outlets like the Guardian and the Independent, helping to raise publicity for the business and its vision.

56. Boomf

Boomf website

  • Headquarters: United Kingdom
  • Revenue: $5.7M

Boomf is a UK-based card and gift shop, offering everything “from exploding confetti cards to super sweet Personalized Marshmallows.” Orders are proudly handmade by a team in Reading, and the company has a sustainability focus with an aim to replace more trees than they use.

What they’re doing well: Building brand affinity. Boomf makes it clear that it’s not about the card or gift—but rather “to send a memory, an experience, and a keepsake all in one that long outlasts the initial celebration.” Plus, “Trending” and “What’s Hot?” categories on the homepage make it easier for visitors to find something they like, without manually searching through different pages.

57. Venus et Fleur

best Shopify Stores: Venus et Fleur website

  • Headquarters: United States
  • Revenue: $8.4M

Venus et Fleur sells luxury, eternity flowers—real flowers that last for a year instead of wilting after a week.

What they’re doing well: Brand building. Venus et Fleur has over 600,000 followers on Instagram. They’ve collaborated with the likes of Perrier-Jouët, Jojo Anavim, and Susan Miller. They’ve also been featured in publications like the New York Times and Vogue. It’s no wonder even social powerhouses like Gigi Hadid and the Kardashians have included these flowers in their posts.

58. Darn Good Yarn

best Shopify Stores: Darn Good Yarn

  • Headquarters: United States
  • Revenue: $7.1M

Darn Good Yarn is a woman-owned, family-operated business with a mission to support sustainable jobs for marginalized and under-served individuals. Selling yarn, bowls, bags, clothes, and more, Darn Good Yarn is helping people create an eco-friendly lifestyle.

What they’re doing well: Sharing a mission. Darn Good Yarn is loud and proud about its commitment to the global community of talented artisans, employing marginalized people, working with co-ops to provide sustainable and safe employment, and working to ensure these values are in place at every stage of the supply chain.

59. The Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen

  • Headquarters: United States
  • Revenue: $23.2M

Honest Kitchen sells human-grade pet food. Founded in 2002 from the founder’s kitchen, the business offers pet food made with wholesome ingredients that we’d be happy to eat ourselves, from eggs to parsley. Honest Kitchen even received FDA approval to label its pet foods “human grade”!

What they’re doing well: Social media. With over 130,000 followers on Instagram and 280,000 on Facebook, Honest Kitchen is spreading their mission of human-grade pet food far and wide. They’ve also become a popular part of online pet communities.

60. Weaver Leather

best Shopify Stores: Weaver Leather website

  • Headquarters: United States
  • Revenue: $20.6M

Weaver Leather Supply manufacture leather items for various industries, including equine, tool gear, and custom manufacturing. Their Shopify store sells items in each industry, as well as leather and tools.

What they’re doing well: YouTube. Weaver Leather Supply has over 280,000 subscribers and more than 500 videos, generating 30 million views since 2010. The videos are typically educational, but links to the tools being used in the videos help to drive sales.

Shopify stores: Summary

Visiting some of the best Shopify stores can give priceless insights into their best practices. Each example here has something unique and interesting to offer to a potential store owner, and we hope our analyses were helpful to discover that.

As you can see, you shouldn’t stick to popular product categories like clothing to have a successful Shopify store. We can find examples of popular stores (including Shopify Plus stores) in virtually every category, so you have a lot of freedom in choosing—as long as your market analysis supports you.

Shopify stores FAQ

1. What is a Shopify store?

It’s an ecommerce website created and hosted by Shopify, which allows businesses to sell products or services online.  

2. How do I find a successful Shopify store? 

If you’re wondering how to find Shopify stores, particularly the successful ones, there are several ways to do it, including:

  • Exploring curated lists like ours
  • Checking out Shopify’s Success Stories blog
  • Using customer feedback and social media reviews  

3. What are the best-selling shops on Shopify?

The best-selling Shopify stores span various industries, from fashion and beauty to electronics and food. Some notable examples include:

  • Allbirds
  • Gymshark
  • Partake Foods
  • Rebecca Minkoff
  • Kylie Cosmetics
  • Missoma

4. Can you still make money with a Shopify store?

Absolutely! Shopify stores continue to be a lucrative business model for entrepreneurs and established brands. With the right product, effective marketing strategies, and dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience, it’s entirely possible to build a successful and profitable Shopify store. 

Source from Omnisend

Disclaimer: The information set forth above is provided by omnisend.com independently of Alibaba.com. Alibaba.com makes no representation and warranties as to the quality and reliability of the seller and products.

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