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5 Bamboo Viscose Apparel for Sustainability-focused Businesses in 2024

Woman posing in black bamboo viscose activewear

Using bamboo for clothing is not a new thing. In truth, Beijing University created the first bamboo viscose fabric and kickstarted the use of the material for clothes-making in the early 2000s.

Today, bamboo viscose has a great reputation as one of the most sustainable ways to craft beautiful clothing. Keep reading to learn more about six different bamboo viscose apparel options that are perfect for eco-friendly businesses in 2024.

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How big is the bamboo apparel market?
What’s special about bamboo viscose?
5 bamboo viscose apparel to sell as an eco-friendly fashion business
3 bamboo viscose trends redefining the bamboo apparel market
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How big is the bamboo apparel market?

The global bamboo apparel market has made huge strides in the last few years. It reached a value of US $1.3 billion in 2022, and experts say it will cross US $3 billion by FY 2032. They expect the market to reach its estimated value at a 9.1% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecast period.

T-shirts and shirts generated the most sales in the bamboo clothing market. Also, the women’s segment emerged as the largest revenue contributor, with reports suggesting it hit US $1.5 billion by 2032. North America is the most profitable region for the bamboo apparel market.

What’s special about bamboo viscose?

A couple posing in bamboo viscose garments

Bamboo viscose may not be as popular as cotton, but it’s not a pushover. Interestingly, the market registered an impressive 5,000% growth from 2004 to 2010 because of its availability, affordability, and super soft texture. But bamboo viscose is great for many more reasons—here are six of them.

Great for sensitive skin

The biggest advantage of bamboo clothing is its amazing silky softness. Because of this softness, many customers with sensitive skin see bamboo clothing as an absolute win.

Affordable luxury

Speaking more about bamboo’s unbelievable softness, it makes the fabric feel ultra-luxurious. Plus, its appearance and quality rival those of more expensive fabrics—all at an affordable price.

Lightweight and breathable

Bamboo viscose is highly aerated, so consumers who wear it usually don’t worry about it heating up, even on a sunny day. Since it regulates heat, bamboo clothing and activewear are ideal for all seasons.

Durable and pill-resistant

Like the plant, bamboo viscose clothing is extremely durable. In addition to its long-lasting nature, bamboo viscose clothing is also pill-resistant, meaning it can maintain its good looks after many washes and wears.

5 bamboo viscose apparel to sell as an eco-friendly fashion business

1. Kimonos

Lady dressed in a black bamboo kimono

Kimonos are a big part of fashion, and experts don’t think they are dying out soon. They have also gotten the special bamboo viscose treatment to grant them all those juicy benefits. Although kimonos are traditionally Japanese, they have gained global recognition as an extravagant fashion piece.

Kimonos are incredible for many occasions. But ladies can also wear them casually, like over a swimsuit or for lounging around the house. Bamboo kimonos are also great for summer because of their natural breathability, and they can add a bit of warmth over loungewear in cooler conditions (like under an air conditioner).

Woman posing stylishly in a flowing kimono

In addition, kimonos can be short (more casual and playful), midi (more coverage and elegance), or maxi (most luxurious, comfortable, and warm). They may also have classic wide sleeves, three-quarter variants, or bell options.

2. Wrap tops

Lady rocking a black V-neck wrap top

Wrap tops are classic garments. They pop up every season because of how much they define the waist. Plus, they work well with other trendy attire like wide-cropped pants, flares, culottes, and fuller skirts. Wrap tops also look amazing with the high-rise trends, so there are many exciting reasons why they’re trending again in 2024.

Woman in an orange wrap top

But now, women can look classy and trendy while remaining environmentally friendly with bamboo viscose wrap tops. They come in classic variants that are hip-bone length or longer (usually with a waist tie) or cropped ballet wraps that rest above or on the waist with body-con, tailored, or fluid fits.

