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The Most Stylish White Midi Dress Trends in 2024

Women’s white midi dress with cut outs

The white dress is a timeless staple in women’s fashion, particularly during the summer season. This year, a white dress with a midi length is rising to the top as a must-have silhouette. These are the latest white midi dress trends business buyers should stock in 2024.

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Key points about the women’s dresses market
White midi dress trends in 2024
The bottom line

Key points about the women’s dresses market

Globally, the women’s dresses and skirts market was valued at USD 103.60 billion in 2024 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.89% between 2024 and 2028. The segment of dresses contributed more than 70% of the market revenue in 2021 and is expected to increase at a CAGR of 4.90%.

Although the polyester segment occupies a large portion of the market, cellulosic fibre is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.5% due to the rising popularity of the fabric among customers. Cellulosic fibre can be used to make materials like cotton, viscose, linen, or Tencel.

White midi dress trends in 2024

1. Sustainable fabrics

Woman in white cotton midi sundress

The popularity of women’s dresses made from eco-friendly materials is reflective of an industry shift towards sustainable fashion. There is an increasing interest among womenswear customers for comfortable and quality fabrics with a low carbon footprint.

Organic cotton white midi dresses combine a timeless aesthetic with a commitment to reducing the ecological footprint of women’s clothing. A white linen midi dress will be another popular white midi summer dress style because of its soft, lightweight, and breathable properties. For the particularly eco-conscious customer, an organic bamboo white midi dress will not only look good, but also feel good to wear.

Woman wearing white midi sundress

According to Google Ads, the term “white cotton midi dress” attracted a search volume of 1,300 in May and 720 in January, which represents an 80% increase over the past four months. Similarly, the term “white linen midi dress” saw a 1.7x increase in search volume over the same period, with 3,600 in May and 1,300 in January.

2. Vintage-inspired designs

White A line midi dress

In line with the comeback of retro design, vintage-inspired white midi dresses are having a major moment in 2024. These dresses evoke a feeling of nostalgia while embracing a classic sense of style.

Vintage white midi dresses tend to come with A-line skirts, puff sleeves, and sweetheart necklines. Other details like eyelet, floral embroidery, crochet trims, and ruffles along the sleeves or skirt are also signature style elements from earlier eras.

Vintage women’s white midi dress

Although a white floral midi dress is always an ideal summer dress, the vintage print that is gaining a lot of traction this year is white and blue floral. The term “blue and white floral midi dress” saw a significant 3.4x increase in search volume over the past four months, with 4,400 in May and 1,000 in January.

3. Cut-out details

Ladies white midi dress with lace back

A cut-out white midi dress offers a contemporary twist to classic silhouettes. This style strikes a balance between elegance and edginess.

With strategically placed cutouts around the waist, shoulders, back, or all along the dress, cutouts are designed to make a midi dress in white stand out. Cutouts can vary in shape and size, from a keyhole at the neckline to a geometric cutout at the torso.

White crochet midi dress for women

Lace and crochet are other forms of achieving a cut-out look. The term “white lace midi dress” garnered a search volume of 9,900 in May and 2,900 in January, which equates to a 2.4x increase over the past four months. White lace midi dresses or white crochet midi dresses are perfect for wearing to the beach during the summertime.

4. Statement sleeves

Women’s white midi dress with ruffle sleeves

White midi dresses with dramatic sleeves are a way to make a style statement in 2024. Statement sleeves on a white dress is a fashion-forward choice for women interested in a trendy look.

The most popular type of statement sleeve is the puff sleeve. A puff sleeve white midi dress has sleeves that are gathered at the top and cuff to create exaggerated volume. The term “white puff sleeve midi dress” attracted a search volume of 1,600 in May and 590 in January, which represents a 1.7x increase over the past four months.

White long sleeve midi dress

Although there are many short sleeve styles that can be used to make a statement, a long sleeve white midi dress is an elegant interpretation of this trend. A bishop sleeve white midi dress is a style that offers sophisticated allure. Bishop sleeves can be adorned with ruffles, lace trim, sheer fabric, or decorative buttons.

5. Minimalist silhouettes

Woman wearing simple white midi summer dress

Minimalism remains a popular aesthetic in 2024. A minimalist white midi dress exudes timeless charm with its clean lines and simple silhouettes. 

A white midi sheath dress is an elegant addition to any wardrobe and suitable enough to be worn to the office. Alternatively, the slip dress continues to be a hot item in women’s fashion. A white satin midi dress with a scoop neck is an effortless option for evening outings or special occasions. The term “white satin midi dress” experienced a 1.3x increase in search volume over the past four months, with 4,400 in May and 1,900 in January.

Woman in white satin midi dress

When it comes to minimalist midi dresses, key design details include spaghetti straps, a V-neck or square neckline, and a body-grazing cut. A slit can be added to the skirt to create movement and more visual interest.

The bottom line

The latest trends in white midi dresses range from minimalist shapes to vintage-inspired designs, with statement-making sleeves and cutouts adding flair to all dress styles. For the eco-conscious crowd, white midi dresses made with sustainable materials take center stage.

Trends in women’s dress styles are constantly evolving. As a result, business buyers are advised to take advantage of the hottest white midi dress styles before the year is over.

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