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5 Awesome Hat Trends Sellers Should Glean in 2023


Fantastic hat trends are gaining traction in the female hats market and showing massive potential for profit and sales. It’s no surprise that many are rocking these trendy hats as essentials this season.

From weather protection to style, these hats have got everything consumers want in a hat. This article explores five hat trends creating a storm in the accessories world and serves as a buying guide for fashion retailers’ next investment. But first, check out the stats and size of the women’s hat market below.

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What’s the market size of women’s hats?
Five unique hat trends to look out for in 2023
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What’s the market size of women’s hats?

The pandemic and lockdown era severely slowed the market’s growth as demand for hats was on the low. However, reports show that the women’s hat market is now expanding toward a comeback at a CAGR of 6.53% from 2022 to 2027.

Despite the several let-downs, experts expect the women’s hat market to recover fully as demand for these items skyrockets. Lifestyles are changing, and consumers are turning to headwear to enhance attractiveness and display personality. These are factors driving this industry toward its revival.

In addition, the rising fashion consciousness among consumers will most likely fuel the demand for women’s hats over the forecast period. Regions like the United Kingdom see women’s hats as ceremonial items carrying cultural significance. Experts predict such events will boost the women’s hats industry’s size.

The regions with the highest potential in the women’s hat market include Asia Pacific and Europe. Africa and the Middle East also show the possibility of registering high CAGRs over the forecast period.

Five unique hat trends to look out for in 2023


Woman rocking a pose with a black fedora

Fedoras have slowly infiltrated women’s fashion despite many considering them a man’s thing. Regardless of how popular these hats are for men’s accessories, many stylish trends allow fedoras to shine as a lady’s item. These soft-brimmed hats typically have indented crowns making them easy to spot.

Summer and spring are not the only seasons fedoras make a scene. In truth, consumers can wear them all year long as they constantly add a refreshing taste to various outfit staples. These hats offer peak protection from dangerous UV rays, rain, and wind. Wool-felt variants can also keep consumers cozy and comfortable.

Woman in a white long-sleeve with a black fedora

In addition, fedoras are next-level statement accessories. Each type has enough style to enhance various outfits, whether braided straw or wool-felt variants. Although classic fedoras come in neutral shades, bright colors and bold patterns are more women-centric. Colorful fedoras will effortlessly break up monochrome outfits and transform the look into something more exciting.


Woman holding a camera while rocking a trilby

Inescapable and fashionable, trilbys are top picks for those new to wearing hats. They closely resemble fedoras but feature much smaller structures. These hats have rounded lines and modern shapes, making them a subtle yet elegant accessory for women. Its slightly hollowed crown creating a teardrop is incredibly iconic.

Thanks to its small size, the trilby protects and provides an easy way to dress elegantly. They have lowered visors giving more structure and introducing a subtle feel of modernity & boldness to the feminine silhouette. Interestingly, the hat’s sobriety and refinement will bring confidence on the best days.

Woman in a white top wearing a black felt hat

Trilbys look amazing with business attire and also make a spark with casual dresses. During a picnic, on a walk, at a party, or at work, consumers can opt for these hats as an easy way to feel elevated. Wearing the accessory pinched or straight will nod towards an arty or dandy style.


Woman rocking a black schoolboy hat

Schoolboy hats are quintessential accessories similar to flat caps. Their structures, including the stiff visor and overall shape, closely resemble their flat cousins. However, schoolboy hats feature rounder, 8-piece, and fuller bodies. They also have button panels on their top, which helps to distinguish them further.

These hats were popular boys’ and men’s items in the 20th century. Regions like North America and Europe were hot spots for schoolboy hats. Although schoolboy hats were primarily men’s items, women succeeded in adopting the style, making it more fashionable. These hats also became trendy as hipster subculture accessories.

Woman wearing a black schoolboy hat

When summer comes, most ladies prefer soft felt options as the visor offers sun protection. Wool blend variants make terrific winter hats for consumers loving natural materials. Floral patterns also tap into the more feminine side of the schoolboy hat.

The bucket hats

Woman under a tree wearing a white bucket hat

It’s tough to beat the bucket hat in everything casual. Nylon, cotton, and canvas are widespread materials used for bucket hats. They’re also summertime specials with designs suitable for covering the neck, head, and face from sunburn. These hats are not summer-exclusive as they have cold weather variations.

Bucket hats dominate everyday outdoor activities. Usually, they utilize breathable and washable materials, making them perfect for wearing all day long. Velvet fabric is a top choice for dressier items, while shearling, fleece, or fur are excellent for winter bucket hats. Wool variants are fantastic alternatives and offer more warmth with added water resistance.

Embellishments are also a thing with bucket hats. They typically reside on the hat’s crown or brim, highlight one section, or come in the form of patterned materials. Interestingly, decorative details are more common in women’s bucket hats.

Young lady rocking a patterned bucket hat

The fishing hat is a trendy bucket hat variant. It features wider brims and drawstrings, which helps wearers secure the item under the chin. Reversible hats are also incredible models with different fabrics of colors on the inside. Consumers can wear this piece inside out to display the hidden style.


Woman looking sideways wearing a black beret

Berets have roamed the fashion world throughout history, appearing on the heads of various notable figures. Today, the beret remains an outstanding fashion accessory for women. Wearing a beret can easily add sophistication and flair to an outfit.

This soft round hat features materials like cotton, acrylic fibers, and wool. They often have flat shapes that transform into a bulb-like form on the wearer’s head. These hats don’t have visors. Instead, they have tight headbands securing them and adding windproof qualities.

Berets can help ladies channel their inner French finesse. These hats look spectacular when consumers perch them toward the back of their heads. The classic beret style is also fantastic with most outfits. It involves placing the item on top of the head while tilting it slightly.

Sitting woman wearing a red beret

These hats are also versatile. Heavier variants can keep consumers warm during winter, while lighter berets add a whimsy aesthetic to summer/spring outfits.

Final words

Women’s headwear’s eye-pleasing and fabulous looks are returning, and businesses must gear up before sales kick-off. These trends will dazzle regardless of the season and enhance multiple wardrobes.

Fedoras and trilby offer the best options for women’s formal wear, while bucket hats dominate the casual department. Schoolboys exude hipster vibes perfect for everyday activities. In addition, berets are the ultimate versatile items women would love to add to their collections.

Fashion retailers can’t afford to miss these trends. They present the perfect way to boost sales and increase market presence.

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