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Top 5 Summer Outfits for Men To Stay Cool and Look Great

young man showing one of the summer outfits for men

Whether they’re planning to spend their time in the city or at the seaside, men all over the world have already started looking for inspiration for the best summer outfits. Summer, after all, is the perfect time to dare, experiment, and spruce up one’s wardrobe with fresh, trendy pieces.

Summer is the time of the year when style should meet functionality. With the heat rising, the holidays, the wedding season, and many other outdoor occasions, men are looking for fashionable and comfortable outfits.

This article is dedicated to online and offline clothing store owners and buyers who want to update their inventory with the latest trends for summer 2024 and capitalize on the hottest seasons of the year, also in terms of sales. So read on for the trending colors for the season and discover the top five summer outfits for men that will boost your sales this year.

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The colors of summer 2024
Trending summer outfits for men in 2024
Final thoughts

The colors of summer 2024

Color plays a crucial role in summer fashion, allowing customers to create visually attractive combinations, and choosing the right colors can make the difference between an ordinary outfit and an extraordinary one.

However, knowing the season’s trending colors is also crucial for business owners who can do an initial screening and identify items that may or may not sell. The choice of textures, prints, and palettes must reflect trends and target customers’ tastes, which can significantly influence the sales and success of a summer collection.

Neutrals for elegance and versatility

man wearing an outfit featuring neutral colors

Neutral hues dominate the 2024 summer fashion scene. Colors like beige, light gray, and white offer a stylish and versatile base for any wardrobe and are globally approved by men of any age and income.

Clothing in neutral colors is trendy because it can easily adapt to various contexts, from casual to formal. For example, a beige suit jacket can be worn in the office and for an outdoor dinner. Also, these light hues reflect light and keep people cool during hot summer days.

The rise of light blue

man wearing a light blue striped shirt

Alongside neutrals, light blue emerges as the accent color of summer, as seen in the latest Dior men’s collection. This lively and refreshing hue immediately recalls the idea of ​​sea and sky, bringing a breath of fresh air to anyone’s summer wardrobe.

Light blue is eye-catching yet versatile and comes in different shades that can be used for both casual and more elegant looks. For example, men can match a light-blue striped shirt with light trousers for a summer look that is perfect for work or wear it with shorts for a beach or poolside party.

Trending summer outfits for men in 2024

When it comes to identifying the trending summer outfits for men in 2024, it’s essential to look at what celebrities and influencers have been wearing over the last months and what designers have shown in Milan, Paris, and other fashion weeks around the globe.

After all, men are looking for clothes that make them feel comfortable but also fashionable and are constantly seeking inspiration online and on social media. Below are some outfits and styles that perfectly represent the trends of summer 2024.

1. Workwear

guy wearing a jumpsuit as one of the summer outfits for men

Workwear has made a significant comeback into this year’s runways and has featured in many menswear collections from European brands.

It looks like cargo trousers with big pockets are back in fashion, combining practicality and style. Perfect for those looking for comfort without giving up a trendy look, these trousers are ideal for the busiest days. The same applies to lightweight workwear vests, especially in neutral colors, that can be worn over a t-shirt or shirt to add extra storage and style.

Last but not least, Burberry, Prada, Valentino, and many other luxury brands showed at least a few overalls and jumpsuits on their runways, making them an absolute must for summer 2024. Practical and versatile, they are ideal for a casual but refined look, perfect for free time.

2. Bermuda shorts

boy wearing Bermuda shorts at the beach

Shorts got shorter than ever, and for the spring/summer 2024 season, they went higher than men’s thighs as designers offered another series of barely-there micro shorts.

Above-the-knee Bermuda shorts represent the perfect balance between comfort and style. Available in various materials and colors, they are suitable for casual and even more formal occasions with loafers and a shirt.

3. Keep it see-through

man wearing a black see-through shirt

Transparent fabrics are a bold trend for this summer. For daytime, men can opt for lightweight shirts and tops with sheer details that offer a fresh, trendy look and are ideal for spending a day at the beach, combined with light trousers or shorts.

For the evening, see-through fabrics can land a more sophisticated flair and look expensive. A transparent black shirt paired with elegant trousers creates a bold but refined look, perfect for dinners and summer evenings.

4. Sportswear and tank tops

man wearing a black tank top

Tank tops are the essence of summer sportswear. Tank tops can be paired with athletic shorts or joggers, perfect for outdoor activities or a casual, relaxed look.

5. Preppy style

two students wearing preppy style outfits

The term “preppy” comes from “Preparatory School”. It features many British influences and takes inspiration from what students wear at American schools and colleges, especially those frequented by wealthy kids.

The preppy style continues to be a popular choice for summer 2024. With clean, refined looks, this style includes polo shirts, chinos, and lightweight blazers. Combinations such as a light blue polo shirt with beige trousers or a light blazer with a striped shirt perfectly represent this style and are suitable for both day and evening.

Final thoughts

Summer 2024 promises to be characterized by versatility and comfort, with particular attention to neutral colors and light blue. For store owners and buyers, looking into these trending summer outfits for men is essential, as well as offering their customers a range of clothing that combines style and practicality and includes the season’s trending colors.

With a well-curated selection of Bermuda shorts, overalls, and other pieces in the right style and fashion, retailers can satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele, offering summer outfits that respond to current trends and guarantee sales.

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