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5 Epic Packaging for Soft Drinks


Soft drinks are one of the top sellers when it comes to beverages, so it goes without saying that there are many types of packaging out there for companies to choose from. However, the beverage market is seeing quite a few examples of packaging for soft drinks becoming more popular than others in recent times. 

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Market value of packaging for soft drinks
Top trending types of packaging for soft drinks
The future of drinks packaging

Market value of packaging for soft drinks

In 2020, the global market value of beverage packaging hit USD 129.8 billion, and that number is expected to reach USD 241.3 billion by 2030, representing a CAGR of 6.4%. More specifically, the soft drinks packaging market will register a CAGR of 3.96% between 2021 and 2026. 

With more consumers looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, the market is seeing an increase in packaging for drinks that have natural content and can easily present different flavors for a specific type of drink. Carbonated drinks are also still very popular among consumers of all ages though. The new types of drinks on the market come as a result of changing lifestyles among consumers, which is only expected to increase in the coming years.

Rows of drink cans with different colors on packaging

Soft drinks come in all shapes and sizes, but certain types of packaging are proving to be more popular with consumers and more eye-catching. Glass flask bottles, transparent drink cans, juice bags, stand-up pouches, and fruit juice bottles are all top packaging trends to watch out for in the present and future.

Glass flask bottle

The glass flask bottle is an interesting shape to use for soft drinks packaging, and it’s proving to be a big hit with consumers. The shelves would normally see the flask bottle being used to store spirits such as vodka and tequila in order to sell them in smaller quantities, but companies are now making use of this shape of glass bottle to store non-alcoholic beverages as well. 

Glass flask bottles are made of very high-quality glass and are reminiscent of the metal hip flasks that were regularly used by workers decades ago. They’re now being fully utilized in the healthy drinks industry, and consumers love them. Healthy soft drinks such as natural juices, mixed smoothies, and naturally flavored water are popularly seen in the glass flask bottle. It’s easy to make a stand-out label on the front of the bottle that can be seen in its entirety and make the drink seem more appealing.

Three glass flask bottles with different liquids inside them

Transparent drink can

It’s no secret that drink cans are one of the most popular forms of packaging when it comes to soft drinks—they’re everywhere. Consumers are most likely to find energy drinks and carbonated drinks inside these cans so that the inside is kept pressurized. However, the market has seen a new drinking can make big waves in the beverage packaging industry, and that’s the transparent drink can.

This transparent drink can is the perfect option to show off a drink, as the consumer can physically see what’s inside. Although these aren’t used for energy drinks, they’re very popular with juices, herbal teas, and milk. They can also be reused after the beverage has been consumed as a storage container with a secure lid on top, for example.

Transparent drink cans with fruit laid out in front

Juice bag

Packaging for soft drinks has evolved over the years, with packaging going beyond the usual suspects. The juice bag is proving to be a unique and popular choice of packaging, as it can be used with fruit juices as well as other types of soft drinks. These pouches often come with a nozzle that allows the liquid to flow freely into a glass while the pouch is standing upright. 

The juice bag is great to use while on the go as it pours the liquid out in a convenient way and can be used by more than one person in the household or at work. The bags are also fully customizable so they can have any logo that’s needed on them. 

Yellow drink bag with nozzle on front and a handle

Stand-up pouch

Much like the juice bag, the stand-up pouch is now being used for more than what it was first intended for. The stand-up pouch has a screw cap opening at the top, making it easy to pour liquids from and store them after use. These pouches are very easy to transport and are popularly used with children as a way to give them fresh fruit juice without worrying about the contents spilling out. 

Four different sizes of stand-up drink pouches lined up

Fruit juice bottle

One of the most popular packagings for soft drinks is the juice bottle. These bottles are traditionally made of plastic, but more and more companies are taking an eco-friendly approach and using recycled plastic. The fruit juice bottle can have a variety of different lids added to it, but one of the most popular is the wider screw cap lid that seamlessly matches the width of the bottle itself. As the fruit juice bottles are normally transparent, they allow the consumer to see what’s inside, which is what a lot of people are now looking for.

Various types of juice inside plastic fruit juice bottles

The future of drinks packaging

When it comes to soft drinks packaging, it’s important to try to stand out from the usual types of packaging that are used in order to make a real impact on the consumer. Packaging such as the glass flask bottle, transparent drink can, juice bag, stand-up pouch, and fruit juice bottle are all starting to become very popular with both manufacturers and consumers.

In the future, the soft drinks packaging industry can expect more unique forms of bottles, bags, and glass to be hitting the market as consumers look for a luxurious shopping experience that will flow over into the beverages they buy. The market can also expect more sustainable packaging to be used, much in the same way other industries, such as the cosmetics industry, are seeing today.

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