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Wall Accents: 5 Eye-Catching Trends Consumers Will Love in 2024

Wall accents in a bedroom

Wall accents are a creative way of enlivening a space that is either drab or lacking other focal points. That can help elaborate or emphasize a room’s predominant colors, complementing them or adding a touch of drama. Hence, many interior designers look to wall accents for a little decorative flair.

Here, we’ll reveal the top five trends consumers are chasing in 2024, providing sellers tips on which are likely to be most profitable in the months to come.

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An overview of the global wall decoration market
5 wall accent decor trends for improved living spaces

An overview of the global wall decoration market

Wall decor wall interior of a modern home

The global wall decoration market was worth USD 60.15 billion in 2023, and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 3.5% to reach USD 85 billion by 2033.

Wall laminates and printed wall decor attracted the most sales in 2023, and according to predictions, North America will dominate the market, growing at a forecast 3.3% CAGR over the next decade.

5 wall accent decor trends for improved living spaces

Wall decor wall interior of a modern home1

Floating shelves

Small light brown floating shelves

Functional and aesthetically appealing, floating shelves are one of the most versatile ways to make any wall look striking. They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, making them easily customizable to match any interior style or theme. Minimalist looks or eclectic vibes? Nothing is impossible with floating shelves.

Floating shelves are also a fantastic way to display cherished items like photos, artworks, or other decorative pieces. This is a great way to add personality to a space and create focal points that spark conversations. Floating shelves also declutter living areas, providing enough storage space for books, plants, or other belongings, making them an excellent way to maximize style and functionality.

These shelves are incredibly easy to mount, especially compared to conventional shelving units. With the right tools and proper measurements, they can be securely attached to walls quickly, and are therefore a practical choice for DIY enthusiasts or anyone looking to refresh their space without investing a lot of time or effort.

Google data shows these decorative wall items attracted 450,000 searches in March 2024.


Wall mirror accents hung on a white wall

There’s more to mirrors than reflections – they also make wonderful wall decor choices. Mirrors can easily enhance the visual appeal of any space by adding depth and dimension. They can even create the illusion of a larger room, making them incredible pieces for smaller or more confined areas.

When mirrors reflect light, they brighten the area around them, resulting in a more inviting and spacious atmosphere and potentially reducing lighting bills. Mirrors are also versatile enough to offer amazing complements to modern, traditional, or eclectic styles via sleek, minimalist frames or ornate and dramatic designs.

Moreover, mirrors can help balance the rooms with many visual aspects. Consumers can place them above a mantel, alongside artwork, or as part of a gallery wall display – regardless of where they’re placed, mirrors have the ability to tie different elements together for a more cohesive look. Even on bare walls, mirrors can add texture, contrast, and interest.

According to Google data, mirrors attracted 2.74 million searches in March 2024, demonstrating their enduring appeal.

A set of framed paintings on a white wall canvas

Gallery walls are a great way to create a unique, fun, and entirely personal expression in your living space. Putting up a gallery wall offers a dynamic and personalized way to showcase artwork, photographs, and other cherished items. Gallery walls also represent a versatile way to transform ordinary walls into captivating focal points.

There’s no limit when it comes to using gallery walls to express diversity. Consumers can choose a cohesive arrangement of matching frames or themes or display a broader mix of colors, sizes, and textures. Homeowners can easily experiment with different layouts and compositions, adding visual interest and depth.

Based on Google data, aallery walls generated 60,500 searches in March 2024.

Oversized wall art

A rectangular oversized wooden wall art

Oversized wall art is an exceptional way to create a bold and impactful statement that instantly commands attention in any space.

Whether a large painting, photograph, or mural, oversized art pieces draw the eye and set the tone for the entire space, making them ideal for living rooms, dining areas, or entryways.

For fans of modern and or minimalist art, oversized abstract compositions will work best. Those with traditional and eclectic tastes will likely prefer realistic landscapes or art that screams retro.

Oversized wall art is a great alternative to gallery walls, especially for people looking for something less demanding in terms of installation. They’re also achieving an impressive online performance this year, with Google data showing that oversized wall art raked in 49,500 searches in 2024.

Botanical accents

Botanical accent wallpaper placed on a bedroom wall

Botanical accents are another trending decoration this year, capturing the beauty of nature. The best part about this trend is its sheer versatility. For example, botanical prints (14,800 searches), pressed flowers (40,500 searches), or leafy greenery (165,000 searches) all offer amazing ways to infuse walls with the calming presence of nature, promoting relaxation and well-being.

Even better, botanical accents are an effortless way to make walls more visually appealing. Since these accents require little or no maintenance, consumers can easily update or replace them to suit their changing tastes and preferences. They’re also affordable and widely available, making them accessible to homeowners and renters alike.


Plain, empty walls are a thing of the past. Consumers now have endless ways to spruce up their homes and give them a fantastic makeover – but one trend that stands out in particular is wall accents. This decor choice breathes personality and style into walls, allowing consumers to transform their living spaces into customized abodes.

As a business, make the most of this trend via the five amazing wall accents mentioned above. No matter what materials you’re looking for, you’ll find them among the tens of thousands of products on Alibaba.com.

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