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Yamaha outboard engines at the stern of a small motor boat for excursions

Yamaha Unveils Hydrogen-Powered Outboard With Prototype Fuel System

Yamaha Motor unveiled the world’s first hydrogen-powered outboard for recreational boats along with a prototype fuel system integrated into a vessel that the company plans to further refine for testing later this year. (Earlier post.) The effort is part of Yamaha’s strategy to achieve carbon neutrality by deploying multiple technology…


Exploring the Ultra-Luxe Frontier: A 2025 Trend Forecast

Dive into the future of luxury with our 2025 trend forecast, highlighting the shift towards ultra-luxury brands that offer unparalleled exclusivity and craftsmanship. Discover how ultra-luxe is setting new standards in the luxury market.

Honda Motor car and SUV dealership

Honda Had the Top-Selling Hybrid Models in US in 2023

Setting an all-time sales record in 2023, Honda hybrid-electric vehicles are now leading US sales charts, with the Honda CR-V hybrid the country’s best-selling hybrid model (197,317) and the Accord hybrid sedan the most popular hybrid-electric car (96,323). Last year, sales of Honda electrified models grew more than three-fold to…

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