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Top 5 Summer Shirt Trends for Men in 2024

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Summer is the time of the year when everyone struggles with fashion. It’s even more challenging for men to look trendy yet comfortable in the hot weather. But you can make it easier by stocking the right summer shirt trends for men to help them look elegant without burning under the heat. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what you should consider when stocking summer shirts for men, and we’ll cover the top five shirt trends to include in your inventory this summer.

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What to keep in mind when selecting summer shirts for men
Shirt market outlook and size
Top 5 summer shirt trends for men in 2024
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What to keep in mind when selecting summer shirts for men

Selling seasonal wear is not like selling any other type of clothes. You don’t want to end up with dead stock by the end of summer. Therefore, it’s important to properly analyze your options and market before you restock your business with summer shirts for men

Here are some key things to consider to help you ensure you select shirts that your buyer’s will love this summer: 

Your customer analysis

A customer analysis helps you know what kind of shirts your customers will prefer. So, ensure you know the intricate details of your target market. Some of these details include:

  • Age: You can stock different shirt types for younger and older men. If you’re not targeting a specific age set, mix different styles for the young and old.
  • Budget: What is the earning potential of the men you want to sell to? Have summer shirts that reflect your customer’s lifestyle. Include high-end trends if your customers are affluent and vice versa if you target middle-class buyers. 
  • Location: Some places are hotter than others during summer. Therefore, choose fabrics that go well with your location’s temperature extremes.  

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis helps you know what your competitors are selling and what they’re missing so you can include it. This will give you an upper hand since you can take advantage of what they don’t have. 

Shirt market outlook and size

The shirt market is a booming business with lucrative growth opportunities. In fact, the market’s value was at USD 77.34 billion in 2023, and forecasts show it will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.15% until 2030. 

The major key drivers for this market include: 

  • Fashion trends and styles,
  • Innovations for fabric and quality, and
  • The emergence of e-commerce retailers.

For small businesses and retailers, this means it’s time to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity. However, paying attention to the key drivers is important to get the most out of it.

Top 5 summer shirt trends for men in 2024

Summer shirts should be light and breathable, but that doesn’t mean consumers can’t keep up with trends. Therefore, they should pay attention to what they want to stay cool and stylish.

Here are the top five must-have trends you should consider as a small business.

Button-down white shirts

A man in a white shirt

A button-down white shirt is a must-have for summer. It’s versatile, as it pairs well with other colors of pants and shorts, making it easy to pull off a casual but classy look. But remember to choose the right fabrics for summer wear, such as cotton, silk, and linen. 

The best thing about these shirts is that age is not a major factor since it goes well with all ages as long as one finds the right fit. It’s also easy to convert into a formal look by pairing it with a belt or a summer suit. 

For long-sleeved shirts, consumers can fold up the sleeves to enhance their style and take advantage of the weather.  

Short sleeve button shirt

A man wearing a blue short sleeve shirt and black pants

A short-sleeve shirt is an all-time summer trend for men’s shirts. It’s perfect for hot weather as it is more breathable than long sleeves. It goes well with pants and shorts, making it versatile. 

You can mix solid but trendy colors such as pink, white, blue hues, or brighter shades. Although dark colors are also great, they may not be ideal in most places where summers go to extremely high temperatures. That’s because dark colors absorb a lot of heat than brighter colors.

It’s easy to style sleeveless button shirts to accommodate the changing temperatures while maintaining a classy look.

For instance, consumers should keep them untucked and avoid a necktie for a casual look. Also, go for linen and broadcloth fabrics, especially if selling to high-end customers. 

Bold patterns and prints

A young man wearing multi-colored checked shirt

Summer brings feel-good vibes, and there’s no better way to complement them than with bold patterns. Think of checked and striped short-sleeved shirts for men of varying ages. 

Checked shirts come in varieties such as: 

  • Gingham, which involves different colors of tightly crossed lines
  • Tattersall, which involves vertical and horizontal lines of two colors
  • Madras, which are checked shirts with numerous color combinations

Bold prints are excellent casual wear and pair well with solid pants or shorts. You can advise your customers on the best way to pair multi-colored checked shirts with pants to achieve a coordinated look. 

Remember to stick with heat-friendly fabrics like linen and cotton. But chambray and polyester are also great, especially for those who don’t like ironing often.

The classic polo shirt

A man wearing a gray polo shirt

Not everyone likes button shirts, which means another great option is the all-time classic polo shirt. It’s a must-have if you want to please your customers. Polo shirts come in a number of fabrics, making them a favorite among men. Plus, they pair well with all kinds of pants. 

These are the perfect shirts for casual occasions and semi-formal events. Include a variety of colors and sizes for your muscular and slim clientele. To stay ahead of competitors, you can add motifs to make your polo shirts elegant and give them that extra oomph. 

Unlike button shirts, polo shirts are an easy option for consumers, especially for fun activities, and they are effortless to wear.

The all-time floral shirts

A man wearing a floral printed shirt and brown pants

Summer and beaches go hand in hand, and so do floral shirts for men. Whether it’s the Hawaiian beach design or the tropical print design, you can never go wrong with floral shirts for your consumers. 

These shirts come in various colors and prints, making them versatile and trendy no matter who you ask. You can add variety with vintage floral shirts besides the large flowery or leafy prints. These are best for consumers who prefer a more faded version with a unique flair.

In addition, the minimalist floral versions are great for those who like muted patterns. 

So, for floral shirts, go for various colors, designs, and fabrics to meet your client’s preferences.

Wrapping up

Providing stylish yet cool men’s summer shirts can be daunting for small businesses and retailers. However, it becomes easy when you pay attention to their preferences. 

Some of the latest men’s summer shirt trends include button-down white shirts, all-time florals, polo shirts, prints and patterns, and short-sleeved shirts. These trends will be stylish and fabulous for your consumers during the hot weather. 

Incorporate these trends in your collection and help your customers enjoy the summer season in style. And to browse listings of a range of trendy summer shirts, don’t forget to check out what’s available on Alibaba.com.

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