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Top Trending Colors in 2024: What You Need To Know

trending colors for 2024 depicted on tiles

Every year has its trends, whether a particular style, a song, a new movie or book, and, of course, one or more colors. Trending colors strongly influence various sectors, from fashion to furniture and interior design, leading the consumers’ choice and driving sales for companies that are smart enough to insert them into their inventory.

Most of the time, the hype around colors is not random; it results from in-depth analyses and forecasts by industry experts and socio-economic conditions.

In this article, you can find the trending colors for 2024 that will undoubtedly influence the fashion and interior design industries, catching people’s eyes and wallets.

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How trending colors emerge
The trending colors for 2024
Final thoughts

How trending colors emerge

a collage to show trending colors for 2024

Some may think that trends come and go without any reason. In reality, that cannot be farthest from the truth.

Different studies suggest that trends originate from many factors, including, of course, the ever-changing tastes of consumers and social, economic, and cultural phenomena. The trending colors for 2024 make no exception.

The meaning of experts

When speaking of colors, some of the leading players in determining the trending hue of a year are design companies such as the Color Marketing Group (CMG), WGSN, Trend Union, and, above all, the eminent color experts from Pantone Color Institute.

Every year, Pantone announces the so-called “Color of the Year”: for 2024, it’s the sweet “Peach Fuzz”; in 2023, it was the striking “Viva Magenta,” while in 2022, it was the reign of “Very Peri” and so on. As the institute has established itself as the world leader, its selection strongly influences fashion, design, and many other industries. Pantone’s process of selecting the Color of the Year is meticulous and involves careful observation of inspiration and trends in art, entertainment, fashion, and even global socio-economic conditions.

Influencers and celebrities

It might sound redundant, but the influence of celebrities on trends is undeniable. Taylor Swift wore a Stella McCartney bag to Coachella in April, and interest in the brand increased by 75% in the same month. Beyonce released a new country-style single in February, and the sales of cowboy hats increased by 19%. And these are only a few examples.

Celebrities and entertainment stars have a significant impact not only when it comes to fashion but also on color trends. What they wear on red carpets and at public events and what they surround themselves with in their social media appearances can quickly become a trend and influence what customers look for in stores worldwide.

Social conditions and global events

Interior design enthusiasts remember well the trend for green furniture, walls, and natural materials that appeared in 2020 when people in many parts of the world couldn’t leave their homes because of safety measures.

And that wasn’t a coincidence. Social conditions and global events also influence color trends, as color can strongly impact people’s moods and mind.

Thus, consumers often prefer more sober and reassuring colors during economic uncertainty or crisis. On the contrary, brighter and bolder colors prevail in times of optimism and prosperity.

The trending colors for 2024

Color influences many aspects of our lives, but there are two industries in which it plays a vital role: fashion and interior design. Here below are the trending colors for 2024 for both of them.

Colors for fashion

The fashion industry has seen a series of trending colors for 2024 that reflect people’s desire for comfort, serenity, and self-expression. These colors are the protagonists on the catwalks and in the collections of the major brands, thus influencing consumers’ purchasing choices.

Grey and other neutrals

girl wearing a gray t-shirt

In summer 2024, gray is the new black, and virtually any clothing item or accessory comes in this nuance: from bags to hats, denim jackets to silk dresses. Gray is an undoubtedly classic color, but also extremely elegant, chic, and versatile, which has all it takes to replace the timeless black in wardrobes worldwide.

The most popular shade of gray is dusty gray, which fashionistas can wear in a total look or mixed with pastel tones, black, white, and other neutrals. Amongst the trending ones are cream, set to replace white, and beige, the color of sand, which is elegant and versatile, perfect with any other colors for a classic touch.


man wearing a burgundy polo shirt

Burgundy is a deep, dark red similar to the color of cherries or wine, which has been long perceived as a strictly fall and winter hue. But not this year, when burgundy dresses, t-shirts, and shirts have also taken over the spring and summer catwalks of Rick Owens and Hermès, among others.


girl wearing pastels that are trending colors for 2024

The time has finally come to leave aside the brighter, overbearing and bold hues like fuchsia; now, men and women are choosing softer shades of pink for their clothing in search of a more romantic flair.

Pastels are trending color palettes for 2024, including powder pink, soft yellow, honey, coral red, and pea green.

Blue and light blue

a beautiful light blue jacket worn by a model

The sky and the sea colors will sell out this year as they offer an elegant yet less severe alternative to the green, brown, and white of the past years. These are also unisex hues that can be worn in the summer, like in winter, to underline the customers’ need for practicality.

Colors for interior design

Color strongly influences interior design and architecture projects as it can evoke emotions and sensations in people who enter or live in a space. Here is what consumers will be looking for in their homes in 2024 in terms of color.


interior in the limitless color

The first trending color for 2024 interior design was presented at the Italian furniture fair Salone del Mobile in Milan last April. It then rapidly became a best seller amongst finishing and paint sellers. We are talking about “Limitless”: a warm beige with extraordinary versatility as it combines well with cold and warm tones.

Just as we have seen in the world of fashion, this trending color is neutral and, as such, serves as an ideal background on walls, wallpapers, and fabrics for projects that include white and soft colors to create a bright, sober interior.

Light and dark blue (again)

a blue kitchen is a color trend for 2024

Yet again, the fashion and interior design worlds are deeply intertwined, with light blue and blue being a go-to color for kitchen cabinets, sofas, drapes, and even pieces of furniture in 2024. Many brands like Lago and Giorgetti decided to include the colors of the sea and sky in their palette.

Natural green shades

green pillows as trending colors for 2024

Just like in the past years, green remains one of the trending colors for 2024, as people can’t get enough of taking nature into their homes, even if only with its hues.

This year, olive, moss, and forest green can be spotted in both private and commercial interiors as a weapon to bring a sense of tranquility and intimacy to the environment. In addition to guaranteeing a sober elegance, deep green is also a “smart” choice because it works well with many other colors, finishes, and materials, such as natural wood and stone.

Final thoughts

The trending colors for 2024 offer a wide range of options for stores and studios that want to bring in new customers. It’s crucial to update one’s inventory with these shades to satisfy the demand, as offering pieces in these trending shades can positively impact sales.

By constantly monitoring and leveraging color trends and consumer preferences, retailers can ensure that their windows and catalogs remain current and competitive. With a well-curated selection, stores can satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele, offering products that respond to current trends and guarantee style.

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