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Vases: Classy Decorative Items That Leave an Impression

Selection of aqua-colored glass vases

We all enjoy the feeling a beautiful space can provide, and one way to create a pleasant indoor environment is with ornaments like vases. Not only do vases make for attractive decoration pieces, they can also be used to hold a massive variety of flowers and plants, adding enormously to their appeal. Growing global sales and keyword data further demonstrate the universal appeal of these décor items. 

Read on as we explore the market value of vases as well as which varieties are most likely to succeed in 2024. 

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Global vase sales market value
Factors to consider when stocking vases
Picking the right vases for your customers

Global vase sales market value

The vase market is broad, but two main categories mostly make up sales. The first is glass vases, whose market value was estimated to be USD 4.2 billion in 2023, and is forecast to grow at a CAGR rate of 4.5% to USD 5.6 billion by 2030. The second major category, ceramic vases, were valued at USD 3 billion in 2023, and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% to reach USD 5 billion by 2033. North America has the strongest overall market, while the Asia Pacific region is the fastest growing.

Google Ads keywords

Most vases are made from either glass, ceramic, or metal. According to Google Ads, these were the most popular vase-related searches as of May 2024:

  • Vases: 1,220,000
  • Glass vases: 74,000
  • Ceramic vases: 27,100
  • Decorative vases: 18,100
  • Large vases: 18,100
  • Small vases: 9,900
  • Plastic vases: 6,600
  • Metal vases:  5,400

From June 2023 to May 2024, searches for “vases” peaked at 1,500,000 in May 2024,  18.6% higher than the average search rate of 1,220,000 over a 12-month period.

Taken together, retailers can use this information to gain a better picture of the global market and can be applied to specific product orders.

Several factors can explain why vases continue to grow in popularity. Economic development and improved living standards around the world have allowed people to spend more on interior décor, and vases remain an integral part of interior design. They can be used in entryways or on dinner tables to complement dinnerware, or placed strategically to hold single blooms or large bunches of flowers. In addition to personal purchases, vases are often used during weddings and other occasions, as well as purchased as gifts. All these buying forces serve to encourage further sales.

Factors to consider when stocking vases

Sellers are encouraged to examine the following factors before building their vase inventories:

Material: Glass is the most popular material, followed by ceramic, plastic, porcelain, metal, and stoneware.

Shape: Vase designs include square, rectangular (the most popular), oval, amphora, round, trumpet, and other shapes.

Style: Most vases are made for elevated surfaces like tables or desktops. Others are large enough to stand directly on floors or are made for wall mounting..

Color and pattern: Vases come in a near-endless selection of styles and colors.

Size: Vases range from oversized to small.

Versatility: Ornamental and functional vases can be used to hold everything from single flowers, dry flower arrangements, or decorative stones. 

Picking the right vases for your customers

Clear glass vases

Selection of small transparent glass vase designs

Transparent cut glass vases are a classic design and suited for elegant centerpieces on dinner tables or for simple flower displays. Clear, modern glass vases are increasingly popular, with heavy-bottomed pieces being a prime example of a customer favorite. Sellers should also consider stocking tall, cylindrical, or other types of shaped vases for added versatility in creating flower displays throughout the home.

Colored glass vases

Unique pink and black glass vases

Handmade glass vases reflect an ancient tradition of using borosilicate or marbleized glass to display flower arrangements. These pieces frequently cross the boundaries between traditional and contemporary ornamental vessels. Besides modern handcrafted vases, traditional Murano glass-style vases are another example of an eye-catching glass vase ideal for conventional interior displays.

Metal vases

Diverse metal contemporary abstract vase design

These vase designs are created from a mixture of metals and alloys and provide a focal point to any décor. Customers can use them for fresh flowers or to display dried arrangements, but no matter how they are used, these metal vases maintain a versatile, functional, and modern appeal.

Like other vases, those made from metal come in an array of stunning shapes and designs. This diversity gives consumers many options to match these vases to their aesthetic preferences, complementing home décor or purchasing them for others as gifts. 

Modern ceramic vases

Contemporary smooth and ribbed surface ceramic vases

From contemporary to ancient, maximalist to sleek minimalist Nordic designs, ceramic vases emanate a unique ambiance. Contrasting these products are black Japanese ikebana vases, which are perfect for dainty arrangements in every room of the home.

Vintage ceramic vases

Delicate blue and white ceramic vintage vase

Combining brass and ceramic, this exquisite Jingdezhen vintage vase, with its delicate hand-painted floral pattern, is certain to win over customers with a taste for sophistication. In stark opposition, these amphora white vintage vases show just how diverse this market is, navigating fluidly between the delicate and robust yet retaining an old-style elegance.

Acrylic vases

Small multi-colored plastic vases

Small, colorful, cylindrical plexiglass vases like these are robust and practical, with their vibrant colors complementing fresh or dried flower arrangements. They are also affordable and virtually unbreakable, making them the perfect alternative to glass vases. For customers with simpler tastes, transparent, round acrylic vases are just as attractive and functional. 


Favored for their aesthetic appeal and ability to supplement ornamentation, almost every home has a vase.

The product selection above demonstrates just how many styles of vases there are out there. Accordingly, sellers should have no problem in stocking a selection of designs that best reflect their customers’ preferences.

No matter what type of decorative vase you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it in the Alibaba.com vase showroom.

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