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Why Portable Saunas Are Increasingly Popular in 2024

Portable sauna tent, Foldable chair, and steam generator

Health-conscious homeowners who don’t have the space or budget for a traditional sauna can now enjoy the benefits of steam therapy thanks to a growing and advanced range of one-person or portable saunas.

Continue reading to discover how tent saunas are increasingly filling a niche need for consumers looking for smaller, portable saunas to explore the health benefits of this popular pastime.

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Global sauna tent sales are positive
Everything you need to know about portable saunas

Global sauna tent sales continue to grow

Silver quilted sauna tent with a wet steam generator

Global sauna tent sales are projected to increase from USD 219 million in 2022 to USD 308.2 million by 2029 at a 5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

These figures form a small part of overall global sauna sales, which are anticipated to reach USD 1176.79 million by 2031 at a 6.1% CAGR. Other forecasts claim this market will be much bigger, expecting a value of USD 5178.06 million by 2028.

Google Ads searches reflect the growth of portable steam saunas, with searches for portable saunas hitting a high of 90,500 in February 2024. This figure is up from 40,500 in March 2023 – an increase of 55.24%. Despite this jump, search volumes averaged 49,500 for the period. In contrast, search volumes for products like personal saunas, sauna tents, and similar items were much lower.

Portable sauna available with far infrared heating equipment

Many countries in the colder northern hemisphere enjoy long traditions of using saunas and attending spas. Adherents understand that doing so promotes numerous health benefits, like improved circulation, lower blood pressure, reduced stress, and relaxation. These factors continue to drive consumer sales.

Technological developments in the sauna industry are also helping to drive sales, with manufacturers now making both wet steam portable saunas for indoor use as well as high-quality tent saunas for the outdoors. Between strong sales and growing consumer interest, it is an excellent time for sellers to leverage the sale of these products.

Everything you need to know about portable saunas

Bronze colored, quilted wet steam pod sauna

What are portable saunas?

Full body sauna for one or two people

Also known as home saunas and sauna pods, portable saunas are small, lightweight, and often foldable, making them easy to transport and store away when not in use.

Customers love the compact design of these sauna pods and use them at home for weight loss, body detoxification, improving blood circulation, stress relief, and other health benefits. Other customers may prefer infrared sauna blankets, however, as they provide a different overall user experience than portable saunas.

Sauna types

Popup sauna tents for outdoor use with wood-burning stoves

Portable saunas are mostly made for indoor use and come equipped with steam or portable ozone generators or infrared heating equipment. However, some larger pop-up tents are manufactured for outdoor use with wood-burning stoves.


Personal sauna with separate, covered head section

These tents range from various rectangular, rounded, and other shapes of varying heights. Besides the shape, sauna tents tend to have zip closures and transparent portions so that users can see the outside while in the sauna. They may also have space so the user can extend their head out of the sauna, for example, to use a phone or read a book. Most of these products are available in multiple colors.


Portable steam sauna with multiple control options

Home sauna materials range from waterproof polyester to acrylic and cotton, and a combination of materials is often used to create a safe, hygienic spa experience. Specialized polyethylene is often necessary for use with ozone equipment to protect the sauna pod.

Besides foldable metal frames or glass fiber rods within single, double, and up to quadruple layers of waterproof and insulating fabrics, sauna equipment piping is usually made from durable plastic or metal.


Infographic of included items in portable sauna packages

As sauna tents are primarily designed for use in the comfort of the buyer’s own home, it’s advisable that sellers look for saunas with the following features to enhance the overall experience:

  • Remote control: Ideal for regulating the steam generator heat and water vapor from inside the pod
  • Smartphone pocket: An added comfort to aid in the use of a phone while in the sauna
  • Magazine storage: A place to stash books or magazines during use
  • Sweatlock floor mat: Protective mat that absorbs moisture
  • Heating pads: Bamboo heating pads, mica heating panels, and foot heating pads for far-infrared portable saunas
  • Massagers: Wooden and customized massagers for use in sauna pods
  • Foldable chair: Provides comfort during extended sauna sessions

Before purchase, sellers should discuss additional features that manufacturers may be able to provide for increased customer comfort. This attention to detail helps to deliver a more rounded and comfortable experience, improving the chances of customers returning for additional purchases or recommendations of your services.


New model sauna box for use with steam or infrared heat

Sauna boxes are accessible, affordable, and convenient, providing customers with various health benefits from the comfort of their homes. Because this market holds so many opportunities for general or specialist retailing, it also provides sellers with a unique chance to reach new markets.

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