3. Two-piece pajama sets

A mother and her kids in comfy bamboo pajamas

Remember how bamboo is great for sensitive skin? That benefit also makes it one of the best for pajamas. PJs are popular because of how comfortable they are, which pushed many manufacturers towards making more bamboo viscose options for maximum comfort, breathability, and style.

Lady wearing a stylish two-piece pajama set

Although designers make them primarily for sleeping, businesses can offer a variety of unique and fashionable styles. They can help customers show their quirky side with fun prints or feel elegant with simple, luxurious sets. Lounging around in style is the new normal, and bamboo viscose two-piece pajama sets are becoming the popular way to do it.

4. Activewear

A fit woman showcasing bamboo viscose activewear

The activewear industry has evolved constantly, accepting more fabric types into its arsenal for amazing products. However, many experts still consider bamboo blends to be the most comfortable and environmentally friendly option. Their skin-friendly properties make bamboo viscose activewear unbelievably comfortable, even when working up a sweat.

Smiling man in a brown bamboo workout shirt

With bamboo viscose activewear, customers won’t put up with smelly clothes, no matter the activity. They can use these outfits for yoga, weightlifting, pilates, aerobics, running, cycling, and more. It’s why bamboo activewear remains a great alternative to more modern options.

5. Jumpsuits

Lady wearing a black jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have also gotten the bamboo viscose treatment. These one-piece garments are the queens of cozy and fashionable outfits, and now ladies can rock them without splurging money to be environmentally friendly. Even better, bamboo viscose jumpsuits come in various styles and colors.

Lady in an office setting wearing a blue jumpsuit

There are bamboo viscose casual jumpsuits, which are incredibly stylish and perfect for everyday outfits. Jumpsuit-type dresses also have that awesome drape that women love for a night out. These bamboo jumpsuits may also come packed with bows, beadwork, ruffles, and other exciting details. Viscose utility jumpsuits are also a big hit, especially for customers who love physical work or outdoor activities.

3 bamboo viscose trends redefining the bamboo apparel market

Trend 1: Impressive blends

Man in a red bamboo viscose blend shirt

Blending bamboo viscose with other fibers is becoming increasingly popular, as it helps enhance specific characteristics. Here are a few blends making waves in 2024:

  • Bamboo/cotton blends: This blend combines bamboo viscose’s softness with cotton’s strength and durability.
  • Bamboo/linen blends: This blend adds a lovely textural element for a more rustic, natural feel.
  • Bamboo/silk blends: This blend creates an extremely luxurious fabric with incredible drape and a subtle sheen.

Trend 2: Innovative textures

Lady in a bamboo viscose with a unique texture

Going beyond the standard jersey knit, manufacturers are developing more creative textures with bamboo viscose. Here are some great examples:

  • Brushed finishes: Gives the fabric a peach-skin-like softness—even softer than regular bamboo textures.
  • French terry: A looped knit, popular for bamboo viscose sweatshirts and loungewear.
  • Slub textures: Adds visual interest with intentional variations in thickness.

Trend 3: Performance enhancements

Lady posing in enhanced bamboo viscose pajamas

Although bamboo viscose is incredible, new treatments and processes are making the fabric even more functional and amazing. Here are some of the top ones to note:

  • Wrinkle-resistant finishes: In addition to bamboo viscose’s natural longevity, these finishes can help customers keep their garments looking their best for longer.
  • Moisture-wicking treatments: Bamboo viscose has natural moisture-wicking properties, but manufacturers are now enhancing these properties with this treatment for activewear and hot-climate-focused outfits.

Bottom line

Bamboo viscose may have been around for a while, but now the fabric is becoming more popular than ever. Bamboo viscose has so many properties that make it great for different clothing. Plus, bamboo is highly renewable, making it one of the most sustainable fabrics in fashion today.

Bamboo viscose is also generating some attention in 2024. According to Google ads, they attracted 8,100 searches in April 2024. So, now is a great time to invest in this fashion trend!

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